Thursday, December 26, 2019

A Happy Christmas Entry, 2 of 2: A Trio of Joyful Yuletide Vignettes (Meant to be Counterpoints to the Current Constant Craptacular)

In keeping with my previous posting, this is my second happy Christmas entry -- and, yes, I realize that the previous one was a bit problematic for a straightforward happy Christmas one.

Well, this entry is a straightforward happy Christmas one -- featuring a trio of individual stories.

First up, from the Boston Globe:

Christmas baby delivered a week early at Bridgewater retirement community

Welcome to the world, Baby Wesley.

A baby boy was delivered in a most unlikely spot Christmas morning: a Bridgewater retirement community.

The baby, named Wesley, was born at 6:45 a.m. at High Pond Estates, a retirement community on Pond Street, said Bridgewater Fire Lieutenant James Leurini. The baby was delivered before firefighters arrived.

“A very special Christmas present came early this morning for one family,” Bridgewater Firefighters Local 2611 said in a Facebook post. “Baby Wesley’s due date was New Year’s Eve but he surprised his family, weighing 7 pounds and 20 inches long. Happy to report baby, mother, and family are doing great.”

Firefighters took the mother and baby to Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Plymouth, Leurini said.

The Facebook posting adds that the birth occurred at a residence of Fernwood Circle in the High Pond Estates retirement community in Bridgewater, Mass. I assume this means Wesley was born at his grandparents' home.


Next, per the Good News Network (!), the headline here says it all (link embedded):

The story takes place here in the United States (specifically, Nebraska) but the article comes to "GGN" via South West News Service (SWNS), a British outfit -- hence the British English spelling and grammar of the article.

Above is the 1min 26sec YouTube video.

It's actually hard to watch because it is so poignant, the human emotion so raw, to wit …

… the cries of the young man's terminally ill mother, Debora Hendry, upon seeing her son, Jacob Hendry, on Christmas Eve. Mrs. Hendry has lung cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. Her son is in school in California and rarely makes it home for this holiday. Jacob is one of six children -- but the only one living so far from Fremont, Neb.

To be clear, this reunion was a year ago -- i.e., Christmas Eve 2018 -- but as the article explains, the good news is that Mrs. Hendry is in remission and doing well -- and Jacob was able to visit again this Christmas.

The Hendry family: The parents and six grown children.

(There are also numerous grandchildren -- most likely, through some or all of the five daughters.)

My guess is that this picture was taken this year -- Mrs. Hendry is looking much better and Jacob's red beard looking a lot thicker.

Suffice it to say, I don't think ANY of my 51 Christmases to date have been quite like this one, but whatever.


And we'll end with one more GGN story (link embedded) …

Liam Beach was able to get all 17 of his dachshund dogs -- Buster, Daisy, Ziggy, Wallie, Zac, Bonnie, Saffie, Duke, Diamond, Ruby, Kizzy, Sammy, Kansy, Kiki, Lottie, Benji, and Dudley -- into Christmas sweater vests and pose on the stairs in his house in Rhondda, Wales. Why he has 17 dachshunds is another matter that we'll leave unexplored in this entry. Mr. Beach's Instagram page is here.

And with that, I shall end this entry as we bid Christmas 2019 farewell.


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