Sunday, August 18, 2019

Posting Some Late Night Notes at 2:22 A.M. -OR- Sunday Wee Hours Entry at Triple Two, Too

Today (Saturday) was an interesting day in that I went to Old Town Alexandria on the Metro (and shuttle, given the summer-long shutdown south of National Airport), had a nice lunch at the bar at The Wharf, and walked ALL the way back to D.C. on a hot, humid early evening (mostly up the Mount Vernon bike trail).

Adding it all up, I walked almost 10 miles today, which isn't too bad, although I was thoroughly sweaty -- followed by air-conditioner chilled and clammy … And, yes, a bit chaffed (chaffy?) in the nether regions between the Equator and Tropic of Capricorn. Thereafter, I met Fred and Aydin at Exiles, where, we had a nice time. (I got three of the four images in this entry from Aydin.)

Anyway, I'm home now in my dim, lamp-lit, wee efficiency with the window air conditioner purring and box fan whirling away.

That's all I'm going to write for now. I'll try to post an entry on Sunday night. Oh, yes, I'm off to visit my dad this upcoming week (Thursday) for a week -- to Dumpwater, er, Flagler Beach, Florida … More on that to follow in a subsequent entry, but not now. For now, I'm off to sleep and that multi-reality dream-world I visit nearly nightly.


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