Friday, September 6, 2019

Thursday Night Entry Feeling Blue Posted Friday Night, Tis True, Interspersed with Multiple Pics From My DCA-JAX JetBlue Flight

Yours truly on JetBlue flight 2115 on the tarmac at National Airport waiting to take off for Jacksonville Int'l Airport, 2:29 p.m. Aug 22, 2019


This entry features a set of 28 pictures that I took at the outset of my recent Florida trip to see my dad with 24 of them taken while on the jet en route from National Airport (DCA) to Jacksonville Int'l Airport (JAX). (Yes, because I'm referring to the airport, I am using the IATA code, as opposed to the ICAO code for when referencing the weather/climate stations at those airports.)

Specifically, I was on a JetBlue flight (2115, I think) from DCA to JAX on August 22nd. I sat on the right side in case we did the upriver takeoff -- we did -- to get the view of D.C. But to my pleasant surprise, the jet executed a clockwise arc around the District of Columbia, which afforded me a magnificent view of my home city and Capital of the Late Stage American Empire, and I took a lot of pictures with my flip open cellphone.

In particular, 3 were taken on the DCA tarmac; 3 during runway liftoff; 10 during the arc around D.C.; 3 midway in the flight with some thunderstorms visible (over Virginia or North Carolina); 3 over the Georgia and northeastern Florida Atlantic coastline; and 3 descending into JAX. Of the remaining 3 pics, 1 was taken while riding to Flagler Beach and the last 2 on the beach at evening.

Except for the lead one, I am not captioning these images, although I've added observations or commentary to some of them where appropriate.

The pictures are topically unrelated to the entry … well, maybe in some manner of speaking they are related … but this is as good a time as any to post them. As it is, I still have another 68 that I took while down there that I could post, but not in this entry.)

What's more, I am posting this entry on Friday night even though I wrote the bulk of it on Thursday night. I'm actually presently in Glen Burnie at my mom's place for the weekend. It's an overcast, mild night -- around 70F -- with clearing skies after a touch of drizzle in the Baltimore area. There was nothing in D.C. In the end, though, as I figured, there was zilch in terms of Dorian effects in this region.

Takeoff from National Airport, 2:43 p.m. August 22, 2019

You can't see it in the above image, but in this enlargement portion at left is visible the actual KDCA Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) -- i.e., the "official" Washington, D.C., weather -- and, hence, climate -- recordation spot.

It contains the temperature sensor and rain gauge, which I assume is of the All Weather Precipitation Accumulation Gauge (AWPAG) type. Snow measurements are taken elsewhere -- by the FAA contractor (human) observers near one of the several pet relief areas …


From Thursday …

Home and kinda miserable tonight.

It was a shitty day as the internet was down at the office and, with it, much of the Microsoft Office / Outlook system. I ended up coming home early, but I really couldn't get much done.

The U.S. Capitol Building is visible in this image. More importantly, visible in this image is one of the Potomac RiverBoat Company's cadmium yellow-hued water-taxis plying the river.


I'm waiting to get paid tomorrow. I've been flat broke all week following a poorly timed Florida vacation to see my dad -- which, upon reflection, was stressful and more unpleasant than not for me (not for him -- he just lives in his own world and does as he pleases as he has for decades).

What I am saying, though, is it was poorly timed to having to pay my September rent. And, of course, if I didn't overspend as much as I do, I wouldn't have this problem of running out of money.

A view of the Monumental Core of D.C. on upriver takeoff from National Airport.


More to the point, I've just been feeling crappy lately -- depressed with how things are in my life to include my weight. I basically regained all the weight I lost -- 40 pounds -- even if some of it is apportioned differently than 7+ years ago. And because I'm so short with a squatty middle aged body, I look fatter than I am.

Another one of the views of a portion of the Monumental Core of Washington, D.C., looking to the northeast as seen on the upriver takeoff from National Airport.


To be clear, I regained all that weight over the past two to three years, but it has been virtually unchanged for the past several months regardless of what I do including going to the gym. About that, I went to the gym again tonight, but it was a total bust for me. I couldn't do it diddlysquat. Last night I went and it was a lot better. The pool remains closed until tomorrow, but I won't be back there until Monday.

The diagonal avenue on the left under the wing is actually New Hampshire Avenue -- the thoroughfare on which I live right near where it appears to end by the dark (green) patch that is Meridian Hill Park.


In my mind-and-body misery as a middle-aged gay man, I've made my peace with the fact that I will never have any sort of partner in my life.

I think that's Bethesda below with sunlight shining on the downtown part of it.


Changing subjects …

Right now, I'm watching TV -- in this case, Cozi TV, rather than my usual MeTV. Along with Antenna TV, Cozi TV and MeTV form my trio of digital over-the-air networks that I watch at when at home. They include all those sitcoms and other variety, anthology, police detective, and sci-fi programs spanning the 1960s to the 1990s (to use an overused term, the "Golden Age" of American television), but focused more on the earlier period (hence, my emphasis on MeTV viewing).

Cozi TV airs Frasier and the original Will & Grace from the 1990s. Of note, the reboot of the latter did not work out. No surprise there.

This is looking to the south-southeast -- with the confluence of the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers visible including East Potomac Park.


