Thursday, September 26, 2019

A Late Night New Lead Entry ... Nothing More

Fall arboreal foliage brightly paints a valley in Écrins National Park, Dauphiné Alps, France


Late night and a new entry.

I'm too tired and it's too tired for me to complete the entry I started. (That entry is a political-themed one on Trump and impeachment, of course. I'll try to finish that one tomorrow.)

I'm home now watching the late-night MeTV lineup. The Twilight Zone episode is an interesting and enjoyable one: "The Fugitive."

Earlier tonight, I was at the gym. This followed an OK day at work. I have plans after work tomorrow -- with Andrea, who is in town for a few days.

We remain in a frickin' dry pattern with no rain forthcoming.

Anyway, I just wanted to change the lead entry. Time to make a quick dinner and go to bed into dream world.


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