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Overview of Recent Two-Day Rainfall Totals With Distracting Upfront and Backend Commentary Detours; Plus, Non-Socially Distanced Summery Saturday Old Town Alexandria Pictures -OR- June Storms Bring WOKE Lightning

Washington Monument rising above some trees in the foreground, 2:11 p.m., June 3, 2020

I wasn't going to feature yet another picture of the Washington Monument, or at least one as the lead image, but given the topic directly below, and because I took this picture on Wednesday on a very agreeable early June day,


Concerning the above picture, when I took it toward the end of one of my daily weekday walks into the office at L'Enfant Plaza during his time of a now-performance art pandemic for American horseshit cultural war purposes -- there were two bum-like young lesbians sitting at the base of a tree. I saw them but their presence really didn't register.

Trio of white pine trees near the Washington Monument, 2:16 p.m., May 26, 2020

They were stilling at the base of one of a trio of what I believe are white pine trees that grow on a grassy area between 14th and 15th Streets in what in D.C. street address parlance is the "unit" block (i.e., 1 to 99, just south of the axis of the National Mall, if there were any structures there to have addresses, which there are not.

Well, naturally, because I'm me and my life is nothing but urban street-level cartoonish conflict, they must have thought I was taking pictures of them (yeah, right) and one started screaming profanities at me. I was about 30 feet away at that point -- and, because I can't just walk away from that, I screamed a few things back before moving on.

Later, I realized I shouldn't have done that because, in this time of Totalitarian PC WOKE thought, in which everything is videoed (by who or whatever) and ends up on the life-destroying thing known as the intertoobz, that video could have "gone viral" (like the Covid-19??) and my life would have been vaporized the way the PC Left does with everyone. Indeed, I was worried that might have been the case, but I suspect I would have known by now.

Thanks God. Love Ya.


As a weather update, we've had thunderstorms with drenching rainfall -- needed -- on two consecutive evenings, to include Thursday and Friday nights. The first storm event on Thursday night featured a lot of cloud-to-ground lightning including a bolt that struck the tip of the Washington Monument (directly striking the lightning rod above the aluminum capstone).

Left: Close-up image of the tip of the Washington Monument with its top lightning rods that surround the aluminum capstone taken on Sept 28, 2011 during an exterior inspection as a result of the Aug 23, 2011 earthquake. The colorful bands are the safety harness cords for the rappelling engineers.

Another lightning bolt that apparently struck in Lafayette Square, causing minor injury to some of the National Guard units there, which scintillated and titillated the WOKE gathered beyond the fence blocking off the park.

That entire distracting detour above about the Washington Monument was initially intended to mention the fact that the structure was spectacularly (but harmlessly) struck by lightning on Thursday night at 8:32 p.m. EDT, June 4, 2020, as the above screenshot shows.

The screenshot itself is from a video of the lightning strike -- along with a few other cloud-to-ground bolts -- that take by WUSA channel 9 "SkyCam" -- the exact location of which I could not determine. However, the Potomac River and -- just beyond the narrow dark connecting line marking the Ohio Drive Inlet Bridge -- the Tidal Basin are visible illuminated by the bolt. Based on the orientation of the two bodies of water, that means this video was taken due west in Arlington, not from the south in Alexandria.

Above is animated gif of the video. Again, I'm unsure the location -- except that it is on the Virginia side to the southwest, either in Arlington or Alexandria. (The channel 9 TV studio and its main transmitter tower are located in upper Northwest D.C.)

Directly above is a picture taken from another vantage point of the lightning strike along with the other bolts -- but this one involved a 30-second exposure. It was captured by Anupam Anand from Arlington -- but rather from a west-northwest vantage point (maybe at a slightly closer radial distance).

As for the rainfall we received ...

Below are the two-day rainfall totals and both the month-to-date (MTD), season-to-date (STD) (where the climatological summer season begins June 1st), and year-to-date (YTD) totals, departures, and averages (in parenthesis) for June and year-to-date for the three regional major airport spots (KDCA, KBWI, and KIAD). As it's June, MTD and STD are the same.

Also, as noted, KDMH (the Maryland Science Center ASOS) is offline for an open-ended duration -- probably as long as the Covid-19 performance art shutdowns of society (except for mass protests) continue in our larger Blue cities including this one. However, I'm happy top include in its place the Annapolis Naval Academy ASOS (KNAK).

The MTD and YTD totals take into account June 6th when no measurable rainfall fell except for 0.01" at KNAK. (There was "Trace" at KDCA on 6/6.)

