Sunday, December 29, 2019

A Saturday Night Delayed to Sunday Afternoon Entry Here in The Land of the Non-Foudroyant -OR- Some Random Gary Conway Thoughts

The annual total solar eclipse of December 26, 2019 seen through translucent clouds in Singapore; see CWG entry with additional photos here.


OK, I didn't actually post this entry until Sunday mid-morning. By way of explanation, it was Saturday 7 p.m. when I started this entry.

Part of the reason for this is delay is because I broke off a weather-related section into a standalone entry that is available here.

The other part is simply that I was busy …

… making dinner and doing laundry even while watching my usual MeTV Saturday night / Sunday wee hours lineup of old TV shows. About that lineup …

The Wonder Woman episode "Séance of Terror" at 7 p.m. was an especially stupid one.

The Svengoolie-hosted monster movie The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms was enjoyable -- and Sven's interlude song was hilarious.

The Star Trek: TOS episode "A Private Little War" shown at 10 p.m. is probably the worst one in the entire original series franchise -- and Kirk himself embraces a destructive balance of power ideology until the very end.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century episode at 11 p.m. was "The Crystals" -- I've no particular comment on it.

The Invaders episode at midnight was "Counter-Attack" was as weird as any episode of that bizarre, dark sci-fi show.

The Lost in Space episode "One of Our Dogs is Missing" at 1 a.m. made even less sense than a typical episode.

As for the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea episode "Secret of the Deep," at 2 a.m., I didn't even pay attention to it as I was doing laundry. And damned if I could make any sense out of that sea creature that plays a bit role in it (see above image).

Finally, as I write this, at 3 a.m. is the Land of the Giants episode "Framed" (yes, MeTV has cycled back to season 1).

It's interesting how Gary Conway -- who played Captain Steve Burton -- could be both so attractive and comically over-earnest. You can read about the show's premise here.

About Gary Conway, now 83, it appears, he's still bebopping along running his winery with his wife.

Conway and his wife, Marian McKnight -- Miss America 1957 title winner -- run the Carmody - McKnight winery in Paso Robles, Calif. The first part of the name references Conway's original name -- Gareth Carmody. He's been married to Marian since 1958.

A picture of Gary Conway and his 1957 titled Miss America wife, Marian McKnight, with their then-toddler son, Gareth, taken probably circa 1961.

They also have a daughter named Kathleen.

What a pretty couple. Today, they'd have their own reality TV show.


I've mentioned this in a previous entry but I'll refer to it again here: Conway was originally a model to include posing in the very homoerotic "men's fitness" Physique Pictorial magazine back in the mid-to-late 1950s when he was 18 to 24 years old. His acting career highlight was Land of the Giants, although he did other work, too to include Burke's Law.

Conway also has done the science fiction convention ("con") circuit over the years, although at this point, he's quite elderly and all of his Land of the Giants castmates are gone save Stephen Arngrim.

I couldn't find out anything about Conway's son, Gareth, although this guy might be his son.


OK, I'm going to cut this entry short (delaying inclusions of a fair amount of material until another entry) since it is already Sunday early afternoon and I'll never out of this apartment if I don't.

About that, I have no plans for today -- and, besides, anything that I do involving leaving the goddamn apartment will INVARIABLY end up being costly, lousy, and conflict-filled because everything I do turns to shit.

Looking ahead, I'm not going back to the gym until after next week (i.e., Jan 6th). I also have a lot of work to finish (three reports) next week -- even with the New Years holiday.

It's raining today. Good.


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