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Another Necessary Update in Our WOKE Covid-19 Pretexted Dictatorship: Gov Gavin Hair Gel's California "Strike Teams" Schemin' Interspersed With Some Low-Res July 4th D.C. Fireworks Pics

Echinacea (cone flowers) outside DOI headquarters, Washington, D.C., 1:46 p.m., July 13, 2020

As with my other recent entries, the text in this entry is broken up with more of the pics I've taken in recent weeks on sundry walks -- in this case, July photos here in D.C. and in Alexandria. They are not captioned, but the file name contains place/time information.

Included in these are the low-res images I took with my flip open phone of the fireworks on July 4th on the National Mall -- primarily, the ones launched from the Watergate steps (there were three launch points this year).

More echinacea (cone flowers), Alexandria, Va.,
5:43 p.m., July 3, 2020


In today's WOKE Covid-19 dictatorship developments update ...

California is reentering a bullshit "maximal shutdown" status as a result of its supposed super-outbreak and with a weekly death rate of just under 1% of the total number of new cases (1,015 versus 104,143 for the period July 1 - 13, inclusive).

Headline from The Hill earlier tonight with a pic of Gavin Horse's Ass-som that I added as composite image

And the whore media are wetting themselves with glee that "things are shutting down again"  on any bullshit pretext for open-ended duration. That pleases them to no end for both ideological and financially vested interests. Assholes. 


At this point, this is nothing less than a WOKE radical left Democratic dictatorship masquerading as public health emergency measures.

I really hope there's some serious pushback -- to include outright widespread significant civil disobedience at the local level, especially in rural locations to this demented edict that is effectively a Democratic power grab in the name of a public health emergency. I also hope that President Trump and the Republican House members call bullshit.

Newsom is a neutered wuss who is in way over his head, but this action will titillate the CNN and MSBLM Marxist-Leninist propagandists on their nightly shriek-and-shit-fests.

What's more, Newsom the Pussy Commie Pee-Ewsome will use more "strike teams" to go out and see that businesses are following his edicts.

I guess it's like the roving Iranian Guidance Patrol morality / fashion police.

This makes sense since Far Left WOKENESS is a secularized, identity-based, fundamentalist movement that is functionally equivalent to strict Islamic Sharia.

Don't believe me? Look no further than the WOKE-crazed lady at left.

As I said, I really hope there is serious civil disobedience-based resistance to this at the local level.

Given the manner in which the WOKE illiberal radicals have trashed the police and how beholden Dem politicians are to the BLM / Antifa mobs, it would be nice if local / county police forces told Newsom to pound sand up his sand because they aren't enforcing his edicts.

Keep in mind that big city mayors are so enthralled with the BLM / Antifa mobs and their rioting, looting, burning, and statue-toppling that they've already made it clear that kind of violence is welcome, indeed, encouraged.

I mention this because any return to maximal statewide lockdown in these Democratic run places have massive carve-outs for such BLM/Antifa mayhem.

New York's cartoonish Mayor De Blasio has already publicly said that events such as the annual outdoor San Genaro festival can't be held because they are invitations to mass death whereas BLM / Antifa mass gatherings are urged because "social justice" issues are too important with too much "momentum" to be stopped.

What a useless and clueless idiot.

Real Clear Politics Trump versus Biden matchup,
01 Sept 2019 to 09 July 2020 trend


Honestly, we're probably too close to the presidential election -- and Trump is just too damaged and polarizing a figure to harness and ride any backlash. I refer to a backlash to the Covid-19-infused, WOKE-steeped Cultural Revolution insanity that has swept the country thanks to the severely outsized cultural influence of the urban / academic / media Illiberal Left.

This means any backlash in the normal electoral sense of things (yes, I admit that's a problematic notion these days) will have to wait until 2022.

By the way, I need to note that the CDC has updated that webpage to which I've linked at least twice in previous entries, specifically, the [link embedded]: COVID-19 Pandemic Planning Scenarios.

This update on July 10, 2020 replaced the Case Fatality Ratio (or Case Fatality Rate) -- the CFR -- with the Infection Fatality Ratio (IFR). As the image screenshot of the explanation states:

The previous version -- on June 26, 2020 -- had a CFR of 0.4% whereas this new "best estimate" IFR is 0.65%. This is problematic that the CFR is always less than the IFR unless an entire population has been tested with a known outcome. However, the fact is, the CFR for Covid-19 has been subject to wildly differing estimates -- from under 1% to upwards of 10% -- and thus reflects the fact it isn't that well known, much less IFR.

Above: Table of New York, Florida, and California Covid-19 daily positive tests and daily deaths and ratio (as percentage) for the days of July 1 through 13, 2020, inclusive.

Click on image for larger version. Note the percentages for each state.


But we're far enough into this situation to have a decent sense of the CFR and IFR. What would be more useful is an IFR broken down by age cohorts -- since it would show that the Covid-19 fatality for people under age 45 is functionally no different than a normal seasonal flu (under 0.1%, possibly as low as 0.01%).

Covid-19 CFRs by age cohort for four countries:
South Korea, Spain, China, and Italy


These numbers indicate that Covid-19 is not a population-wide pandemic and the response should be based upon that instead of "maximal shutdown" horseshit that is as societally destructive and individually often catastrophic as it is just a virulent weapon (pun intended) in the American Culture Wars.

It's preferable to let "herd immunity" spread among younger and healthy individuals -- which is what's effectively happening in the United States as we bumble along -- because this is what ends up safeguarding vulnerable populations.

And before your hackles go up or Anderson Cooper starts lactating:

There is not going to be any meaningful vaccine anytime soon -- and probably never.

