Thursday, July 9, 2020

A For-The-Time-Being Planned Final Entry On the Virulent Destructiveness of the WOKE Virus on America In Her Summer of Multi-Strain Madness

(Gran Paradiso?) Red Asiatic Lily flowers near Dupont Circle (maybe along 22nd St NW), Washington, D.C.,
1:35 p.m., June 16, 2020


As in recent previous entries, the outdoor images in this entry are those that I took on sundry walks in both here in Washington, D.C. and Alexandria, Va., during June from the batches that I have not yet posted. (I'll get to the July pics in subsequent entries.)

The pictures are topically unrelated to the entry, and instead meant to break up the text with some (hopefully) agreeable imagery. I'm not captioning them but the file name contains time and location information.

Home tonight in my dimly lamp-lit, carpeted, window air-conditioned apartment somewhere in Washington, D.C., watching my late night comfort TV on MeTV, Antenna TV, and Cozi TV ... Green Acres, Hogan's Heroes, Carol Burnett & Friends, Perry Mason, The Twilight Zone, The Nanny, Will & Grace, and Murphy Brown.

Now that we are through the July 4th holiday, and because there are glimmers of the worst of the BLM/Antifa mayhem settling down, this entry is my last planned one for the time being on a topic that has engrossed and appalled me since it began. I refer to the thoroughly interrelated aspects of our American Summer Madness of violent social unrest, WOKE identity politics fundamentalism, and Covid-19 media panic porn. The last of these three is the outgrowth of what was originally early this year a genuinely deeply concerning public health emergency but that has since morphed into a far more virulent element of our destructive American Culture Wars.

Taken together, the United States is undergoing sustained traumas and long-term destruction of not just its institutions and systems, but the continued financial and psychological ruination of countless lives in open-ended, pointless shutdowns -- in no small part due to the media's ideological and self-interested apocalypticism.

This entry focuses on the WOKENESS component. Aided and abetted by a toxic media, entertainment, and outrage complex, a numerically small portion of the U.S. population with a wildly outsized cultural influence has lost its mind in WOKE fundamentalist ideology. The result of this is as James Lindsay wrote in his New Discourses piece: The Woke Breaking Point.

Certain features of the Woke ideology, even if only on its extreme fringe, show shocking potential for being a totalitarian nightmare unfolding before our eyes, especially because so many good and decent people so vigorously (and viciously) support it all of a sudden. Even the rapidity with which it is spreading is disorienting, and thus alarming.

Any discussion of WOKE fundamentalism brings with it its demonic offspring of the deeply disturbing and wholly Unamerican – indeed, outright Stalinist-to-Orwellian – "cancel culture" whereby any deviation from a North Korea-like adulation of the violent Marxist-Leninist racist cells that comprise BLM (and their Antifa anarcho-street level domestic terrorists) results in instant firing from jobs and loss of any professional standing.

The instrument by which this happens is the social media. As Sam Harris noted in a podcast from last month, social media has created a "panopticon" of our civilization with an endless firehose of outraged, context-free garbage. This garbage output is performance art outrage characterized by the full-scale weaponization of all information, entertainment, and imagery.

YouTube version of Sam Harris podcast 207 "Can We Pull Back from the Brink?" airdate June 12, 2020

This podcast covers some essential matters related to the ostensible purpose of all the protests and mayhem -- and why that purpose is problematic for multiple reasons. These are topics that are absolutely NOT being discussed amid all the mayhem. Nor can they be discussed in the current climate precisely because BLM is not any sort of normal movement seeking solutions to actual issues.


Needless to say, situations like this -- Nursing School Dean fired after saying 'BLACK LIVES MATTER, but also, EVERYONE'S LIFE MATTERS' in email* -- could not happen but for the active and willing participation of ostensibly normal citizens and the organizations in which they professionally exist. That is, it couldn't just come from far illiberal Left, totalitarian-minded, WOKE zombies looking to destroy everything in sight.

*This is a Fox News link, so rwhen you get the "Access Denied" message, e-click on /reload the address in the URL bar and the page will load properly.

I devoutly hope we get some serious federal legal rulings in the coming few years that create a new framework and set of boundaries that limit this Orwellian "cancel culture" horseshit due to out-of-control Twitter mobs and enabled by feckless pussy corporate sorts. I mean, what good is having a federal judiciary filled with Federalist Society types.

All this social destruction is happening in addition to the actual physical destruction and violence occurring thanks to Democratic Party-approved Antifa rioting, looting, and mayhem which is in the process of destroying certain American cities such as Portland, Oregon -- now a sort of Antifa wasteland.

Of course, neither the nihilistic anarcho-domestic terrorists nor the Fundamentalist WOKE Millennials haven't a fucking clue what they don't know -- nor do they care -- so in their minds, there is no difference between Stonewall Jackson and Ulysses S. Grant, much less a 19th Century Quaker Abolitionist and an early 18th Century slave trader.

But I already talked about this in my previous entry along with the ongoing explosion of gang-related urban warfare in multiple cities across the United States.

Of course, all this urban mayhem, violence, and death means nothing to the literally brain-dead Minneapolis City Council types. Among that lot, it's just a doubling and tripling down on their "defund the police" horseshit, while giving themselves taxpayer-financed special protection.

In point of fact, the actual goal "defund the police" is to replace the existing police force with weird warlord gangs steeped in identity politics and Cultural Marxist-Leninism.

It promises to go very well.

For its part, the American mass media has fully devolved into an actively societally destructive malevolence that includes not just the riot-stoking, violence-loving, WOKE-frenzied Cultural Marxists at CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Vox, Slate, Salon, NPR, CBS, NBC, and ABC trash lots, but, alas, increasingly the Washington Post and even the New York Times.

