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Journey Into the Early 21st Century American Social Dissolutionary Whirlwind -OR- The WOKE Sound and the Riotous Summer Thunderdome Fury

For starters, the outdoor images in the remainder of this entry are those that I took on sundry walks in both Alexandria, Va., and here in Washington, D.C., during June from the batches that I have not yet posted. They are topically unrelated to the entry, and instead meant to break up the text with some (hopefully) agreeable imagery. I'm not captioning them but the file name contains time and location information.

As for the entry topic, there are many things I want to write and to excerpt from other sources in this moment of political and cultural insanity. It is a moment of nihilistic social unrest in the form of a low-grade civil war, a WOKE cult mentality obliterating all social bonds and institutions to include a mainstream media that are little more than Maoist cultic enablers of the malevolent lunacy, and the Covid-19 situation in all its iterations.

Alas, I cannot post everything I want to post, in particular, all the op-eds, columns, and analyses from a wide variety of sources. I cannot do it either in a single ginormous entry nor in a series of smaller standalone entries. Even the latter ones would be too unwieldy and require too many pictures for me to post. This includes unrelated pics from my sundry outdoor walkabouts during this spring/summer Covid-19 Media and Democratic pandemic.

For me, what I am most transfixed and revolted by is the moral and ethical degeneracy embodied in WOKE Cancel Culture where "WOKE" culture itself is actually a deep perversion of the "colorblind" society for and toward which so many Americans for so long have striven and toward which so much progress has been made.

As Matt Taibbi insigntfully notes (see below), WOKE culture in its extreme form -- as embodied in the foul, pseudo-intellectual ramblings of Robin DiAngelo -- is actually a practically Hitlerian in its deeply perverting, totalizing obsession with racial identity.

In that way, the current moment is so fucking 1984 Orwellian that it truly boggles the mind and appalls the moral senses. And, as a life-long liberal who was long so horrified by Donald Trump, I find myself even more horrified to see how horrifyingly disgusting is the Illiberal Left mob. We really are in a Second American Civil War, but in an early 21st Century informational / mis-informational, identity politics-driven, all-around-toxically corrosive way in which no body "wins." It's a war with no front lines, just an endless mental-illness inducing vortex of insanity.

To reiterate, the most horrifying aspect of this is the 1984-style totalitarianism embodied in WOKE identity politics and its Cancel Culture. It's a would-be eternal dystopian reality which cultic-crazed Social Justice Warriors from Big Academia and Big Media create the very abominations of terror and destruction of innocent lives they purport to be against via a racially tribalized epistemology that any 20th Century fascist would admire. They do so with the complicity of a feckless larger population to include political leaders (at whatever level) and Big Business interests.

Are all cemetery groundskeepers this wacky??

So, let me begin the main part of this entry ...

It was related to this that I wanted to write about the situation involving the accomplished and smart Democratic data analyst, David Shor, who was on listserv known as Progressphiles for about 1,000 center-left data analysts involved in Democratic Party politics. As Jonathan Chait notes in his piece on the matter:

On May 28, progressive election data analyst David Shor tweeted about a new paper by Princeton professor Omar Wasow, showing that peaceful civil-rights protests moved public opinion toward protesters while violent protests had the opposite effect. The tweet violated a taboo in some left-wing quarters against criticizing violent protest and led within days to his firing.

The culprit in his firing was some virulently WOKE witch named Ari Trujillo Wesler, a Democratic canvassing app called OpenField, and whose gibberish braying and yowling about the "violence" and "bullying" of Shor's tweet (think about that) got him fired from his main job -- she specifically asked for Shor's boss to "come get your boy."

Ari Trujillo Wesler then claimed she was getting "doxxed" and scurried into some secure, undisclosed bunker for the cultically WOKE for the duration of the imbroglio.

For background and context see here: An Elite Progressive LISTSERV Melts Down Over a Bogus Racism Charge by Jonathan Chait

And here is the analysis and commentary piece: Big Sister Is Watching You by Rod Dreher of The American Conservative.

