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A Bit of Commentary on the Culturally Marxist Illiberal Left Vis-à-Vis Tara Reade’s Joe Biden Accusations – Interspersed w/ Some Glover Park Pics Taken on an Unusually Chilly May Saturday -OR- Wacky WOKE W•A•L•N•U•T•s For Trump

Tunlaw Rd at W Place NW, Glover Park, Washington, D.C., 3:48 p.m., May 9, 2020

The outdoor pictures in this entry are those that I took yesterday (Saturday, May 9th) while on a walk with Gary over to and through Glover Park on a route through Montrose and Dumbarton Oaks Parks to Wisconsin Avenue.

Beecher St intersection of Tunlaw Rd NW, Glover Park, Washington, D.C., 4:07 p.m., May 9, 2020


After stopping at Holy Rood, we thence walked through Glover Park on Tunlaw Road to Calvert Street and Wisconsin Avenue, whence we caught an Uber back to my apartment. And, in case you didn't notice, "Tunlaw" is "Walnut" backwards -- a made-up word derived from the whimsically-named "Tunlaw Farm" that once was there with a specific large walnut tree. (Separately, there is a short "Walnut Street" in D.C. over in the Takoma Park area.)

Utility pole with street light at the intersection of Tunlaw Rd and 37th Street NW, Glover Park, Washington, D.C., 
3:53 p.m., May 9, 2020

As an extended street at an angle to the grid, Tunlaw is ready made to be renamed for a U.S. State if the U.S. ever gets reorganized with significantly more than 50 States. (There is already a Puerto Rico Ave but I'm not aware of any thoroughfares named for Guam, American Samoa, or Mariana Islands. More likely, existing States would be divvied up, requiring new names.)

Just so you can see it better, here is an online pictured I found:

For the remainder of the images, I'm not captioning them, although the file names contain place / time info. They were taken either at Holy Rood or while walking along Tunlaw Road in D.C.'s Glover Park neighborhood. Obviously, they are obviously not topically related to the entry. They're also posted in no particular order.


OK, this entry isn't intended to be a weather-themed one, but I would like to note that on Saturday, when I took the pictures in this entry, it was a blustery, gusty, unseasonably cool day for May.

As predicted, it reached only 52°F (a daily record low max temp) after a showery, windy post-frontal passage and morning low of 37°F (not a record low).

It then dropped to 38°F this morning before warming to 65°F -- all as measured at KDCA. Temps weren't much different at the other airports:

KBWI: 34°F (daily record low) / 51°F (daily min max) / 34°F
KIAD: 33°F / 50°F (daily min max) / 33°F

So, we're a bit under six months out from the next and, quite possibly, last recognizable U.S. presidential election. It is occurring in a time pandemic and economic depression while the country is enthralled to Donald Trump, a morally diseased and ethically solipsistic sociopath with a forever fixed 43 percent nationwide approval.

That locked-and-loaded approval is the result of not hard-to-fathom but nevertheless highly self-destructive anger of a once-historically-anomalously-affluent, but now permanently-downwardly-immobile proletariat that, for its part, has made its Jonestown pact with the forces of Dark Money Oligarchy (READ: Mitch McConnell's GOP) of the late-stage American Empire. Except this entry isn't about that intractable issue.

Rather, as noted, we're in a time of pandemic and economic depression exacerbated by a blanket enervating spiritual malaise and ethical sclerosis in which the titular leader of the late-stage American Empire has the following "plan" to get the country he leads out of this situation -- namely, NO PLAN -- except to toilet tweet and crazy-uncle-blather about his "ratings" and other bizarro-world nonsense.

So, naturally, given this truly catastrophic situation at a time when the effective Democratic presidential nominee has cleared the remaining field through the legitimate state-level primary voting process, what better time for the Democratic Party's wacky WOKE left to discover one of its all-purpose sex panics that it will only too eagerly use to blow up the ONLY chance to get out of this nightmare dystopian situation.

That is, no matter the emergency at hand, any allegation of sexual harassment -- no matter how far-fetched, problematic, or decades -- requires the Michel Foucault Culturally Marxist Perpetual Motion Victimhood Machine to spring to gender fluid life in order to "INTERROGATE" its only possible political allies, male Democratic politicians, and "DISMANTLE" these "OPPRESSIVE POWER STRUCTURES," which is to say, blow up their own chances of having any actual "power" over their destiny, much to the glee and delight of the GOP.

I refer to Vladimir Putin-loving, "tic-toc" time strategizing, Bernie Bro bitchin', once enamored-with-Joe-Biden, and let's face it, whack job Tara Reade and her oft-shifting, credulity straining story of how then-Senator Joe Biden, for whom she was a staffer, in 1993 groped her in Trump "grab 'em by the pussy" style.

Say, is it just me or does Tara Reade in 2020 look like a brunette version of Sylvia Fine from the wonderful TV show The Nanny??

