Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The Day After Tomorrow Posting -OR- The Case of the Nebulous(ly Timed) Trump-Era Entry

The paeonia (peony or paeony) "Hillary" in the Mary Livingston Ripley Garden of the Smithsonian, Washington, D.C., 6:48 p.m. May 7, 2019

YIKES: "Hillary" … it must involve LESBIAN EMAILS from BENGHAZI.


The pictures in this blog were taken a full day after the entry was technically posted (or rather, supposed to be posted, until I decided otherwise -- see below).

The Mary Livingston Ripley Garden of the Smithsonian, Washington, D.C., 6:47 p.m. May 7, 2019


As I write this …

Wow. Watching The Carol Burnet Show from 1968 is SOOOOOOOOOO different from what I watched for decades in her 1970s reruns … The guests, the humor, the interaction with the audience.

And the Perry Mason episode (irrespective of the content below) is "The Case of the Deadly Verdict" -- where Perry has to fight to undo a guilty (capital murder) verdict.

The National Mall looking toward the Smithsonian Castle, Washington, D.C., 6:52 p.m. May 7, 2019


As for tonight, (obviously) I didn't go to the gym, but instead went to Old Ebbitt / Corner Bar for a single drink, then to Off the Record bar (where I had a nice conversation with a lady from Louisiana), and then caught a strategically-timed S2 that took me to 16th and U NW and stopped at Ex-Lax, I mean, Exiles, for another drink and chat with the Irish bartender / manager before coming home, where I am now.

12th Street and Jefferson Place NW, Washington, D.C., 6:53 p.m. May 7, 2019


Anyway, this entry was originally supposed to be posted yesterday -- but it is being posted 24-hours later. I debated about which time to timestamp post it, but in the end, I opted for just before midnight on May 7th since so much of the content is from May 7th. 

The "Witness Elm" at the corner of Constitution Ave and 12th St NW, Washington, D.C., 6:55 p.m. May 7, 2019

There is a sign indicating that this American Elm tree -- survivor of the Dutch Elm disease North American arboreal pandemic of the 1930s - 1980s -- was planted circa 1850. Online, this is the only item I could find.


From last night …

Home tonight after the gym and watching the usual late night MeTV lineup. Right now, it's the Perry Mason episode "The Case of the Nebulous Nephew." It is a complicated and multi-layered episode with an affirmative view of faith in human goodness, and, in the swapped identities, an unanticipated interracial affirmative message (in an early 1960s message).

Here is the IMDb description:

Ernest Stone has enlisted the help of John Brooks in a scam he has planned against two aging relatives, Sophia and Nineveh Stone. Brooks is to show up at the Stone's home and tell them he is a good friend and one-time shipmate of their nephew, Caleb Stone IV who was born out of wedlock and given to an orphanage when he was very young.

The idea is that Brooks will demonstrate detailed knowledge of the house, the family and so on so as to suggest he is the real Caleb Stone IV but always deny that he is.

The elderly aunts are soon convinced that he is their long lost relative and approach Perry Mason to change their will in Brooks' favor. Perry realizing the John Brooks may be a scam tries to delay them as he investigates Brooks. Brooks grows to like the old ladies and tells Ernest Stone that he wants out of the scam. When Ernest is found dead, John Brooks is charged with murder and Perry defends him.

I couldn't find much about actor Ron Starr, who plays the scammer-with-a-conscience John Brooks (and, ultimately, the real Caleb Stone IV).

His IMDb page states he was married to actress Meg Foster -- her Wikipedia page doesn't mention him, but her IMDb page does -- but there is agreement on a son named Christopher.

The IMDb page for Ron Starr states his son (by Meg Foster) is Christopher Starr, a one-time actor about whom I found even less, but not to be confused, I suppose, with a much younger actor named Chris Starr.

This Perry Mason episode does feature Meg Wyllie (as Nineveh Stone) -- she of Star Trek: TOS original first pilot episode "The Cage" fame. The other sister -- Sophia Stone -- is played by the great actress Beulah Bondi.

The show has a strange, interracial twist -- remember that this from 1963 -- in that Caleb Stone IV is actually a young black man -- played by the actor Ivan Dixon (of Hogan's Heroes fame). Further flipping the reality, it turns out the two young men had swapped identities so that John Brooks is, in fact, Caleb Stone IV (as his aunts believed) -- and Caleb Stone IV is John Brooks.


Returning to the tonight (and I'm in a piss mood) …

Oh, look, another day, another school shooting in the United Fucking Fires Arms Fetishistic States of the NRA Up Putin's Assermica (it had been, like, 5 minutes since the last school shooting).

And the morally Ebola-diseased, ethically Bubonic-plagued GOP cult with Dark Money-led oligarchy that rules us loves it. And I can BREATHE FREE.

Fuck you.

That aside, I would like to (re)post a few articles (there was a third one, but I can't remember it now) -- but as links only (just read them):

Four Things That Don't Make Sense About Nancy Pelosi Saying 2020 Could Be a Huge Democratic Disaster That Triggers a Coup by Ben Mathis-Lilley

2021 Could Be a Nightmare for Democrats — Even If Trump Loses by Eric Levitz

This one ends, cleverly, with an adaptation of Orwell's line from 1984 when O'Brien is talking to Winston in his torturous interrogation

BTW, there is a LESS THAN ZERO PERCENT chance that this gay Pete "Buttagas" Buttigieg guy -- here with Mark "Fuckbook" Zuckerberg -- is going to be elected President of the United States -- and I'm not even talking about whether Trump voluntarily cedes power and a crooked, hateful SCOTUS doesn't intervene and he's forcibly removed, or whether that piece of shit Mitch "The Amoral Bitch" McConnell doesn't intervene if he can.

Whether you like it or not, in our present-day American reality, only Joe Biden has the slightest chance to win -- and even that is the so slight.

No, not any of the schoolmarm white women, poetry-reading women-of-color, angry black guys, flippant homosexuals, ancient pro-Soviet socialists, or any other "Democrat" landslide loser. Indeed, in the case of a "Democrat" woman, 54% of the women voters in this dumbass country wouldn't vote for her PRECISELY BECAUSE of this.

Full stop. It's true.

Remember that.


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