Turning to the weather …

I'm done talking about Hurricane Dorian.

As I full well knew, there will be no "impacts" whatsoever here in the "DMV" to include the "D" part -- District of Columbia.

I don't hear how "80 knots" is "generous" even while the storm makes that always NHC-perfectly-forecasted right-angle turn as it rockets to Newfoundland (or maybe the British Isles), or watch Mike Seidel pretend to get blown away in a 35-mph wind (the Weather Channel ceased to be watchable 20 years ago).

This is looking on downtown Washington, D.C., toward the west-southwest with the Potomac again visible.


Nor do I need to hear that 5 feet of rain fell on eastern North Carolina -- so that all the pig-and-chickenshit lagoons from all those grotesque factory farms (jam packed with tortured and biochemical-laden animals for obese Americans) will once again overflow for hundreds and thousands of square miles, again poisoning whatever remains of the natural biosphere in that part of the world.

This view is looking due west -- the jet passing the "latitude" of the National Mall. RFK Stadium is visible at the circular object below. If you click on this image, you should get a larger version of it, but, yes, like all of them, it is low-res.


Of course, the state GOP loves that outcome because it loves its people drowning in e-coli-filled water and that "owns the libs." Just like the other state and national GOP pols love when people die in whatever fashion to prove some abomination of a point or because they're just forces of malevolency in this world.

Jet view somewhere over the Tidewater area of southeastern Virginia with a thunderstorm and associated clouds visible.


So, what that means is yesterday's shitty 0.02" of rainfall at National Airport (KDCA) -- and worthless "trace" at BWI Airport (KBWI) and zilch at Dulles Airport (KIAD) -- is going to be the only rain we get for the next couple weeks.

We're in a craptacular, nothing pattern of September late summer with its vapid, burnt-world-looking world illuminated by the daytime decaying angle of the sunlight.

Of course, being the weather worthless D.C. area, this hardly means a rainy November or a snowy winter. In all globally warmed likelihood, quite the opposite. The only verities of life in the present time are Trump lunacy and GOP power sickness.

The first of a set of pictures along the Georgia / Florida Atlantic coastline heading into JAX. This is almost certainly the Georgia shoreline with its lazy, mazy, barely-above-sea level array of coastal salt marshes (many, I assume, quite polluted in some fashion or another).


Again changing topics …

I would like call attention to this article in The Atlantic by James Fallows: The End of the Roman Empire Wasn't That Bad: Maybe the end of the American one won't be either.

Fallows introduces the counterintuitive notion -- expressed by certain other historians -- that the Fall of the Roman Empire actually helped its far-flung regions develop their own "astounding new beginnings" in the form of the precursors to modern European countries and their culture "from new artistic and literary forms to self-governing civic associations" to include the duchies and monasteries of Medieval Europe.

He then writes about present-day American national government failure and gets to his main point:

Governmental "failure" comes down to an inability to match a society’s resources to its biggest opportunities and needs. This is the clearest standard by which current U.S. national governance fails. In principle, almost nothing is beyond America's capacities. In practice, almost every big task seems too hard.

Yet for our own era's counterparts to duchies and monasteries -- for state and local governments, and for certain large private organizations, including universities and some companies -- the country is still mainly functional, in exactly the areas where national governance has failed.


On final descent into JAX. There is a convective rain shower visible in the distance. The view is to the southeast -- with the Jacksonville skyline (barely) visible.


Let's be clear, though: The cause of the national government paralysis can be summed up in three words: Republicans, Republicans, Republicans.

Whatever is wrong with the Dems in whatever topic, it is dwarfed by the sickness of today's GOP -- which has found its nadir in Donald Trump, although I don't really want to say "nadir" because that implies it couldn't get worse, and it certainly can.

Jacksonville International Airport sprawling below -- with its NEXRAD National Weather Service radar visible (the tower with the while ball atop it).


I haven't really mentioned much about the latest Brexit political mayhem in the UK -- where Prime Minister Boris Johnson is the UK's version of Donald Trump even down to the physical appearance -- but it is worth noting the many Conservative MPs who displayed a courage foreign to today's degenerate Republican House and Senate Members. (And let's skip the "incentive structure" arguments.)

This picture was taken on the drive from JAX to Flagler Beach. At this point, we had left I-95 and were riding along the coast -- near Crescent Beach. Yes, I'm sort of visible in the rearview mirror taking a picture with my flip-open phone.


OK, I'm going to wrap up this entry. I'm going to Glen Burnie tomorrow to visit my mom for the weekend. I'm unsure if I'll post an entry this weekend or not until early next week.

Flagler-by-the-Sea beach and the Atlantic Ocean in the evening.


Back to Friday night …

As mentioned, I'm here in Glen Burnie for the weekend visiting my mom. We're watching old TV shows -- right now, Barney Miller, as I write this, but it will be something else by the time I post this.

Another seaside view in Flagler-by-the-Sea. As I mentioned in this entry, my father weathered Dorian find with no problems thanks to the hurricane path.


We have plans tomorrow with her friend, Lola, who is visiting, and it is unlikely I will post any new entries until at least Sunday night when I'm back home or, alternatively, late Monday night.


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