Much more vexingly, it's a tale that Ms. Reade DIDN'T tell the story during the ENTIRE eight years that Joe Biden was Vice President of the United States, nor six months ago when the Democratic field had, like, 30 people in it. No. Instead, in that intentionally destructive-to-her-own-political party fashion so common the left, she waited until we were down to a selection of just 1 -- Biden himself -- in order to "find the courage" to "come forward" and "achieve closure" (whatever happened) at the expense of civilization itself. .

The media story itself was "triggered" by advocate journalist, fanatical Bernie Bro and all-around-public nuisance Ryan Grim -- and, in true American cultural wars Yin-and-Yang fashion -- found its initial support in the rightwing media / entertainment / agitprop machine (to include Fox News).

Now, it's embedding itself, coronavirus-like, in the larger nihilistic American media / entertainment ecosystem.

Yes, the story took slightly longer (i.e., a couple of months) than would be usual for this sort of tale, but now the totalitarian-minded and fully WOKE sex police maniacs on media entertainment garbage sites such as Salon, Slate, and Vox -- to say nothing of what is pumped out by the megaton from the obliterated wreckage of "liberal arts" American Higher Education -- with their Handmaid's Tale-like sex-crime-fixations, are fully on board with the Tara Read's steam-rolling garbage truck.

To the state the obvious, it is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT what is "objective" factual reality -- whether 27 years ago or today. And the fact that Ms. Reade was tweeting her admiration of Joe Biden for "speak(ing) truth" about this or that -- as she did in the following tweet just over 3 years ago, well, in WOKE reality, that's just evidence of how much she "internalized" what happened to her 24 years prior to that:

(It appears that "McCabe" is Tara Reade's other surname, possibly because she had other problems from which she was runnin' real fast...)

But in the Quantum Foam Fluid Reality of POST-STRUCTURALIST "Critical Studies," Ms. Reade is entitled to create whatever reality she needs at the moment (yeah, sorta like Trump, but who's keeping track??).

It is in this Michel Foucault post-everything sense that even asking about the "truth" of what actually happened in the reality (!) of this physical universe is itself proof of OPPRESSIVE POWER STRUCTURES that must be INTERROGATED and DISMANTLED with the help of WOKE writers at Salon, Slate, and Vox using the most current, Oberlin QUEER and FAT STUDIES theories.

Now in the interest of completeness, I must point out this Andrew Sullivan piece from May 1st (link embedded): By Biden’s Own Standards, He Is Guilty As Charged.

As the title suggests, the piece sets forth that by the Obama-era standards of college campus sexual harassment response protocols that Biden himself championed (perhaps as "atonement" for the Anita Hill travesty), Biden is guilty by virtue of the accusation itself.

As George Will could see from miles away, those standards have turned college campuses into parodies of Stalinist show trials for idiot frat boys -- he is guilty simply by the claim, truth be damned, because males, especially the white American sort, are simply instrument of oppressive power and therefore, in this Culturally Marxist, indeed, ethically toxic, approach to justice, MUST be subject to "INTERROGATION" and "DISMANTLING."

These standards are properly called the Ezra Klein General Theory of Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Any Male.

For the uninitiated, the Goodly and Greatly WOKE Ezra Klein (pictured left) proposes that any random 19-year old guy have his life destroyed regardless of the veracity of the charges leveled against him in truly Kafkaesque farce of a hearing because this will serve as a "warning" to all others. Or, as Sullivan notes, it's the old adage about not being able to make an omelet without breaking some proverbial eggs.

Those standards have deservedly bitten many colleges in the ass once lawsuits were filed by individuals railroaded out of those schools by whatever accusation of whatever merit. They were also prelude to the #MeToo sex panic, itself only the most recent iteration of America's storied history of puritanical sex panics.

In the case Ms. Reade, the WOKE #MeYouToo Social Justice Warriors INSTANTLY turned her into their next postmodern Joan of Arc with the purpose of "vaporizing" another man they actively dislike (Joe Biden) -- in part as a way of getting vengeance on him for the sin of having interfered with Bernie Sanders' plans to hijack the Democratic Party.

This is why they want Ms. Reade to experience their version of "justice" in order to bring her "closure" in a familiar post-factual media spectacle -- even if it means helping Trump win a second term. In fact, they're actually fine with that because they'd rather than a second Trump term than a Biden presidency.

And with that in mind, I'd like to post this new Bill Maher "New Rules" segment from his Friday night Real Time show, still being filmed from his backyard thanks to the never-ending COVID-19 thing.

If Trump does win reelection -- and, let's face it, it's 50-50 even with pandemic and economic depression -- it will be with the help of the WOKE left faction of the Democratic Party and the adjoining Bernie-or-Bust crowd.

And on that note, I'm going to end this entry, which, just FYI, took absurdly long to compose and complete -- literally over the course of three days in as many different "sittings."


That being the case, my next entry will not be until Tuesday and, quite possibly, Wednesday night.


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