Thursday, June 27, 2019

Teddy Amenabar and His WaHoPo.Com: The Hero Extraordinaire and Universal Mind of GOD Unmitigated -OR- Spew You, Too

Teddy Amenabar, did you know, has banned me -- in my current incarnation -- from the WaHoPo discussion group?

Why? Because I frickin' curse (profanity-spew) way too much (admittedly, a problem) and Teddy Amenabar is why God is good.

Indeed, Teddy Amenabar is why the Universe -- nay, the Multiverse -- is a place of Perfection and He (that being Teddy) sits on His Cloud playing God about His perfection.

If you are confused about who is Teddy Amenabar, he's the WaHoPo comment moderator who worships and adores Himself by playing God at those who post WRONG comments.

'Tis True.

Yes, I can't stop fucking cursing -- and in the current era, it is a catastrophic situation given the diseased amorality of Trump and Fred Hiatt's Washington Consensus -- but that's my problem.

All's I know is that Teddy Amenabar is why the Universe is a good, great, and perfect place.

Amen at the Bar, Teddy Amenabar.


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