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Presenting America's 2020 Auto-Da-Fé Follies: Welcome to the HOLIER AND WOKER THAN THOU Cultural Revolution, Twitter Mob Style

Curving front steps to a house along Q Street NW, Georgetown, Washington, D.C., 1:32 p.m., May 29, 2020


As I've been doing in recent entries, the outdoor pictures in this entry from sundry out-and-about afternoons both here in D.C. and in Alexandria. Except for the lead one, I'm not captioning them, but the file names contain time and location information.

I know I've been harping on this a lot through multiple entries in the past two weeks, but it bears repeating: There is a disturbingly cultic quality to what is transpiring in this severely dysfunctional country right now with its WOKE identity politics-driven Maoist Cultural Revolution frenzy that is manifesting itself through the BLM "meme," driven by an amorphous amalgam of twitter mobs, an Illiberal Left media commentariat, and a Marxist-Leninist academic cadre.

The fact that the Millennials -- especially the younger ones -- and the Gen Z are so swept up in it, along with ageing, always-degenerate hippy Baby Boomers, is a testament to the all-pervasive, highly malevolent presence of illiberal identity politics that has engulfed everything.

In America today, ridiculously, everybody considers him or her (or gender pronoun whatever)self fucking king and must be cosseted and treated like the unquestioned and unquestionable but highly brittle royalty that they are -- and, therefore, everybody is shit with no sense of right or wrong.

Mix in the ugly reality that any public good in America -- where tragedies of the commons are par for the course -- immediately turns to worthless, useless garbage only exacerbates the moral, ethical, and physical blight. The fact that corporate America has been coopted into this current moral panic is simply a testament to its hybrid venality and feckless fear.

Today, all across America, ultra-WOKE corporate HR departments join inhuman Twitter and Facebook mobs in scouring your social media feeds for any Thought Crimes that require you to be "cancelled" from society. It goes without saying that social media is a highly toxic blight on civilization that is tearing asunder any ability to have a normal, functioning society. But this is our cultural regime -- and it's not going away until something else (probably equally bad) blows it up.

Alternatively, think of the current situation as a low-grade civil war between this WOKE identity politics faction and an over-militarized, quasi-paramilitary civilian police force (with an overplayed race angle). Regardless, it all comes down to the savage tribalism of our era -- driven in no small measure by identity politics.

Stoking the flames of this cultural insanity, of course, is the for-profit media/entertainment complex in whatever forms it takes any however it manifests itself. The Illiberal Left's WOKE identity politics-based mindset means that the phalanxes of media opinion-spewers (whether in electronic writing or verbal) -- and that's what they are since "journalism" and "reporting" really no longer exists -- work 24/7/365 to demand Total Control over what you what you wear, what you eat, what you drink, what you think, what you hate, and what you love.

This brings me to a piece by Andrew Sullivan that he actually managed to get through New York Magazine's editorial office, crammed as it is with characteristically brittle and always-instantly-triggered young editors. Here is the piece [link embedded]: Is There Still Room for Debate?

Below is a small but pertinent excerpt of this piece along with a cropped version of the picture accompanying the article. The picture perfectly captures the Jonestown-like cultic quality of the moment right down to this woman's raindrop-covered and fogged over eyeglasses:

In this manic, Manichean world you’re not even given the space to say nothing. “White Silence = Violence” is a slogan chanted and displayed in every one of these marches. It’s very reminiscent of totalitarian states where you have to compete to broadcast your fealty to the cause. In these past two weeks, if you didn’t put up on Instagram or Facebook some kind of slogan or symbol displaying your wokeness, you were instantly suspect.

The cultishness of this can be seen in the way people are actually cutting off contact with their own families if they don’t awaken and see the truth and repeat its formulae. Ibram X. Kendi insists that there is no room in our society for neutrality or reticence. If you are not doing “antiracist work” you are ipso facto a racist. By “antiracist work” he means fully accepting his version of human society and American history, integrating it into your own life, confessing your own racism, and publicly voicing your continued support.

Tweet by Ian Miles Cheong regarding the BLM rally in Bethesda on June 2, 2020

Or as this piece by John Daniel Davidson in The Federalist puts it:

The model at work here is the Chinese Cultural Revolution, with its mass “struggle sessions” in which anyone deemed insufficiently sympathetic to the proletariat, or thought to have an excessively bourgeois lifestyle, was subjected to public humiliations, paraded through the streets, assaulted, denounced, and put on display as objects of scorn. Often these struggle sessions ended in false confessions and pleas for mercy.

Screenshot from Bethesda BLM rally earlier this month (maybe June 2nd).

Note the bowing, scraping, supplications. What you can't hear are the moaning and vacant-eyed chanting. Of course, this was in Bethesda, so no one batted an eye at the cultic quality of this lunacy.


Continued excerpt:

Obviously, no one in America is being paraded through the streets against their will. But by rushing to profess their supposed guilt for racism, these people are admitting that they need publicly to affirm their allegiance to woke identity politics. This represents nothing less than the emergence of a new regime in American life. What is now a voluntary and seemingly spontaneous public affirmation of progressive ideology will in time become a requirement.

If you want a career or a public platform or a professional life in mainstream society, you’ll have to profess allegiance to the cultural left.

Davidson also had this piece [link embedded]: If You Don’t Support Black Lives Matter, You’re Fired.