Here is a quote from the Dreher piece:

[I]t does show how fanatically some progressives try to police discourse, even among progressives. It’s like peering into a Maoist struggle session — but these are professional political staffers who work within the Democratic Party universe...Mind you, all this is happening among people whose profession is it to analyze data and figure out how to use it to help Democratic candidates win power. These ideologues are silencing voices from within their own circles who are saying things that they don’t want to hear. This is straight-up Soviet. Is this person suppressing data, or her own analysis, to suit woke ideological goals? Remember, Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump in part because of her flawed data analysis.

The article notes that in the wake of Trump's unexpected victory in 2016, Progressphiles was hijacked by hard left WOKE Thought Police and this is the inevitable outcome of their racially solipsistic view of the universe, which itself is just a form of Cultural Marxism that is the basis of BLM's amorphous cells.

The two really are indistinguishable at this point.

Bottom line: A wholly horseshit charge of "racism," "violence," and "bullying" was made by a far-left illiberal WOKESTER female professional -- one whose very job is to analyze data -- as a result of an inconvenient ("triggering") data point -- and this is the life-destructive result.

This clarifies the point that for far-left WOKESTERS and BLM "thought leaders" -- two groups that are functionally synonymous -- the TOTALITY of human existence is nothing more than a toxically race-based struggle between oppressor and oppressor with no independent truth or facts, and instead, and only maximal conflict. In short, it is a dystopian totalitarian society light years away from anything resembling the United States you think you know. THIS is what they offer you FOREVER.

It's worth pointing out, of course, that only a small fraction of any group -- presumably, to include those on this Progressiphiles listserv -- are actually this malevolently batshit crazy. However, in this climate of malevolent crazy, it literally only takes one individual or a very small subset of a group to scream this garbage to start the what Orwell would immediately recognize as a professional and social form of "vaporization" to get the "cancellation" going.

Once initiated, the feckless pussies of corporate America, not to mention the fellow cultists in Big Media or Big Academia's administrative appendages, rush to finish the "cancellation" and all is complete. It goes without saying that cancellation couldn't and wouldn't work but for the accomplices who carry it out. This is something that has such a deeply, darkly ugly historical precedence that we shouldn't even have to discuss it because it IS so obvious.

In one of those great ironies that permeate history, we will have to hope that all the Federalist Society-approved judges that Mitch McConnell packed onto the federal judiciary in the past three years will reverse the worst of the WOKE cancel abuses we are now seeing. But that will take a few years.

The causes and characteristics of what amounts to a WOKE secular fundamentalism sweeping Millennials and Gen Z'ers here in the U.S. and the UK is something that National Review's Kyle Smith wrote about in this piece The White-Guilt Cult. It is a phenomenon that warrants considerable discussion. For this entry, I'll just excerpt several paragraphs:

Ben Shapiro notes astutely that the new woke religion rushes in to fill a “God-shaped hole” in secular hearts. Devotees immerse themselves in the sacred texts of Ta-Nehisi Coates and Ibram X. Kendi (né Ibram Henry Rogers of Queens), books designed to make white wokesters writhe with a kind of ecstatic anguish.

The new clergy consists of black thought leaders (Coates, Kendi, Stacey Abrams) and those white people who loudly proclaim themselves allies and proselytize for the organizing dogma, which is that everything is racist. Those who question orthodoxy are kept at bay, derided as “conservatives” who are “arguing in bad faith” if not actual racists … The much-promised “conversation on race” consists of repeating points in the catechism to enhance their power -- phrases such as “I must do better,” “white privilege,” “systemic racism,” “white supremacy,” “allyship.”

The techno-narcissistic innovation of the Wokesters is that they have made themselves, as a collective, their own godhead, equipped with the authority to wield and unleash the thunderbolt of righteousness on blasphemers here and now, on their own authority. There is no need to be anxious about whether the right decisions will be made by the Deity in the hereafter; the new Social-Justice God is merciless and swift. Every day ending in “day” is now Judgment Day.

