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The FULLY WOKE 2020 Chronicles for Friday June 12th Edition: Reposting John Podhoretz's NY Post Column On the Deeply Self-Destructive Mindset of Young, White, Female WOKESTERS

An old -- in fact, probably historic -- Wolkswagen on Cameron Street, Alexandria, Va., 7:08 p.m., June 6, 2020


This entry features a reposting of a John Podhoretz column that appeared in the New York Post on June 11, 2020, but minus the inline links (including to Washington Post article in question).

Pivoting off the article, the column details the highly self-destructive nature of the Cult of the young and the WOKE, especially otherwise garden-variety liberal white females. These are the sort of young women who cheer the mayhem of the rioters and Antifa anarcho-hooligans despite the fact it directly threatens them and for what really is a cultic Group Think.

The outdoor scenes in this entry are from the remaining batch of cellphone pictures ones I took in May during walkabouts in (safe and quiet parts of) D.C. and Old Town Alexandria (though the lead one was taken in June). I'm not captioning them, but the image file names contain place and location information. Also, I'm adding a picture of Mayor John Lindsay way back when.

So, without further ado ...

Worse than the limousine liberal: ‘Prius woke-sters’ cheer chaos at personal risk
John Podhoretz
June 11, 2020 | 8:45pm
Source here.

In 1969, New York mayoral candidate Mario Procaccino went after his rival, the movie-star-good-looking incumbent John Lindsay, by deriding him and his supporters as “limousine liberals” — people who, in the words of a Procaccino campaign memo, “preach the politics of confrontation and condone violent upheaval in society because they are not touched by it and are protected by their courtiers, doormen and private police guards.”

Procaccino’s sound bite immortalized one of the more enraging figures in modern US society — the preachy, self-righteous, anti-capitalist but conveniently rich and socially prominent person who decries American injustice and gives lip service to the need for radical change without ever having to fear the consequences of the often-violent forces he supports.

Half a century later, in the midst of America’s latest urban upheaval, we find a new American type — more interesting, perhaps, than the limousine liberal because she doesn’t really have doormen or private cops to protect her from the threat to civil order she welcomes. We might call her the “Prius wokester.”

An astonishing article by The Washington Post’s Greg Jaffe this week tells the tale. The headline: “After Killing of George Floyd, White Liberals ­Embrace Ideas That Once Seemed Radical.” It offers a portrait of two Minneapolitans, Meredith Webb and Michelle Garvey, mothers of young kids, who live across the street from each other in a neighborhood called Hiawatha.

Jaffe details how the aftermath of the killing and the developments in the streets of their city led them to embrace the looting and ­destruction around them.

When they learn of the complete trashing of a nearby Target, Michelle calls it “a perfectly warranted and justified response … an ­expression of righteous rage.”

For her part, Meredith, a standard-issue activist type who supported Elizabeth Warren’s presidential bid, is made uncomfortable by the wanton criminality. But, she says, “It felt wrong to say we’re with you until you start looting.” She castigates herself for the ­impulse “to let myself default to the simplistic reaction of wanting this all to go away.”

Despite Michelle’s positive feelings about looting a Target, owned by a large corporation and therefore apparently deserving of destruction, they worry about spillover. A neighborhood watch is formed.

Jaffe writes: “For several days, [Meredith] and her husband, like many of their neighbors, sat in their front lawns until well after 3 a.m. Garvey and neighbor gave chase to three white strangers she spotted in their neighborhood one evening.”

Still, Meredith is out cheering her viciously anti-Semitic member of Congress, Ilhan Omar, soon after, when Omar declares: “To every single person who has remained silent and been complicit . . . this is the time we step up and show the world what we’re made of!” She comes to support removing peace officers from local schools and defunding or abolishing the police.

“I am trying to push myself to understand looting, and understand that we have to go outside the law sometimes to make things happen,” she tells Jaffe. Then she drives by a burned-out drugstore. “Damn, the Walgreens,” Webb tells Jaffe, then quickly adds: “Not that I should be sad about a Walgreens.”

That a pretty standard-issue left-liberal 30-something mom should so easily make the shift from indignation about police brutality to outright support for brazen, violent criminality and robbery doesn’t seem an exception in these weeks.

Something horrifying is happening to the American moral sense — the plain evidence of one’s own eyes in the form of wanton destruction is overlooked in favor of offering some kind of generalized support for the “cause.”

The limousine liberal can buy himself out of the trouble he’s happy to visit on others. That is what made him a peerless hypocrite. But the Prius wokester can’t. Meredith and her husband and her neighbors may find themselves reaping the very whirlwind they have chosen, with such peculiar blindness, to welcome.

One wonders if physical violence were done to her or her family by the rioters whether she'd be making excuses for that. Remember: To be fully Robin DiAngelo-approved WOKE as a white person is to welcome not just property crimes but outright violent crime against you and your loved ones as somehow appropriate. Even considering calling the police is "white privilege" based on systems and structures of infinitely ambiguous, define-as-you-please "Whiteness" racism.

OK, that's all for now. I have a second entry that I broke off from this one -- yes, unfortunately, on the same topic, which I can't seem to let go of -- that I may try to post after this one. I'm home at this late hour in my little air conditioned apartment watching old TV shows.


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