Black Lives Matter as a political movement -- as distinct from, say, thinking that black lives matter, which most Americans do because they aren’t racist -- isn’t interested at all in ameliorating the state of black America, or fighting actual racism, or expanding liberty and justice for all under our constitutional system. This isn’t an evolutionary movement but a revolutionary one. It doesn’t draw on our tradition of constitutionalism but on Marxism. Its model isn’t the American Revolution but the French Revolution -- hence the purges, which for now are confined to the workplace ... Apologies and counter-arguments won’t help because the one thing the BLM movement cannot allow is honest discourse or the free exchange of ideas.

Note the "Parking for Library Visitors Only" signage in this screenshot. That sign needs to come down because it embodies "systems and structures of racist oppression."


For his part, Andrew Sullivan puts what is happening today into that long, ignoble line of puritanical moral panics and cruder forms of evangelical fundamentalism that blight American history. I've been seeing it more in a Cultural Marxist sense. I guess both are true.

I'm sure a New York Times-like shit-storm on how the piece and the "violence" it does to the sense of "safety" of the entire "newsroom" is in full swing and the summary firings and frenzied WOKE Twitter mob shock troops in their "struggle sessions" demanding nothing less than human beings and their lives to be "cancelled" for the racist crime of Wrong Think.

Undoubtedly, the Stalinist show trials are already underway with the required Full Confessions, the "taking a knee" followed by the outright prostrate supplications before the IngSoc BLM Party of WOKENESS, all ending in firings and "vaporization"-through-"cancellation" anyway.

Above it all, floating like demigods on some demented Mount Olympus, the members of an MSNBC news-opinion show's "panel discussion" on "WOKENESS" featuring four participants and moderator, each one HOLIER AND WOKER THAN THOU. And behind it all, Robin DiAngelo's "Critical Social Justice" Cultural Marxist-Leninist cadre bringing violence and destruction in their WOKE wake -- but blissfully happy at their Year Zero Khmer Rouge-like totalitarian state.

Meanwhile, the mainstream, whore-stream media are back to hysterically yowling about a massive "second spike" in Covid-19 cases and the need for ordinary folk to resume their economically, financially, and mentally catastrophic mole-like "lock down" existence for an unspecified period of time.

As context, a month ago, the whore-stream media as likening families going to swimming pools as tantamount to mass murder because of the open-ended Covid-19 media pandemic and resulting economic depression and social catastrophes.

The whore-stream media then turned on the proverbial dime with its unctuous and/or brain-dead fools (yes, this means the appropriately-named Don Lemon) were openly on-air celebrating the rioting, looting, and mayhem associated with the George Floyd killing AND the mobs doing these things.

Above: The house at 516 S. Henry Street, Alexandria, Va. This house interests me because of its address and the fact that my mother grew up at 516 Henry Street -- but in South Amboy, N.J. My uncle still lives there. As this is the Polish side of my family, nobody speaks to no one.


Now, we're back to medical terror and the DEMAND that we all hide like mole-people until the last 105-year old can be shown to have NOT died from "the Covid-19 pandemic."

Keep in mind that this "second spike" story is horseshit on multiple levels, as this Alex Berenson tweet thread captures. (Berenson is a former New York Times reporter turned serious media critic on All Things Covid-19 we're continuously being sold.)

Another view of 516 S. Henry Street, Alexandria, Va.
It's a corner house.

I used to visit 516 Henry Street in South Amboy, N.J., almost every weekend during the school year in the 1976 - 1979 period (ages 6 to 9) to visit my maternal grandmother. I have zero interaction with my uncle who has lived there ever since.


Of course, here in D.C., the population is as horrible and anti-human in its outdoor behaviors and interactions against The Unmasked Other as ever. This is due, of course, to the fact that these people only get their understanding of the world from Illiberal Left infotainment and (quoting Berenson) "panic porn" sources to include MSNB, CNN, and the Washington Post (the online version of which is now indistinguishable from the Huffington Post in terms of all-consuming WOKE identity politics).

Daily Covid-19 fatalities in the United States continue a pulsating but sharply steady downward trend.

This is from the site.


On the topic of life here for the past three months here in Washington, D.C., it's hard to overstate how lunacy-filled it is. The combination of Covid-19 hysteria and WOKE politics has generated an EF-5 tornado of insanity that makes you feel like you're living in North Korea.

Among the various reasons for rising (or rather, not falling) cases, it is partly due to so many new hospital procedures are now taking place -- and pro forma Covid-19 testing is taking place. Also, a "case" has almost nothing to do with hospitalizations or critical care:

Daily Covid-19 new cases in the United States, site, March 14 - June 14, 2020


I get the fact that terrified 80-somethings and those annoying 60-something women are fully be-masked, but the behaviors of 20-and-30-something upper middle class, young, healthy, white, and fully WOKE types is beyond the pale. And I don't mean because these clowns are wearing masks as a form of virtue-signaling.

Rather, it has to do with their deranged behaviors such as leaping out into oncoming vehicle traffic if one approaches them who is not. I'm actually glad that D.C. doesn't have genuine voting rights -- it allows all this insanity to go deserved waste.

Psychologically -- or, if you prefer, spiritually -- the District of Columbia in spring 2020 is for me basically unlivable at this point. I'm here in the D.C. area for another 5 to 10 years, although I think in maybe 2 years, it would be good if I moved to Old Town Alexandria (depending on my financial and life situation at that point).

Alright, that's all for now. My next planned entry will be on Monday night. However, owing to my plans for Monday afternoon (I'm taking off from work and going to Old Town Alexandria for a specific reason that I'll write about in a subsequent entry), my next entry might not be until Tuesday night.

And, yes, I promise to get off this WOKE fixation in upcoming entries.


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