Tuesday, October 8, 2019

A Brief Late Night Posting: Finished Laundry and Changing of the Mood (But Nothing Else)

OK, another night in which I didn't have a chance to update this blog. Besides, I've been in a shitty mood much of the evening and night.

However, I managed to do all my laundry, and now I need to fluff and fold -- and make that nest on the floor that is my bed.

I didn't go to the gym tonight because I had too much laundry to do and, honestly, I was just fatigued. As it stands, I need to alter my gym regimen because my current one isn't very useful any longer. In fact, I dare say it is nearly useless. Whatever the case, at least I got my laundry done, but now

Of note, I just watched on MeTV a very poignant episode of the original Twilight Zone series: "The Changing of the Guard." That actually significantly altered my mood for the better. That is, I consider going from pissed off angry (the topic will sound silly-stupid if I relate it here) to teary-eyed emotional for the better.

I'll try to post a more substantive entry tomorrow.


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