Wednesday, February 12, 2020

February Feeling Sick as the Proverbial Dog, But Not in Scary Corona Way -OR- Primary Purpose (UPDATED: Significant New Content, Still ILL)

**Updated 10:52 p.m. Feb 12, 2020: See bottom of entry.**

Wednesday late morning.

I'm not feeling at all well. I have some sort of head cold or maybe even a respiratory issue. It's not a full-blown flu in that I am waylaid but my head is so cloudy.

At night, I even have had chills followed by being overheated -- and back. (Yes, I still have my electric box fan on at night.)

Whatever this malady started on Monday night before I went to the gym, although I got in a nearly full workout ending with a swim.

But then I felt like crap coming home and could barely walk while doing my late night laundry. Yesterday morning, I likewise felt awful, but I still went into work -- maybe I shouldn't do that, especially if this malady turns out to be coronavirus or something ghastly like that -- and felt much better by the end of the day. Indeed, I thought I was nearly fully recovered.

But now I'm back to feeling like crap to include a dry cough, some congestion, and just achy. I guess I am sick. 

On a serious note, that coronavirus situation in China is scary with nearly 45,000 confirmed cases and still rising quickly … 1,100 deaths and rising with the actual tally in China unknown … uncertainty about the actual mortality rate of the disease … and much of China itself shut down … not to mention all those thousands of people trapped seemingly forever on quarantined factory-like cruise ships. I don't think I could remain in a de facto dying prison on a ship anchored in a harbor for weeks.

OK, seriously, I'm fairly certain I don't have COVID-19.

My plan today is to come home after work (neither gym nor any stopping at some overpriced restaurant bar) and post a thematic entry while watching my late night old TV shows.

Not, it's not going to be a political-themed entry …

But since I mentioned that topic, let me just say how fed up am I with how Trump the Con Man is trying to create the GOP sense of infinite strength and inevitability.

In fact, MSNBC's Chris Hayes had a really effective monologue about this very topic that he gave before a New Hampshire primary voter audience on his show on Monday night. Here is the YouTube version of it:

As for the New Hampshire Democratic Primary yesterday, at least the state pulled off a successful vote unlike the debacle in Iowa last week -- and with no app crashes or 4chan troll information warfare.

Vote tally from the New York Times with 95% of the precincts reporting


Dyspeptic Bernie Sanders won, narrowly, in a crowded field with 25.7% of the popular vote to Pete Buttigieg's 24.4% while Amy Klobuchar came in with 19.8%. Elizabeth Warren's 9.2% is looking bad for her prospects while Joe Biden has basically crashed and burned -- getting just 8.4% of the vote.

Mike Bloomberg was not in this race but he will be in the Super Tuesday contests on March 3rd.

Honestly, I'm genuinely torn as to whether Bernie Sanders -- with a following as animated and cult-like as Trump's -- would be an ideal candidate to crank up the millennial vote to near Baby Boomer levels or if, per James Carville, doing so would be suicide and Mike Bloomberg is the answer.

Deranged Russian asset Tulsi Gabbard managed to get 3.2% of the total.

That corresponds to nearly 9,500 actual votes. And her final total will probably end up near 10,000. Imagine that. What kind of self-destructive dolt would vote for her??

Honestly, today's headlines notwithstanding, the outcome doesn't really clarify much.

You can interpret it as a big Sanders' win or a mediocre performance in a crowded field compared to his 2016 stunner against Hillary Clinton -- everybody's favorite closet lesbian Beelzebub from the online Bernie Bros to the CNN studios to the Newsmax sewer.

The entire complex is baffled …

I refer to the American domestic political / media / entertainment commercial complex and its inability to grasp the fact that there will never be another HRC election race.

After having defeated her and having her just go away -- the entire idiotic hydra is beside itself and constantly looking for the next Hillary.

Trump has been busy trying to sabotage the race while carrying out his cartoon version of a post-impeachment acquittal purge. Trump is basically a USA Network movie version of a mob boss. But his sick cult of 35 to 40% of the electorate -- placed in geographically strategic areas -- is still with him lock, stock, and barrel.

Lastly, turning to the weather, it's a variably cloudy, chilly but hardly cold for mid-February -- temps around 42F -- with another batch of rain in the forecast.

The month is still well above normal temp-wise this non-existent winter in the eastern U.S.

OK, that's all for now.


UPDATED 10:52 p.m. Feb 12, 2020

OK, so I'm home tonight. I'm watching my late night TV shows -- flipping between Antenna, Cozi, and Me TV channels.

I still feel fatigued, hoarse, congested, headachy, body achy, with a dry yet phlegmy cough, and all-around worn out -- not to mention old, short, and fat. Oh, and I'm alternating between being too warm and too cold. Right now, I have the window a/c on -- rickety, creaky whistling, and blowing out chilled air.

Weather-wise, it's (for the mid-winter time of year) mild, showery, night with temps around 42F.

I've had almost appetite today. Just now, I walked over to Sette Osteria on Connecticut Avenue for some dinner at the bar. In the end, I could hardly eat anything -- but I took the rest back home.

There are two large TVs above the small bar. On this night, one tuned to Anderson Cooper 360° on CNN where there was the usual vendible hysteria about Trump's latest willfully offensive and rule-of-law destroying horseshit, namely, the whole stupid Roger Stone case.

Naturally, it featured Jeffrey Toobin on one side and fucking Alan Dershowitz on the other with Anderson Cooper sitting there, Buddha Zen-like, in the middle because, well, it always does.

CNN screenshot, Jan 20, 2020

God, Dershowitz is fucking media parasite -- and CNN forever enables him in the Trump era.

On the other TV was some Spanish-language soccer (football) game on one of those impossibly large fields with those impossibly fit and attractive men all color-coded to the rules of the game.

Compare them to the bloated, rotting, diarrheal ass-wipe of Donald Trump and his many, many GOP and media enablers. Christ, just look at him: You really have to be a sick puppy and in a bad place in the Cosmos to see this grotesque Mussolini wannabe as your savior.

OK, enough of that.

I'm about Nyquil myself with a shooter or two of Nyquil Severe VapoCOOL -- and I anticipate going to sleep with some weird-ass dreams (even more so than I usually have).

I just hope I don't wake up feeling as crappy as I have the past two days.

I'll try to compose a new entry, but it's unlikely I'll post anything until tomorrow or even Friday.

End of Update and of Entry.


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