So rigorous is the new religion that the unrighteous can be vaporized simply for not chanting the liturgy, or for not sounding off loudly enough. “White silence equals violence” is one new precept gaining currency … How exciting it must be to upend the meanings of words in service of the greater cause of smiting one’s perceived enemies, or even whatever suspected counterrevolutionaries there may be among one’s sworn allies. No one dared to be the first to stop applauding a Stalin speech.

[Andrew] Sullivan holds that “it is, in fact, impossible not to have a religion if you are a human being. It’s in our genes and has expressed itself in every culture, in every age, including our own secularized husk of a society.” The old liberal consensus built around prosaic proceduralism -- fairness, equal treatment, dependence on the slow and imperfect operation of the machinery of justice -- made for a frustratingly dull religion. All that stuff amounts to so many watery vagaries in the era of the Great Awokening. Declaiming, denouncing, and destroying — that is where transcendence lies.

It was from the hothouses that occupy the collapsed hulk of American higher education and the commercial media outrage complex from which this Frankenstein WOKE creature emerged. This creature is now rampaging across the moral and mental mindscape, not to mention the actual landscape of the country, while Democratic Party leaders sit atop it foolishly believing they can use it to their advantage.

On the matter of American education, higher and otherwise, and its culpability in the current social disaster, Inez Feltscher Stepman had this piece on June 16, 2020 in The Federalist: How Our Anti-American Education System Made Riots Inevitable.

And on a related note, Real Clear Politics (RCP) contributor Charles Lipson, the Peter B. Ritzma Professor of Political Science Emeritus at the University of Chicago (and thus safely enconced in tenured retirement), has this new piece: Three Ideas to End the Rot on College Campuses.

Concerning BLM, organizationally and philosophically it is a loose amalgam ("set of cells") of Cultural Marxist-Leninist racialist (i.e., WOKE) radicals whose philosophy can be understood by substituting the term "(systemic) racist" for "bourgeois." And in advocating and organizing endless violent confrontation with Antifa and sundry anarchists, not to mention just garden variety street criminals, BLM is the VERY OPPOSITE of what its name claims to embody. BLM as a group is interested in "lives" insofar as those lives are instruments of terror to destroy society.

The fact that a "defunded" police-free society would be, of course, the worst form of illiberal, inhumane, savagely violent warlordism and brutality against the weak and the poor (read: many minorities in what in WOKE-speak is known as "BIPOC") just proves this point.

But ethical and moral consistency is hardly the goal there. If it were otherwise, BLM would actually want real scholarship into the question of "systemic" (white) police violence to include "singling out" African American men -- and to respond intelligently and through an existing progressive Democratic political infrastructure accordingly to the findings. The same goes with all the faux "scholars" of whatever identity-based alphabet soup of acronyms in the faux-academic departments comprising the humanities and social sciences schools in the collapsed husk of American higher education.

But neither BLM nor any of the WOKE Thought Police have any such intention. Rather, their only aim is the exploitation of the nonstop, context-free outrage machine of Twitter and other social media, thus recruiting and endless supply of shock troops and street bomb throwers into an endgame of maximal race-and-class-driven warfare.

As for Antifa, it's just pure anarchical rioters, looters, and other purveyors of senseless violence. On that last point, National Review's Michael Brendan Dougherty put it well in this June 18th piece:

In riots, the strong and depraved dominate and terrorize the weak, the kind, and the conscientious. Progressives are attracted to riots because the forms that riots take -- burning buildings, the manic switch between cowardly skulking and chest-beating claims of revenge, the general theater of violence against the defenseless -- are an outer reflection of their own interior misery. Riots embody their rejection of any moral authority external to themselves and seem to make real the purposeless state of nature they believe the universe to be at its heart. This is the real “message” of a riot, though not one that rioters intend. Looters are in it for loot, and the opportunistic psychopaths assault people for the fun of making other people bleed.

