Tuesday, January 28, 2020

After 15 Foul Years, the First Several Days Later

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse shines its beacon beneath a boundless, starry night sky


So, I wrote most of this entry on Monday night but I didn't post it until Tuesday night. I was going to go to the gym tonight, but I had to stay late at work to finish something.

I walked home from Farragut West Metro, stopping briefly at that weird Russian place, Mari Vanna (yes, that's its name) and Lucky Bar. Now I'm home and watching my late night TV shows on MeTV and Antenna TV while posting this.

OK, my entry from last night follows (finally completed) …

Florida Ave near R St NW, Washington, D.C., 4:09 p.m. January 26, 2020

The pictures in this entry are from Sunday -- mostly taken while I was walking over to Fred & Doug's for our Sunday night little dinner soiree, although I stopped at my old apartment first to do some cleaning.


Late night entry in my new apartment -- the first during the regular workweek following my weekend move.

This is just a short posting -- nothing political, no other news … including the big story of Kobe Bryant's death in a helicopter crash with one of his daughters and seven other people or that Chinese coronavirus story … and nothing in-depth weather-wise.

I'm home after going to the gym earlier tonight and watching my old TV shows (on MeTV, Antenna TV, and/or Cozi TV) as I compose this entry (and, obviously, I have internet, too, back with RCN).

View of the intersection of S and 19th Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 4:18 p.m. January 26, 2020

The ornate-looking corner house is 1836 S Street NW.


I just want to note that I'm so much -- indeed, vastly -- happier here.

But I can't believe I spent 15 years in that other damn building. The whole period there started in a deeply traumatic time, segued into that Japanese turkey farm period, deteriorated into the 1099 hell, and then emerged into my present federal contractor period … but taking years to climb up into something that feels good and solid.

In the meantime, I stayed in that goddamn ugly and unpleasant building through three units -- and all the garbage that ensued in that disgusting, chaotic, drug-infested, homeless-packed, crime-ridden, violence-prone U Street corridor. Strange how one can get trapped in circumstances, esp. when it involves a good rent deal in a city such as this one.

As for my previous apartment, the legal / quasi-legal issues seem to be shaping up favorably -- courtesy my attorney and a seemingly non-vindictive previous property management company. I don't think the latter is going to try to get me to pay any February rent -- which I would fight.

No, I don't have a lot of stuff in my new apartment because I didn't have a lot of stuff in my old one. The carpet and a/c came with the place.


That's because I'm not going to be the subject of what was effectively going to be a mandatory "quit" in a cure-or-quit letter (which, yes, I understand why), hightail it out well inside the 30-day period, vacate the apartment in a sound and clean condition, and then pay them rent for all or even part of that February.

Second view of S and 19th Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 4:18 p.m. January 26, 2020


I haven't quite turned in the keys yet, but I'll do that once the agreement is signed by all.

All that aside, I'm moved now -- and onto yet another (my third) New England state-named thoroughfare here in D.C. -- and in a much better place.

Things are good … I think … To be clear, I'm always reluctant to put that in writing because even as a fallen Catholic, I know full well that God pays attention to that kind of sentiment and doesn't like it …

Third and final view of S and 19th Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 4:18 p.m. January 26, 2020


The only downside is that I am basically as heavy as I've ever been -- a semi-dwarf short, pudgy man -- and I feel put out and annoyed by it because it occurred in the context of 7-1/2 years of going to the gym regularly. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know … What's more, in the end, you can only fight against metabolism, genetics, body morphology, time, age, and destiny so much.

Intersection of S and 18th Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 4:20 p.m. January 26, 2020


I'm now 50 years old, and, well, that's life and the ship of youth as sailed. I'm not going to kill myself just to look pathetically bony (because that's what would happen rather than looking all trim and athletic).

Actually, speaking of the gym, as alluded to already, I went there tonight -- straight from work, taking the Metro to U Street / Cardozo. I then went grocery shopping at the Yes! market that I've been going to for several years -- only to walk all the way back here with gym bag and grocery bag.

1800 block New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 4:26 p.m. January 26, 2020

That's that tree -- either a swamp white oak or a swamp chestnut oak -- that I've talked about in previous entries, most noteworthy, here and here.


I'm going to try to go again tomorrow night, but this time do weightlifting rather than a jog. Ideally, I would continue to go twice a week.

So, January is coming to an end -- and it is shaping up to be about +6.7F above normal and with virtually no snow. (KDCA's seasonal total is still a silly 0.6 inches with no snow in the offing.)

Precipitation (rain)-wise, though, we're about average, which is good for going into the spring.

I'll post the January numbers when they're finalized (i.e., at the start of February).

Mid-Atlantic region snowfall total for winter 2019 - 2020 through Jan 28th; source: Ian Livingston / CWG entry.


The Darlington House ground-level bar, Washington, D.C., 10:19 p.m. January 26, 2020

There's a fancy restaurant upstairs. The bar part is one of two different places I went this weekend, Magnolia Bar & Kitchen being the other (the bar part).


OK, signing off for now.

-- Regulus

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