Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Brief Wednesday Late Night Entry with a Lovely Starry Right-Tilted Triangle Free to View

This image is from the Sept 12, 2009 Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD). You can read about it here. Briefly, it was taken on a summer night near the Iranian town of Saadat Shahr in Pasargad County, Fars Province.

The night sky view shows the Summer Triangle formed by the bright stars of Altair (lower left), Deneb (top) and Vega (lower right). It's a bit of a right-tilted triangle.


I'm home tonight in my tiny, air-conditioned apartment back from the gym. I'm watching my usual array of late night MeTV old TV shows including Perry Mason ("The Case of the Nervous Accomplice").

Anyway, this is just a brief entry to state that I can't post an entry of any length tonight because I still have a bit more work to do on a time-sensitive project. It has been a busy week at work. It should slow down after tomorrow.


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