There is more that I'd like to write, in particular, to feature two Matt Taibbi pieces. I haven't read much Matt "Vampire Squid Wrapped Around the Face of Humanity" Taibbi in recent years -- indeed, I sort of fell out of love with him, perhaps for wrong "Russiagate" reasons on my part.

Leaving that aside, Taibbi has been exceling in his analysis lately. Here are two samples:

June 12th: The American Press Is Destroying Itself. This piece recounts what happens to investigative reporter Lee Fang, formerly of The Intercept thanks to the malevolent lunacy of the Illiberal Left.

Great quote:

The media in the last four years has devolved into a succession of moral manias. We are told the Most Important Thing Ever is happening for days or weeks at a time, until subjects are abruptly dropped and forgotten, but the tone of warlike emergency remains: from James Comey’s firing, to the deification of Robert Mueller, to the Brett Kavanaugh nomination, to the democracy-imperiling threat to intelligence “whistleblowers,” all those interminable months of Ukrainegate hearings (while Covid-19 advanced), to fury at the death wish of lockdown violators, to the sudden reversal on that same issue, etc. It’s been learned in these episodes we may freely misreport reality, so long as the political goal is righteous.

Great quote:

DiAngelo isn’t the first person to make a buck pushing tricked-up pseudo-intellectual horseshit as corporate wisdom, but she might be the first to do it selling Hitlerian race theory. White Fragility has a simple message: there is no such thing as a universal human experience, and we are defined not by our individual personalities or moral choices, but only by our racial category.

I may return to this pieces in one or more upcoming entries. But that's all for now. My next planned entry will be late Wednesday or early Thursday.

OK, as a coda to this entry, which I'm posting Tuesday afternoon, I want to turn to the Covid-19 media pandemic.

The Democratic powers that be are reaching for ever more totalizing control including renewed lockdowns and horseshit "facemask" requirements as a result of the supposedly "catastrophic surge" in positive cases, in particular, in Southern and Western U.S. States (i.e., Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California).

While there is a case surge, the age range and lethality of Covid-19 has fallen dramatically. Regular people understands this and are no longer cowering in fear in their homes as their lives are in ruins, and that the Democratic Party establishment cannot abide. The Democratic Party Covid-19 motto is:

Riots and looting for me, endless lockdown and despair for thee.

Looking at the situation in Florida by age stratification …

This tells a story of widespread asymptomatic or just mildly symptomatic cases in younger people (under 45) with no "engulfment" of the hospital system to include ICUs.

And precisely to that point, here is always spot-on hilarious Ann Coulter …

For a deeper dive on why and how the positive case number has surged in Texas, see this very useful Twitter thread from Alex Berenson.


In any event, the Los Angeles County Department of Health, at the behest of Mayor Eric Garcetti, announced all Pacific coast beaches will be closed for the July 4th weekend to "stop the spread" of Covid-19 -- not to mention the skepticism about this whole media-fueled "panic porn" pandemic. Mayor Garcetti, much like his New York, Chicago, and Minneapolis counterparts, has been denigrating and destroying his city's police force as a way of appeasing the WOKE mobs for his own political ends.

But L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva told Mayor Garcetti to go pound sand up his ass, literally, saying his department won't enforce the order. (Re-click on the address in the URL bar when you see the "Access Denied" page since Fox News dislike links from Google.)


See, this is what happens when Democratic pols destroy civilian law enforcement in order to "harness" the power of the mob -- but then simultaneously try to employ that same law enforcement for their endless Covid-19 terror-mongering lockdowns for purposes of total social control.

Oh, and in the husk of the once-good-and-great city of Minneapolis, the "Defund and Destroy the Police" he/she/it sideshow that makes up the City Council has hired its own protection racket at tax-payer expense due to threats against it. (Again, re-click on the URL bar address in the "Access Denied" page if you want to read it.)

See, that's how it works in the WOKE Warlord Thunderdome.

OK, now I really will end this entry. And given the extreme length and content of this entry, my next posting will not be until at least Thursday night but definitely by July 4th.


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