There are no vaccines for coronaviruses. And putting aside Cultural Revolution issues for the sake of Illiberal Left power grabs, or whore-media screech-fests, keeping society forever shutdown and locked down is simply far too destructive versus any benefit derived.

And trying forever to hide from coronavirus results in a New Zealand-style happy dystopia in which large numbers of people are effective prisoners for life in endlessly and infinitely extended "managed isolation" facilities. New Zealand's female prime minster naturally loves that outcome -- some female blather about protecting a "nest" or something.

And I haven't even gotten into the matter of whether and how to reopen schools normally in the fall. At this point, the leadership of the teachers unions are as radical Illiberal WOKE and Covid-19 terror-mongering as the media. The results of this shit show are bizarre demands for nothing less than hazmat suits for teachers and students and absurd levels of testing.

This is all part of a malevolent lunacy that is seeking the closure of the country until the election -- and, even if Biden wins and we get a radicalized "REPARATIONS NOW!" left-wing regime under whoever is Senile Joe's VP pick, there is a good chance this Covid-19 societal shutdown may be maintained for years.

That's what the totalitarian-minded Democratic Party WANTS and SEEKS and now sees that end within its grasp. Of course, a president other than Trump would have had the wisdom, or at least the strategic sense, of how to lead in such a climate and guide outcomes toward a more sensible end. That's not Donald Trump.

Screenshot of Florida ICU usage for the days of
July 5, 2020 and July 12, 2020

This image is from one of Alex Berenson's July 12, 2020 tweets. I reworked the two images a bit so that both are fully visible and slightly larger than just a simple screenshot.

The images reveal ICU usage comparison for the one-week period during which Florida's Covid-19 new case number jumped by almost 80,000 -- and during what the shrieking whore-media want you to believe is worse than the Bubonic plague then or Ebola now, the actual statewide-reported ICU utilization rate rose from 79.50% (20.50% available) to 81.06% (18.94% available), representing a chance of 86 additional units ... In a state of 21.5 million people.

Above: This is my one very blurry pic of the fireworks display being launched from the base of the Washington Monument on July 4th, 2020 -- one of the other two launch points this year.

The grass around the Monument had a lot of singe marks plus all manner of fireworks casing detritus -- except today when I walked by it to the office, a bevy of orange t-shirt clad young people were picking up all the litter.

While the skyrocketing number of Florida positive cases is potentially a bit problematic for what it says about how the state is identifying positive cases, nevertheless, its CFR of 0.59% for the first 13 days of July matches the 0.57% nine-day average (July 5 - 13) of eight Southern and Western states (AZ, CA, FL, GA, LA, NC, SC, and TX). These are higher than the national average of 1.09% for July 1 - 13, inclusive.

It should be noted that in New York, Andrew Cuomo's decision to warehouse old people in nursing homes as a form of isolation during the worst of the April / May outbreak -- which was overwhelmingly a death sentence -- wildly skewed the state's and the nation's CFR during those months with a national CFR of 6.6% in April and 5.8% in May. Even now, there's still an after-effect with the nationwide CFR back to mid-March still at 3.98% (or 4.09% using a mean of the daily ratios).

To put the numbers in perspective, through July 13th, the New York and New Jersey death toll of 32,445 and 15,639 deaths, respectively, account for nearly 35% of the nationwide total. That is, 48,084 / 138,247 = ~34.8%.

If you're wondering, all of these numbers are from my Excel spreadsheet and are based upon Worldometer.info daily data.)

On a personal note, Gary and I are supposed to go to California in mid-September, specifically, for a few days to Oceanside (via San Diego). His mom lives out there (inland a bit) but we are planning to stay near the ocean.

I don't know how Gov Commie Hair Gel Newsom's ass-hat decision affects that since it is still 2+ months away, but it could. My guess (as I mentioned above) is that these spasmodic Covid-19 shutdowns will continue through at least next spring (2021) and "normalcy" won't begin to reappear until 2022.

Oh, and I should note that I AM going Florida next month (Aug 14 - 23) to visit my dad in Flagler Beach. This includes a trip within a trip to Daytona Beach, which, I think is sufficiently open for me to have an actual half-way-normal vacation by the ocean.

Unlike last year, I find myself very much in sync with him politically now. In fact, I don't see how I can vote for Joe Biden in November knowing what his victory and presidency will actually entail, especially in its first crazy-ass two years. Besides, I live in D.C., and any voting in D.C. is, ipso facto, a ghost vote.

OK, I guess that's all I really wanted to say tonight.

I need to do my laundry -- I've been putting it off for several days. I usually wait until about 1 a.m. to do it as the ground-floor laundry room is almost always empty at that point. Riding the elevators in the present time is just awkward and unpleasant. In particular, women of any age and old men expect you to be in a hazmat suit with masking covering all orifices and sensitive areas.

Above: One of the fireworks images from the third of the launch points -- near the Jefferson Memorial -- on July 4, 2020

Above: This image was toward the end of the display -- which lasted for about 40 minutes, well longer than the typical July 4th display. And, yes, that's the full Moon peeking out from behind a cloud. By the end of the display, the sulfurous smoke made it appear a deep orange bordering on crimson red.


I'm watching my late night comfort TV on MeTV, Cozi TV, and Antenna TV, flipping among the stations.

Before I end, though, and just because these images have been in my "Temp folder / To Be Posted" for nearly two weeks now, I'm wholly randomly posting them ...

Above: This is actor and bodybuilder William Smith in a screenshot from a movie in, I think, 1967. Unsure of the movie or who is that other fellow. Smith, now 87, is still alive. He was quite the bodybuilder in his day.


Above and below: Two screenshots of the great Candice Bergen from this 2017 interview of her by Andy Cohen.

And on that note, I will end this entry. My next planned posting will be in a day or two.


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