As an illustrative example of the fact that the mainstream WOKE-driven American media has totally departed the realm of actual journalism, consider how major outlets -- to include the hometown paper of the Seattle Times -- initially covered in celebratory fashion the short-lived urban "autonomous zone" known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) / CHOP (Capitol Hill Organized Protest).

Thereafter, when the infinitely-predictable lawlessness and violent mayhem including killings that erupted in that supposed "summer of love block party with pleasant smells," coverage -- indeed, even existence -- of went down the memory hole.

Fox News had this article on July 1st (and remember to re-click/reload the URL in the address bar when you get the "Access Denied" page): Media narrative of peaceful Seattle CHOP zone turned upside down as mayor sends in police to stop violence.

On the deeper and more meaningful topic that is the ostensible proximate cause of all this mayhem -- (white) police brutality that singles out African Americans, especially males, for summary execution -- neither BLM nor the Social Justice Warriors are interested in the slightest in any legitimate discussion about actual substantive topics.

For instance, topics such as the extent of the problem, the extent to which the problem is correctly identified, how much it is instead a symptom of an over-militarized civilian police form, the issue of black-on-black crime (to say nothing of black-on-anyone-else crime), or other societal problems.

Again, these are all the topics discussed by Sam Harris in his podcast (see above YouTube video).

Another urgent issue is the grotesque decades' long systemic failure of Big Academia -- the active source of what James Lindsay so accurately has called the WOKE virus -- to do anything except enrich itself while cranking out massively indebted, emotionally brittle, ethically and morally clueless, completely closed-minded, highly moralistic but pathetically unlearned dolts. The role this Cartel has played in the present social and cultural situation urgently needs to be addressed.

All the more so it needs to be addressed because in creating this situation, universities are basically accelerating their own destruction. On that point, historian and author Victor Davis Hanson wrote this piece: Universities Sowing the Seeds of Their Own Obsolescence.

Given the state of the Big Academia racket today, when the backlash comes, it should take the form of MASSIVE, CONFISCATORY taxes on the mega-billion dollar "endowments" of these diseased institutions of supposed "higher learning" that have created only social destruction in their oligarchical wake for the past quarter century.

As for any possible backlashes, it will take a few years to get underway since at present in 2020, all the Covid-19-constricted political energy in the country is on the Illiberal Left and getting rid of its bete noire, Donald Trump. For his part, Trump seldom helps matters and instead makes them actively worse. (Of course, the mainstream coverage of his July 3rd Mount Rushmore speech was about the most systemically biased and perverted of anything in his presidency so far.)

But if we get a Biden presidency – one in which the power behind the mentally semi-incapacitated throne is Kamala Harris – and a far-left Democratic Power running both the House and Senate, then the infinitely predictable wild overreach will probably trigger a scary backlash.

About the totalitarian designs of the Illiberal Left, this Tucker Carlson comment earlier tonight perfectly encapsulates what it's up to ...

Ezra Klein is a brilliant progressive journalist loathsome, "risible," totalitarian-minded twat.

Consider the all-too-possible scenario in which Democratic “reparations commissions” made up of AOC and her “Squad,” along with Ta-Nehisi Coates, Ibram X Kendi, and Robin DiAngelo – the Marx, Engels, and Lenin of the current “Year Zero” Cultural Revolution moment – are bulldozing across the country with “panel discussions.”

The panels will all be, of course, cartoonishly stacked, the outcome foreordained only on how such “reparations” via forcible race-based expropriation of wealth and property takes place. Meanwhile, CNN and the rest of the mainstream media will be having celebratory circle-jerks with, oddly enough, white WOKE far-left liberals the ones most jazzed about this "social justice"-based "restitution" against "historical oppressors" (however defined).

Then throw in wild-eyed effort to functionally “repeal and replace” the Second Amendment while “defunding” civilian police forces across the country – with resulting violent crime waves of the sort already underway in New York and Chicago.

The form of such a backlash would be uncertain but the ultimate weakness of the braying but mostly unarmed Critical Justice Theory warriors, so highly dependent on supply chains and the normal functioning of civilization, would leave little doubt of the ugliness that could ensue in a real conflict between Red and Blue states.

You really would a hot civil war at that point.

What’s more, the long-term economic, financial, and human social destruction of open-ended Covid-19 lockdowns – which functionally come across as dictatorship – would also play into any backlash once the Left's insanity gets put into institutional power with BLM/Antifa mobs marching through working class white neighborhoods wherever they are “demanding” this or that lest they riot and loot.

It should come as no surprise that given all the mayhem of the past six weeks, gun sales, including first time gun sales, are skyrocketing in the United States are skyrocketing.

Conversely, if Donald Trump were to somehow to hold onto power into a second term, that too would result in bad outcomes – with the Left even more mouth-foaming rabidly insane even while Trump viewed it as total vindication of everything about his style of rule. That would produce its own form of hot civil conflict there. There are no good outcomes in the present era.

And I think on that note, I'm going to wrap up this entry.

As a blogging note, I’m not sure that the weather-related entry I had planned about the Monday night thunderstorm outbreak is ever going to happen. In lieu of that, I point you to this CWG entry: Loud, damaging and repeated storms deluged the D.C. area Monday night. Here’s how it happened.

There is also the chance of a tropical disturbance developing along the Mid-Atlantic coast – the system would be named Fay – in the next 24 hours that could graze our area. I might write about that.

It is unlikely I will post an entry tomorrow night. I need to finish one of my main monthly progress report tasks for my job, and I will almost certainly need to work on that task tomorrow night. That being the case, my next entry will probably be on Friday night or Saturday.


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