Thursday, February 6, 2020

This Week's Trump EF-5 Political Tornado Now Over, the Sick, Sociopathic, Solipsistic, Syphilitic Gangster Begins Strutting and Dominance Phase; Plus, Stormy February Day Weather Update

**Entry updated 6:33 p.m. Feb 6, 2020: See below.**

This has been a bad week for posting -- both schedule-wise for me personally and due to the tornado of Trump-centered political news, all bad-to-outright disgusting to include …

… the systemic Iowa caucuses technical and operational glitches that delayed and possibly corrupted the results -- and exacerbated by Trump trolls waging information warfare on the phone lines …

… the disgraceful State of the Union address that was vintage Trump game show garbage in that it featured dear leader bestowing gifts on the grateful chosen ones …

… to include giving lifelong Nazi gasbag Rush Limbaugh, now afflicted with "advanced" lung cancer he brought on himself by chomping on filthy cigars all his life, the Presidential medal of freedom …

… culminating with Speaker Pelosi spectacularly ripping up a copy of the speech …

… and, finally, his acquittal in the Senate GOP-run impeachment sham trial (with the notable exception of Mitt Romney).

Now we're in Phase Four of the sideshow.

That's the phase in which Trump and his equally grotesque supporters can do the only this empty, bloated, amoral piece of shit with the ethics of a maggot can do:

Running around in his repulsive, reptilian form, barking, yowling, tweeting, hurling puerile insults, lying in his sociopathic and antisocial personality disordered, neurologically degenerative state, and just all-around flinging his monkey excrement about how "he won" and his enemies "lost."

This is what Trump is: A subhuman, syphilitic, solipsistic, sociopathic fake billionaire and TV show (as opposed to a real) gangster who exists only in dominance relation to others.

In this way, he is ideally suited to the post-modern television values of an American Red State adolescent male and that clown's idea of what a rich and powerful person is "really" like.

Look, when Trump is gone -- whether in five years or, set by the upper bound of his own decaying physical existence, 20 years -- the only thing that will remain are what came out of the hole in Mitch McConnell's sagging, old ass, namely, the pile of steaming Federalist Society federal judge shit that would have been here anyway regardless of which Republican won in 2016.

In this way, Mitch McConnell and Trump really are the complementary poles of the GOP dark star -- both amoral pieces of shit, but one a degenerate reality TV show gorgon and the other the actual instrument of satanic power in the physical universe.

As for the strutting and displays of dominance, this is what the GOP always does -- and Dems allow it to happen while the media luxuriate in it. This has been a staple of American political life for the past 40 years. Trump is just the most intentionally offensive version of it because his existence IS a Snidely Whiplash parody to the Democrats Dudley Do-Right in a nonstop performance cruelty theatre.

Oh, and of course, there's the calls for revenge and "making people pay" -- and done at the bogus "prayer breakfast" for fascistic, racist fundies. What a piece of shit. And all his supporters should be tied to freight train tracks -- metaphorically speaking …

One last thought:

There is a special place in hell, though, for those vindictive Republican female Senators -- Ernst, McSally, Blackburn the Bitch, Collins, and (on a somewhat higher-up circle) Murkowski -- for siding with Trump. Theirs is a purposeful feminine perversion of what is good and right that goes beyond the predictable grotesqueries of their octogenarian male Neo-Confederate colleagues from Alabama, Oklahoma, Mississippi, rest of Dixie.


Updated 6:33 p.m. Feb 6, 2020

Just to emphasize the point of Trump's bilious criminal insanity …

… Following his "morning prayer breakfast" spasm of hate, he gave this stunning performance at the White House among his gaggle of worshipful Republican pols that was bizarre even by Trumpian standards:

From Vox: Threats, misogyny, hypocrisy — Trump’s bonkers post-impeachment speech had a little of everything.

Yes, children, we're at the point of Trump Unbounded now -- that's the only "lesson" he learned -- and the GOP cult around him is steady and strong enough to create a perfect fecal storm to include a wholly neutered legislative branch, a completely co-opted legal branch, and an executive branch ready, willing, and quite able to persecute Trump's endless list of enemies.

God help us all.

End of Update.


Turning to the weather …

NWS U.S. weather advisories updated 1741 UTC 06 February 2020


Today is a chilly, gloomy, rainy day with the D.C. and Baltimore areas under a flood watch as a vigorous, complex storm system rides up the Appalachians into piedmont, intensifying into a single low that should pass nearly overhead here in D.C., dragging a cold front and then post-frontal trough through the region.

NWS high-resolution surface weather map for portion of the eastern U.S., valid 15Z 06 Feb 2020


Per the Sterling (LWX) area forecast discussion:

Low pressure will track west of the Appalachians today and the warm front will approach our area from the south and west. Another low pressure system will develop over the southeast CONUS today and that will track through our area tonight before moving off to the northeast and intensifying for Friday.

NWS/WPC/NDFD U.S. surface weather map forecast looped 18Z 06 Feb to 12Z 08 Feb 2020 showing fronts, precipitation type, and likelihood


Baltimore/Washington NWS (LWX) county warning area (CWA) weather advisories updated 12:01 p.m. EST
Feb 6, 2020


Continued: The surface low will start to shirt northeastward to our south with the frontal boundary remaining over central Virginia. The lift along this boundary will be intensified by a strong upper level jet stretched along the eastern seaboard. The strongest lift will be located over the southern parts of Virginia and down into the Carolinas.

Per that fact, there are severe thunderstorm warnings and even tornado warnings in effect across portions of the southern Appalachians this afternoon while here in D.C., there is a flood watch in effect for forecasted rainfall totals of 2 to 3 inches across the area.

Greenburg-Spartanburg NWS (GSP) CWA advisories updated 12:00 p.m. EST Feb 6, 2020


Temperatures this afternoon are about 42F here -- and forecasted to rise a bit as the low passes. In short, it will be way too warm for any snow in the coastal / lowland areas. Indeed, this winter is probably not going to see any additional snowfall.

Some radar mosaic imagery:

NECONUS composite radar mosaic looped 1618 - 1728 UTC 06 Feb 2020


SECONUS composite radar mosaic looped 1618 - 1728 UTC 06 Feb 2020


OK, that's all for now. Tonight is a gym night. I will try to post another entry later tonight but it is difficult sometimes to do so at such a late hour.


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