Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The GOP Controlling Trump's War Parade, Dumb Americans Extolling the Charade

Above: That's Man Controlling Trade at the FTC headquarters (one of two similarly themed, vaguely homoerotic equestrian statues) down by the Mall. Below: Well, that's Chump Marrying Blimp (nee, the Big Y'Eyemah).

Just LOOK at her: She's BIGTIME KEEN on fat, failure, passivity, and self-righteousness -- not to mention falling plaster powder in the living room and roach feces on the kitchen window sill. As for Chump, a.k.a., LoseTurd, he's just a no-where loser. They exist and fail to "flourish" in the suburban barrio ghetto of life.

Meanwhile, this is Fred Hiatt's Washington Consensus Controlling (and Ruining) Everything.

I'm going to avoid, well, limit in this entry, any commentary on the increasingly likely asymmetric war between the U.S. and Iran thanks to the Syphilitic Lawless Gangster's Jacksonian-like pugilistic but totally braindead stupid actions last week.

With Trump, you can see the "swamp" in his cheeks and coming out of his ass.

OF COURSE, Trump's reckless actions are DESIGNED to start a war with Iran in order to help keep the sprawling Trump criminal enterprise in power. And, OF COURSE, the strategy will work because over half the American population are ignorant monkeys. And, OF COURSE, Lindsey Gay Graham (R - Gay) is titillated at the prospect of Another War. God, he's an ethically worthless pussy …

Haha … (Source here)

God, I wish the South would just break away, or maybe California and the Northeast. Anything to break up the United States in its current, obscene form.

As for the grotesquery of the titular "U.S. President" Donald J. Trump, a.k.a., the Vulgar Talking Yam, to reiterate…

… this degenerate, solipsistic clown most likely is now convinced that a war with Iran will help him win reelection -- as if a vestigial Slave State Electoral College victory (even with a popular vote loss of 5 to 7 million) wasn't already in the offing to help him win since, well, God Himself has PROUDLY set up a deranged Universe that gives Trump everything.

My only hope, such as it remains, is that the Great Nancy Pelosi holds off on sending those impeachment charges into Mitch "The Bitch" McConnell's rigged Senate farce.

And if McConnell gets that rigged farce of a trial, in whatever fashion, I really hope Chuck Schumer -- or at least most Senate Dems -- would boycott the farce.

Yet I realize that Schumer himself is unlikely to do that because he is a creature of the Beltway Mandarin class and dutifully obeys its Rules of Yesteryear Comity to include pleasing the Washington Post editorial board and Chuck Todd.

Put another way, fuck Mitch McConnell and all his rigged games. He's a modern day John C. Calhoun. With his cutesy nickname of "The Grim Reaper," McConnell is only too happy to agree with this assessment -- precisely because he IS an amoral piece of shit.

He's nothing more than a modern-day John C. Calhoun …

… and the sooner he shoves off, the better off will be our civilization and planet.

In the meantime, the trick is to out-maneuver him in his own game by whatever means necessary to include torching the entire culture of "the Senate" -- turning into the Taiwanese parliament, as necessary. Of course Senate Dems even in 2020 are simply morally and intellectually unequipped to undertake this path because they are still unable to comprehend the extent to which the GOP has become a deranged cult that can only be met with maximal opposition for the sake of, well, everyone and everything good existing on this planet.

Oh, and also, fuck Susan Collins. She's the bitch worst of the bitch worst.

Quoting the Great Charles Pierce: There is no deader horse to beat in the gutters of Blogistan than Susan Collins’s endless fandango with her amazingly malleable political conscience. Entire generations, it seems, have been born and gone to dust in the time it takes for Collins to make up her mind and come to the usually inevitable conclusion that she’s a Republican and, therefore, crazy.

If Collins were a weathervane, she’d spin so fast that the entire roof of the barn would come off and sail away across the landscape.

OK, that ends this entry. Good night.


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