Thursday, June 20, 2019

Another Late Night With Carol Burnett and Her Hilarious Long Ago Variety / Sketch Show -OR- MeTV and Digital Antenna Reception: Impossible

Back from the gym after work and home tonight on this warm, thickly humid, intermittently rain-showery June night. I think our current wet and very humid spell is about to end for several days.

A bit earlier tonight, I watched The Carol Burnett Show episode aired at 11 p.m. This one was originally aired Jan 19, 1970 -- when I was one week shy of two months old -- and it was extremely funny. It guest starred Flip Wilson and Vikki Car -- with Wilson doing his drag queen-like "Geraldine Jones" character -- in a parody of a Mission: Impossible skit.

At the end of the skit, there was a surprise walk-on of four Mission: Impossible actors: Peter Graves, Greg Morris, Leonard Nimoy (!) and Peter Lupus, Jr. Of note, Nimoy was on The Carol Burnett Show -- as his Mr. Spock character from Star Trek: TOS -- a few years earlier in Dec 1967 (in season 1 of the show). Of the four, only Lupus -- once a towering bodybuilder and actor -- is still alive (age 87). His son, Peter Lupus III, is also an actor.

Peter Lupus in the 1965 Italian "sword-and-sandal" (or "peplum") movie "Challenge of the Gladiator." Good Lord.

However, owing to my never-ending battle of shitty digital antenna reception with frequent screen pixilation and loss of sound, it was difficult to follow the skit. (Remember, I don't have cable TV or any kind of streaming TV service. Rather, I live in a MeTV world of late night-aired 1960s and '70s TV shows.

These Carol Burnett Show episodes from the late 1960s and at least 1970 used words such as "Negro" and -- when alluding to the gay men that Harvey Korman occasionally parodied -- "sissy". The latter was said last night by Lyle Waggoner in his closing narration of the As The Stomach Turns soap opera parody series.

Last night's episode initially aired, I believe, Dec 29, 1969 (when I was 1 month and 3 days old). (I could ask my mom if she watched it back then, but I know what she'd say.)

As I discussed in this entry, MeTV started airing a couple of months ago these seasons of The Carol Burnett Show rather than -- as I have seen countless times in reruns -- the mid-to-late 1970s seasons that were syndicated as Carol Burnett & Friends.

This late '60s and early '70s period of her show had a truly tremendous array of guest stars.

By the way, here is an As the Stomach Turns parody skit from February 1968 featuring Martha Raye and Betty Grable -- yes, THAT Betty Grable:

OK, I'm going to sign off for now. I was going to visit my mom Friday - Sunday, but owing to her car issues, I had to reschedule, so I'm around this weekend. I'll update the blog tomorrow or Saturday.


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