I'm also including [in brackets] what fell during the individual events (which spanned two calendar days). The two-day and two-event combos are equal except for KNAK (because of the extra 0.01").

What's more, since it hadn't rained this month prior to the two events, the two-day and two-event totals are each equal to the MTD totals for all four stations.

Averages are based on the NWS 1981 - 2010 base period (to be updated to 1991 - 2020 next year), except for KNAK, whose records begin in 2003.

6/4: 0.52"
6/5: 1.26"
Total: 1.78"

Event 1: 0.88"
Event 2: 0.90"
Total: 1.78"

MTD/STD: 1.78" +1.03" (0.75")
YTD: 18.88" +2.17" (16.71")


6/4: 2.18" (daily record) (old record: 1.26" in 1891, which is a pre-airport record)
6/5: 0.61"
Total: 2.79"

Event 1: 2.51"
Event 2: 0.28"
Total: 2.79"

MTD/STD: 2.79" +2.04" (0.75")
YTD: 19.21" +1.43" (17.78")


6/4: 1.30"
6/5: 0.57"
Total: 1.87"

Event 1: 1.46"
Event 2: 0.41"
Total: 1.87"

MTD/STD: 1.87" +1.03" (0.84")
YTD: 18.39" +0.73" (17.66")


6/4: 1.05"
6/5: 0.68"
Total: 1.73"

Event 1: 1.43"
Event 2: 0.31"
Total: 1.74"

MTD/STD: 1.74" +0.80" (0.94")
YTD: 14.30" +0.94" (13.36")

KNAK seems to be missing some precip this year.


As a brief update, yesterday (Saturday), I went down to Old Town Alexandria on the Metro yesterday (Foggy Bottom to King Street). It was a hottish, mostly sunny, humid day, air temp reaching a high of 91F, dew point about 65F. 

As the pictures in this entry show, the block of King Street before it dead ends at the marina / Potomac riverfront, all of a sudden, has been shut to vehicle traffic and is an outdoor eating area for multiple restaurants.

This falls in the category of turning "social distancing" necessity into livable city virtue. The pictures in this part of the entry show scenes from Saturday (yesterday) evening in the "100 block" of King Street, Old Town Alexandria.

As for me, I did my upmost best on Saturday to get out and remain out of D.C., a.k.a., the District of WOKEUMBIA or, if you prefer, the State of New WOKEUMBIA -- where massive, sustained, simultaneous orgasmic rallies of the Millennial WOKE took place today and you couldn't avoid it if you wanted to.

Of note, a substantial fraction (percentage unclear but certainly more than half) were young white people (22 to 35-ish). The consciousness-raising in support of Black Lives Matter and against police brutality -- and, for that matter, any police at all -- is reaching a sort of 1968-style frenzied apotheosis, but set in the world of 2020.

I suppose I should welcome all of this but to me, this combination of open-ended, politically-correct faux-pandemic and Culturally Marxist racial identity obsession has vaulted us into a Philip K. Dick novel with no clear ending.

Above: I stopped and visited the little one yesterday in this peaceful setting. His 60th birthday is coming up in a life that never was in this reality but given an infinite and eternal multiverse, I'm sure has been lived many happy times.


If this particular blog content should survive years into the future, to whoever reads it, just know that the defining characteristic of the WHITE and WOKE in 2020 is as follows: If they see you coming and you aren't properly face-masked, especially if you aren't a 25-year old, gender-unspecified lesbian, they will leap out into oncoming vehicular traffic to avoid you. But they're thrilled to join in mass protests that seek to turn society into some sort of Culturally Marxist identity-based dystopia that, to them, at least upfront, is utopia.

My understanding is that all American Blue Big City mayors are eager to disband their police forces and "let social justice and racial conscience raising be (their) guide." Can't wait to see how that works out. America is such a peaceful, sanguine, unified, culturally and socially homogenous, all-around-placid ... and not a mentally ill, not armed-to-the-fucking hilt, not divided, not dysfunctional, not culturally warped and sick country, and not led by a demented commercial media/entertainment complex ... a country whose very exitence makes sense rather than being a gigantic mistake, so this "defund and disband the police" movement will certainly bear good fruit.

But let's save this for another entry. As for now, I'm signing off and heading out for the afternoon.

Cameron Street, Alexandria, Va., 7:10 p.m., June 6, 2020

I think this is a red Asiatic lily gran paradiso, or at least an internet image search suggests it is. I was walking back to the King Street Metro to head home.

That's all for now. My next planned entry will probably be on late Tuesday night.


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