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Some Late-Night Notes In the Wake of Another Bout of White Supremacist Domestic Terrorism Lit by the Fuel of Trump Racism and Fascistic Rhetoric -OR- Mitch Sends Thoughts and Prayers

So, what can you really say about the two acts of domestic terrorism in the form of mass slaughter with high-powered assault rifles … the sort of military-grade weaponry that this country is drowning in thanks to Second Amendment fanaticism mixed with virulent racism being stoked by a flamboyantly appalling and catastrophically unqualified President who will be subject to history's well-earned damnation.*

Those attacks killed at least 31 people -- 22 in El Paso at the Cielo Vista Mall Walmart, Texas on Saturday early afternoon and 9 in Dayton, Ohio in the Oregon Historic District in the wee hours of Sunday -- and injuring scores (some still critically) by two 20-something year old white supremacists, at least one of whom was poisoned by the endless torrent of violent and dehumanizing rhetoric (verbal and those endless fucking obscene tweets) that emanates from this bloated and depraved orange cretin.

The El Paso victims were specifically targeted for being Hispanic / Central American by a man who was, unfortunately, and unlike the Dayton shooter, not killed. Hopefully, Patrick Crusius, 21, will die a horrible death anyway in prison whether by formal death penalty or at the hands of another prisoner. Either way, I don't care.

In this satanic beast's case, we know this by what it posted on that grotesque cesspool of Nazi hate "website" known by 8Chan, a site that needs to be forever shutdown -- through relentless legal actions that bankrupt it and the families of any of the dickless, jobless, penniless "libertarian" wonders who sit in their parents' (or even grandparents') basements posting that toxic garbage.

While I've never been one of those big Beto O'Rourke fans as he runs for the Democratic presidential nomination -- among that field of nearly two dozen Democrats -- I've been impressed with his eloquent denunciations of Trump's virulent racism and hate-mongering that have created this climate of white supremacist-driven domestic terrorism.

Let me say it is depressing to me that such a sunny, optimistic person has been forced, necessarily, to take such a dark turn. (O'Rourke once represented the area of El Paso in Congress.) That in itself is wrong -- and is a damnable indictment of Trump, his regime, and his GOP enablers.

And Beto is absolutely right about Trump not being welcome in El Paso. But he's going to slither his corpulent, blubbery body there to mouth some crap including that usual GOP/NRA garbage talking point that seeks to blame America's pandemic of gun slaughter and white supremacist terrorism on "mental health issues" and video games.

Let's be clear:

Through his racist-driven dehumanization of non-white immigrants -- with all the fascistic language of "invasions," "infestations," "shithole countries," implications of being subhuman, and "go back to where you came from" racist tropes -- Trump bears responsibility for these kinds of attacks that are occurring with increased frequency courtesy his armed-to-the-teeth crazed MAGA crowd howling, lumpen-proletariat mobs.

As for Senator "Moscow" Mitch McConnell, this amoral POS continues to block any-and-all gun legislation -- and he's perfectly delighted to do so. He's basically like that evil entity in the movie The Fifth Element that absorbs all hatred directed his way and gets stronger for it. Mitch enjoys all of this.

Look at him: How revolting and morally obscene is it that his carnival-barking, antisocial personality-disordered, 21st Century reality TV show clown and completely amoral huckster occupies the office once occupied by Washington, Lincoln, and FDR. It's just so wrong.


Of the nine confirmed Dayton shooting victims, here are pictures of four of them …

Megan Betts, 22

Of note, Megan Betts is the sister of the shooter, Connor Stephen Betts, 24. That is, he killed his own sister.

The police "neutralized" Betts between 30 seconds and one minute into his sacred act of "exercising his Second Amendment remedies.". But that was still enough time to kill and injure as many as he did, thanks to the NRA and the worthless GOP that facilitates those bloody arms merchants and hate-driven racist fanatics.

