Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Trump's Covfefe Vaccine Craps Out Again as the COVID-19 Outbreak Fans New Heights of Panic; Stock Market Contagion Spreads as Oil Price War Erupts -OR- So Much Winning by Denial

[I'm back-posting this entry by about 24 hours, so I'm discounting any March 10th updates.]

1200 block 21st Street NW, Washington, D.C., 1:46 p.m. March 6, 2020


Late night.

I'm home watching the middle-of-the-night TV dramas, anthologies, and sitcoms (mostly but not entirely middle-to-late 20th Century ones) on Antenna TV, MeTV, and Cozi TV … you know …

… some combination of Designing Women, Murphy Brown, The Carol Burnett Show, Perry Mason, The Twilight Zone, Dear John (I love the theme song), Becker, Wings (hilarious), Will & Grace, The Nanny, Alice, etc., and etc. I'm also doing a single wash/dry load in the laundry room, which should be done soon.

Earlier, I went to the gym after work, although the weight room was too crowded, so I only did my jog and pool swim.

Yours truly with a French bulldog named "Saxby" along the Potomac River in Alexandria, Va., March 7, 2020

Aydin took this picture on our Sunday trek down to Old Town that included lunch at O'Donnell's and a walk up the Mt Vernon bike trail to National Airport.

The picture is a terrible picture of me all around.

First, owing to the angle of sunlight on the top of my head, it suggests that I am bald -- which is hardly the case. Rather, I buzzcut my hair last Friday because it was getting rather bushy, thick, and hard-to-control.

Exacerbating it is the ashen gray color of my hair.

Finally, details aside, I'm just a horribly unphotogenic person.

OK, this entry is meant to be a short update. It's one in which I'm not delving into any new news about the coronavirus global situation such as the Italian government's decision to put in "quarantine" the entire country of Italy.

Italy presently has nearly 9,200 active cases and has had almost 500 deaths.

Nor do I want to get into any commentary on Trump's ongoing, grotesque, solipsistic response to the situation, which mostly consists of the following …

Denying there is any problem, blaming COVID-19 panic on the media or Democrats, viewing it all as a conspiracy against him, and employing his usual arsenal of social media and campaign rally bullying, name-calling, and threats ... All of which exist in the Trumpian reality in which there is no past or future, just the moment of now in which that reality is whatever he thinks he needs it to be …

… just in order to "win" against whatever forces are arrayed against him whether individuals or events, especially ones that set him off such as a plunging stock market. This is the basis of the continuous and pathological lying. On this topic, Washington Post op-ed writer Catherine Rampell stated it well in this piece:

"The most important lesson Trump learned from both his business days and his political career is that there are no consequences. Ever. For anything. He can lie. He can cheat. He can move goal posts. He can break his promises about deficits or who will pay for the wall. He can reneg on international trade deals or private contracts for chandeliers."

In this coronavirus situation, though, this approach isn't working as well. Indeed, while the most Trump crazed, fanatical, and loony will stick with their deranged messiah, the overall situation is bad enough to erode his approval rating from its seemingly intractable 42 to 43 percent -- a number high enough to tread another Electoral College needle to victory with the help of the joint forces of Russian social media and Fox News information warfare -- to its hideous bedrock of about 35 percent -- a number not high enough to do that.

Online Washington Post homepage headlines, 4:19 p.m. March 9, 2020


However, I will mention the massive stock market drop on Monday, March 10th, 2020, as a result of the oil price collapse, itself somewhat tied into the coronavirus situation.

The 2013.76 point or 7.79% drop to 23,851.02 on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) was the largest daily point loss -- coming after four of the largest daily point moves in the past two weeks, 3 down and 1 up -- and the 11th largest daily percent drop ever.

For its part, the Nasdaq dropped a record point loss of 624.94 or 7.29% to 7,950.68, its 10th largest daily percent drop.

Oil prices fell up to 30% at one point and closed down 22% at $35.45. It was the largest fall since the start of the Gulf War in 1991. It happened because Saudi Arabia got into a price war in Russia -- a war it will win, even in 2020, every time. Or as trader Dan Dicker analogized his New York accent in an interview with Chris Hayes -- using Russia and Saudi Arabia as two sleazy oilmen whose price collusion deal just broke down:

Saudi Arabia: "Ohhhh, YOU want a PRICE WAR. Well, here, HOLD MY BEER, and let me show you how it's done!"

Even ultra-PC-woke, self-righteously unctuous, and all-around-ass-wipe annoying Chris Hayes thought it was funny.

Online New York Times homepage headlines, 4:22 p.m. March 9, 2020


Top 9 largest one-day price drops by percentage for West Texas Intermediate (WTI) oil since NYMEX trading for this commodity started in 1983.


Changing subjects …

The weather this Monday was sunny and warm with highs in the mid-70s Fahrenheit to include 74F at KDCA and 75F at KBWI, KIAD, and even KDMH.

The daily record high for both KBWI and KIAD was set four years ago at 82F.

KDCA's record was 80F set in 1964 -- and looking at this blog entry, it looks like KDCA only reached 79F that day.

Looking back then, I see that I was foolishly happy that Trump was winning the Republican primaries because I stupidly thought Hillary would beat him.

Spot on pair of Paul Krugman tweets, March 9, 2020


Little did I count on a Perfect Storm of disastrous shit, malevolence, crazed Hillary hatred from both the Trumpanzees and the Bernie cult, Russian government information warfare through the sickness of social media ("ratf/cking," to quote Charles Pierce), the Slave State institution of the Electoral College, possible local vote hacking, and on and on and on would give us this cartoon version of a dystopian reality.

Well, I now know.

About the ongoing Democratic primaries, hopefully, Biden will beat Sanders enough in the Michigan on Tuesday to end the latter's campaign. Sanders's unexpected victory there in 2016 (presaging Trump's victory over Hillary there) helped him keep the contest going … So a loss there would be cosmically appropriate.

OK, that's all for now.


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