Saturday, December 14, 2019

Saturday Evening Post for December 14th, 2019: Another Political-Themed Entry Because, Well, What Else Is There In the Time of Trump??

Front façade of the Washington National Cathedral, Washington, D.C., November 16, 2019

This is one of the pictures I took on a Saturday walk last month but never posted.


Saturday late afternoon / gloomy early evening. This posting is intended to have a new lead entry.

While I would like to go off into a lengthy political-themed diatribe -- because, well, what else is there to talk about in this diseased Time of Trump and the authoritarian GOP cult around that syphilitic, lawless gangster?? -- I will limit it to a few select items.

First of all, above is an interview of former Rep. Barney Frank on Hardball with the inestimable Chris Matthews along with Washington Post Deputy Editorial Page Editor Ruth "Mother" Marcus. (I love watching Chris Matthews' show -- typically, when I'm on the treadmill at the gym.)

The topic is the upcoming Senate impeachment trial for Trump, and the launching point is the interview given by that amoral POS Mitch McConnell on Hannity's Fox (Trump TV) show in which McConnell promised "total coordination" between the full Senate Republican caucus and the Trump White House -- i.e., promised a full-on sham trial designed to fail to convict Trump for his Ukraine extortion racket.

In point of fact, as Frank noted, there are several Republican Senators up for reelection next year who, while being beholden to the degenerate, mindless, self-destructive, rabid animal-like Republican base voter in low population interior and Southern Red States, are also in tough reelection races and have to answer to a larger constituency.

This is why the bull frog-faced, sclerotic Mitch is rigging the process to make it a quick, drive-by horseshit farce -- and in a way, as Ed Kilgore points out, that allows Trump to believe it was his own stable genius idea. Trump is toxically malevolent, but he's also such a stupid asshole that this strategy will easily work.

Honestly, at his point, it would almost be preferably for the Dems to recapture the Senate and let Trump keep the presidency than to have a bitterly contested Democratic victory and a Senate still under the diseased hoof of Mitch the Amoral Bitch McConnell -- with all that this means.

Trump has been fixated, of course, on the impeachment in his usual solipsistic way -- tweeting / retweeting 123 times on Thursday, according to this article in the nihilistic political rag The Hill, and surpassing the 105 record a few days earlier. He's still nutso trying to identify and get revenge on "the Whistleblower." What a sick, germophobic-and-toilet-obsessed, sagging, rotting, Bronx Colors foundation makeup-dripping cretin.

Of note, Trump's approval / disapproval rating has basically flatlined, i.e., is fixed, no longer moving up or down in any meaningful way. That is, it is wholly impervious to any facts or evidence, which says something about the ignorance of a large swath of the dumbass American electorate. But even with it 11 points underwater in the 538 average, he could easily thread an Electoral College victory next year -- while losing the popular vote by 5 to 8 million -- especially if Warren or Sanders is the nominee.

UK parliamentary election results. For a closeup, interactive map, see here.

Changing subjects (sort of), I'd like to link to two Daily Intelligencer website pieces -- one by Andrew Sullivan and the other by Jonathan Chait -- discussing the implications of Boris Johnson's big win on Thursday in the nationwide parliamentary elections that he called as a referendum on completing Brexit (see map and link above).

The Labour Party was trounced in a Tory wave -- losing 59 constituencies (seats) while the Conservatives (Tories) picked up 47 -- and why Jeremy Corbyn is still the head of it is anybody's guess.

Sullivan and Chait talk about what it implies for the U.S. 2020 Presidential elections and virulent but here-to-stay phenomenon of Trumpism. Because it would be difficult to excerpt them right now, I'm just posting the links:

Andrew Sullivan: Boris Johnson Is Showing U.S. Politicians How to Win

Jonathan Chait: American Leftists Believed Corbyn’s Inevitable Victory Would Be Their Model

The sub-headline to the Sullivan piece on his meta-index page is: His distinctive political model has elements of Trumpism — but Trump is too dysfunctional to replicate it. Democrats can though.

On a related note, just before the election, Sullivan had this Boris Johnson deep-dive piece on Dec 6th: The Blundering Brilliance of Boris Johnson.

One upfront takeaway from the piece: Donald Trump is no Boris Johnson -- not even close. Of course, that's not stopping all the shit-flinging Trumpanzees from yowling about how this is proof-positive that the Trumpian 1,000-year reign is here.

Having said all of this, there is the matter of Scotland and what I suspect will be a second -- and this-time-successful -- independence referendum. The Scottish National Party picked up 13 constituencies and holds 48 of Scotland's 59 such seats.

Maybe both the UK and the U.S. are en-route to a breakup -- each into more than one country. Might be better that way.

Mirabelle restaurant, Washington, D.C., 8:07 p.m. December 10, 2019

I suspect this was some shitty corporate law firm holiday dinner party. The big-money employers have their parties before Christmas, the smaller-money ones in January.


OK, I need to wrap up this entry. I am going to a "white elephant" holiday party tonight in Arlington -- at Jake and Matt's apartment in Ballston. (I still need to buy something. The price limit is set at $20.) For that reason, I won't be posting any additional entries tonight.

For tomorrow, I'm meeting my mom to have lunch. I bought her a birthday and Christmas present (since the former is quite close to the latter).

My next planned entry will be late Monday.


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