Sunday, November 24, 2019

Sunday Interim Entry (Because My Planned One Is Taking Too Frickin' Long To Finish)

Sunrise over London from Primrose Hill with a light mist in the air, November 6, 2019; picture courtesy my friend Aaron G. who was in London on business earlier this month.


Sorry for the lack of entries recently.

To be clear, I have a significant entry that I am preparing but I haven't finished it and, well, life keeps getting in the way including just sleeping, of which I do 8 to 10 hours worth on most days and 12 on the weekends …

I wrote the bulk of aforementioned entry last night but I didn't finish it, nor did I do any of the formatting. My intention is to finish the goddamn entry later tonight.

Fall splendor, Central Park, New York


As a general and specific comment: These cocked up entries take so goddamn long to write that it becomes exceedingly difficult for me to finish most of them. In addition, the entry that I want to post has a lot of impeachment-related and foul Trump / GOP Trump-cult related commentary, and that has been very difficult for me to write because of my personal feelings on the matter.

Unsure where, when, or by whom this stunningly beautiful pic was taken …


For today, I am meeting Chester shortly in order to take a walk and get lunch somewhere. It gets dark so early this time of year that even now at 1 p.m., it feels like late afternoon trending into evening. I went to bed at 430 a.m. -- after having done my laundry and watching the usual MeTV Saturday night / wee hours Sunday morning lineup of shows, in turn, after having gone to Fred and Doug's for one of our Sunday evening dinner parties moved to Saturday evening.

Fall day overlooking Lake Superior in Minnesota's Tettegouche State Park


It's a breezy, seasonably chilly late November day -- just two days ahead of my frickin' 50th birthday -- with temps around 50F and a northwesterly wind occasionally gusting to 30 mph. This follows a moderate-to-heavy rainfall last night with 3/4 to 1 inch totals. The leaves are mostly off the trees now -- except for those that hold onto them through the winter season.

OK, that's all for this entry. Again, my plan is to post my entry-under-development later tonight.


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