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Fall of Fire, Water, Color, and Cold Mixed With Gangster Trump Crazy and His GOP Cultists

Colorful fall leaves in the vicinity of Burlington, Vermont, October 21, 2019

This picture along with two others from Burlington were taken by Andrea on her return from living in Morocco to D.C. via Montreal -- and a New England fall foliage drive.


Saturday night.

I'm home now watching the MeTV Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night and Sunday Sci-Fi Red-Eye lineup, although I missed the Svengoolie-hosted monster movie (The Mummy's Ghost), because I went to Annie's (upstairs bar) with Fred and Doug. We had a nice dinner and time.

The Star Trek: TOS episode was "Journey to Babel" while both Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and The Invaders were part 1 episodes (which, in principle, I dislike): "Flight of the War Witch: Part 1" and "Summit Meeting: Part 1." Lost is Space features a great episode: "The Hungry Sea." 

I'll stay up through Land of the Giants.

And I need to do laundry.

It's a mild, overcast evening with scattered light rain showers. At midnight at KDCA, it was 60F with 56F dew point and easterly breeze.

The raging "Tick Fire" burns in rugged swath of Los Angeles County, Calif., Oct 25, 2019


Meanwhile, California remains on fire -- like it always is, the proximity to the Pacific Ocean's 187 quintillion gallons of water notwithstanding (yes, I understand the atmospheric general circulation pattern). Tomorrow is forecasted to be a warm, humid, showery day.

Another scene of the Tick Fire approaching upscale homes Santa Clarita, Calif., Oct 25, 2019


Next week, a major early season Arctic outbreak is forecasted to sweep across nearly two-thirds of the Lower 48. The CWG entry on it is here:

GFS 12Z 25 October 2019 showing 2-meter air temperatures for North America looped hourly between hours 0 and 120 and three-hourly between hours 123 - 171 ending 15Z 01 November 2019, as prettied up by


Earlier today, I made it to the gym, where I had a good workout, albeit a bit shortened, to include jog, weightlifting, and swimming.

This followed going out last night to several places on U Street -- Nellie's, Solly's, and The Saloon -- and once again spending way too much money for the day (due to having gone to an impromptu work happy hour at the L'Enfant Plaza Hilton).

As a follow-up to my previous entry, the Nationals lost to the Astros last night in game 3 and tonight in a near blow-up in game 4 (8 to 1) -- meaning the series is now tied up. This means that even if the Nats win tomorrow, they could not win the World Series here in D.C. but rather it would have to be in frickin' Houston.

This assumes they will win, which they probably won't because ANY TIME that I want one side to win a contest (of whatever stripe, sort, or flavor), they promptly lose.

Yes, this includes most American elections.

Misty fall morning in a cemetery in the vicinity of Burlington, Vermont, Oct 21, 2019


On a related political matter, it's hard to overstate how mentally ill is Donald Trump as the impeachment inquiry proceeds due to Trump's attempted Ukraine extortion. The torrent of tweets and verbal rants -- increasingly profane and grotesque -- over the past few weeks reflect Trump's worsening mental illness, whether antisocial personality disordered, narcissistic, sociopathic, or whatever, combined with possible early-stage dementia.

And a final picture of a misty fall morning in a cemetery in the vicinity of Burlington, Vermont, Oct 21, 2019


Likewise, it is hard to overstate how frenetic, bizarre, and dissociated from reality are Republicans (to include House GOPers and that embarrassing closeted homosexual Lindsey Graham (R - Gay), not to mention 30 to 35 percent of the country's stupid electorate) in their cult-of-personality worship of Trump and refusal even to perceive Trump's gangster-like values and criminal behavior.