Monica Brickhouse

Nicholas Cumer

Thomas McNichols


Many of the El Paso victims have not been identified by the police -- and, in fact, the ghastly crime scene remained filled with dead bodies 24+ hours after the fact local, state, and federal authorities analyzed the scene. Crusius is to be charged with terrorism via federal hate crimes statutes -- the same way any Muslim who did a miniscule fraction of what he did.

In a weekend of such national depravity and tragedy, there was a bit of good news -- and it involved one of the foci of this Trump/GOP/NRA axis of evil.

Moscow Mitch reportedly "fell" in his home and fractured his shoulder (alas, not his tortoise-like neck). Now it wouldn't surprise me if that bad-tempered wife of his -- whose the actual source of his main fortune via her Chinese shipping magnate family -- got mad and knocked him off his old ass.

CNN, for its part, is doing the usual "both sides" bullshit in terms of always finding some grifting Trump pundit-apologist. I mention that before citing this article about CNN's Christiane Amanpour's attempt to "interview" Trump media apologist and all-around-she-dragon Kellyanne Conway.

At this point, Ms. Conway is so steeped in the pathologies and alternate reality of this sick Trump regime -- centered on "Il' Douche" himself** -- that she now is actually cognitively dissociated from our world-reality. Like everyone in Trump's inner orbit, she becomes a grotesque monster herself -- reflecting both Trump and who she really was all along.

Yes, it's just like in that old Twilight Zone episode "The Masks."

Look at her: An aging, faux-Catholic, rightwing plastic sorority Barbie doll who never really left 1998 and those heady days of the Clinton Wars. At least Ann Coulter has a sense of humor -- and the presence of mind never actually to join a particular crazy-ass Republican regime as an "official" of any sort.

That must be some marriage she has to George Conway, who for his part publicly despises Trump and is in constant twitter wars with him. But CNN insists on "interviewing" her to get "the Trump administration view" -- as if some "view" (as in, policy position) actually existed.

If we end up with a second Trump, and what I suspect will be set in motion the almost certain resulting dissolution of the United States into a series of separate countries, then whatever non-Republican ones need to undertake the following: A total ban on the NRA as the combo international arms merchants and race-based terrorist organization that it is and reasonable gun restrictions that refine the Second Amendment in definitive ways -- and that, yes, will pry those fucking assault rifle instruments of carnage and mass death from their cold dead hands. They aren't an "interest" group -- they are a derange and dangerous cult.

Flags at the Washington Monument at half-staff with the U.S. Capitol as backdrop for the El Paso and Dayton shooting victims -OR- Time for thoughts and prayers, part infinity.


For me, this raises a larger, more abstract, but still fundamentally important question:

Whether or not the United States survives in its present form in the coming, say, 50 years, what MUST happen is an end once-and-for-all this goddamn Southern nullification -- of which Moscow Mitch is merely the latest, sclerotic incarnation -- that gives the worst-of-the-worst neo-Confederate elements in the present-day United States such vastly disproportionate power.

That means no more Electoral College and a Senate that doesn't equate political power with geographic square mileage.

If it means a bunch of smaller countries, fine, so be it -- and, yes, I feel badly for all those non-crazy decent people trapped in the urban enclaves and whatnot of the reconstituted Confederate States of America. Something can be figured out. Besides, in the case of Texas, I don't think it would actually be able to be part of that Confederacy -- it's simply too big and becoming too varied for that.

Perhaps places such as Atlanta and even Nashville would be quasi-independent city-states within their "CSA." As it is, that's probably the way the country and world is going, anyway -- the end of these goddamn super-states that are problematic.

I understand that all of this may seem irrelevant, at best, to the issue at hand in this entry, but the fact is, we cannot continue to have a country in which basically 10 percent of the population in very specific areas have total veto power over anything and everything -- to the point that this relentless veto power isn't just wildly undemocratic but is actually causing endless violence and death (and we'll leave the issue of planetary ecological disruption out of it).

*Phrase borrowed from Chris Matthews's closing thoughts tonight on Hardball.

*Name taken from a recent Charles Pierce article.

OK, that's all I have to say on this topic, at least for now.


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