Monday, November 25, 2019

This November of Crummy Remember: On the Eve of a Certain 50-50 Milestone

Fall day in Southwest Washington, D.C., Nov 24, 2019; photo by Flickr user chasingmailboxes and reposted in this CWG entry.


So, I suppose I will continue to post entries after all. It's just that I've been a terrible mood of late due to a confluence of events including my impending milestone birthday and everything that is wrong in the Trump era.

Although yesterday (Sunday) was a nice day with Chester, it ended on one of those periodic, indeed, episodic disastrous notes that I have at this or that bar. 

I think this brings the total no-go list to 7. 

Good. And, no, I'm not going to say where it was.

For tonight, I would like to try to recreate the Trump impeachment-related entry that I foolishly deleted last night. I'll try to do that after the gym, which I'm going to try to do tonight -- especially since I probably won't go again until next Monday (i.e., after the Thanksgiving holiday and my visit to see my mom).

Turning to the weather, the pattern is forecasted to turn active across the United States. Here is the present NWS advisory map with legend:

NWS weather advisories for the United States updated 2239 UTC (5:39 p.m. EST) 25 November 2019


Yet here is the present NWS base reflectivity radar national mosaic:

NWS base reflectivity radar national mosaic looped 2108 - 2208 UTC 25 Nov 2019


However, here is what is forecasted:

NWS NDFD surface weather map forecast with fronts, isobars, and precipitation by type and likelihood for the U.S. looped in 6-hour and then 12-hour time-steps, as shown, 0Z 26 Nov 2019 - 0Z 28 Nov 2019


The first system mostly bypasses the Mid-Atlantic region but the second one -- the big one coming into Western Seaboard -- should have a more significant impact.

GFS 12Z 25 Nov 2019 showing MSLP, 1000-500mb thicknesses, and 6-hr precipitation in mm/hr. valid hour 144 12Z 01 Dec 2019


This means that Thanksgiving holiday travel will be disrupted by the weather. Fine with me. 

OK, signing off.


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