Rainy Sunday afternoon view from the Starbucks at the intersection of U and 16th Streets and New Hampshire Ave NW, 3:42 p.m. October 20, 2019


I don't want to get too far into the weeds on this, but here are two useful Washington Post articles (links embedded):

A sunflower on a rainy Sunday afternoon, 1800 block R Street NW, Washington, D.C., 3:58 p.m. October 20, 2019


"Lickspittle Lindsey" -- how appropriate, although Andrew Sullivan refers to him as "Butters" (!) … In this piece, Milbank runs through all the almost schizophrenic cycling of behavior that Lindsey has vis-à-vis Trump -- but always coming back to being an obsequious little POS and Trump court jester.

The same sunflower plant on a rainy Sunday afternoon, 1800 block R Street NW, Washington, D.C., 3:58 p.m. October 20, 2019


Then there was "Brooks Brothers Riot: Part 2" -- with pizza included -- that a bunch of vicious, stupid House Repugs with the mindset of a 1980s fraternity house threw earlier in the week (at Trump's urging) by "storming" the secure "SCIF" room where closed-door preliminary depositions are being taken. If the original "Brooks Brothers Riot" in 2000 was the tragedy, this was definitely the farce. Matt Gaetz is a worthless POS.

Blurry picture of a jogger on the National Mall with the U.S. Capitol backdropped, 6:28 p.m. October 23, 2019


This is the GOP's torrent of bitching about the "process" because they can't defend Trump and his criminal actions (unlike in the endless Russian inquiry).

Damp night after a rainy afternoon at K and 16th Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 8:00 p.m. October 22, 2019


But the Dems are doing a damn good job at this preliminary phase of the impeachment -- and gathering information from numerous dedicated public servants that the Trump thugocracy tried to silence but failed with more to come.

This includes the testimony given by William Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat to Ukraine, a Vietnam combat veteran with 30-year-plus career in public service -- who Trump tweeted was "human scum" despite the fact (to quote Frank Rich) it was Trump’s own Secretary of State and Ukraine shakedown co-conspirator, Mike Pompeo, who put Taylor in his current post.

This is the sort of syphilitic Trump sickness and megalomania that the GOP are defending like some Stalinist cult-of-personality.

About Andrew Sullivan, he had this Friday Daily Intelligencer piece:

The Difference Between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump.

It includes three parts: Why Brexit should be completed even if you are totally against the idea (rather than forever sabotaging it); abhorrent Republican behavior for Trump; and assessment of the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates.

I will excerpt the endings of the second and third parts since they speak to me …

Wet leaves on a sidewalk at the corner of Volta Place and 35 Street NW, Georgetown, Washington, D.C., 4:42 p.m. October 20, 2019


Closing of the second part:

This isn’t hard. (It’s as easy as respecting the result of a legitimate referendum, as the Remainers should do in the U.K.) It’s just that when you’ve been captured by an authoritarian cult, it seems that way. But you can escape the cult if you want to, and cut your ties to the lawless, louche demagogue who’s gripping our liberal democracy ever more tightly by the throat. You can set yourselves (and all the rest of us) free.

Another view of wet leaves on a sidewalk, 3400 block Volta Place NW, Georgetown, Washington, D.C., 4:42 p.m. October 20, 2019


Closing of the third part:

Don't get me wrong. I'll vote for anyone, including Warren or Sanders or even the vacuous "Beto" to defeat Trump. We proud human scum will not be distracted from the central task at hand. But let's be honest: This is a field that has largely wilted upon inspection. For what it's worth, I suspect Warren will win the nomination and dutifully lose the election just like Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry, and the second Clinton. She has that quintessential perfume of smug, well-meaning, mediocre doom that Democrats simply cannot resist.

Sunset view at the intersection of W and 14th Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 6:00 p.m. October 19, 2019


OK, that's all for now. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing tomorrow (well, later this Sunday). It's my free day. I might be meeting up with Andrea, but it is also supposed to rain part of the day. I have the usual dinner-and-TV-viewing at Fred and Doug's place at 7 p.m. with them, Aydin, and Eddie. My next planned entry will be late Monday or Tuesday.


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