Thursday, March 21, 2019

Rainy, Stormy, Chilly, Deeply Gloomy, First Full Day of Spring Good Note (The Prelude) -OR- The Case of the Pleasant Bar Visits Meander

Home now and watching Perry Mason -- the episode "The Case of the Borrowed Baby" that features the baby "Leander." I have tried to find who that baby is in real life but I can't … He'd be about 57 years old today. As you can tell from the pictures, he's a big-ass baby.

OK, I just want to note that we had a BIG and rainy coastal storm today here in and around the D.C. area. I'm home now as the wind is gusting from the northwest even as there is lingering drizzle.

We very nearly had 2 inches of rain "officially" in Washington, D.C., today -- 1.95", as near as I can tell, at KDCA -- while KBWI recorded (through 11 p.m. tonight 1.56" and KIAD picked up 2.59" through 11 p.m. -- within striking distance of its all-time March daily total, and already beyond a daily record …)

There was a big, chilly-March coastal storm that dropped all this rain … I had planned to go to the gym but the stormy day was sufficiently dark and gloomy and wet that I bagged out of that and walked home.

Well, actually, I went to THREE bars …

First, I went to Elephant & Castle (on Pennsylvania Ave) for some badly needed dinner.

Next (secondly), I went to the Occidental Grille at the Willard InterGalacticContinental Hotel, where an angry, ex-Army, rightwing Popeye-sort of fellow tried to cause shit (I thought he was going to shoot me) but left (and I got a free drink out of it) …

Finally, thirdly, I went to Off the Record in the lower level of the Hay-Adams, where I had a lovely time with a young (24-year old) lady new to D.C. from Memphis … before catching a well-timed S4 bus and taking it the (short) way up 16th Street back home.

Anyway, tomorrow (Friday), I am heading to San Francisco … Not until 6 p.m., and via Denver … for my Tuesday OTT/TCF workshop in Menlo Park, but first with a weekend visit to that fair city. I should be home Wednesday afternoon -- but then I have another workshop in Crystal City on Thursday.

I'm unsure of what my internet connectivity / availability will be.

Anyway, I am going to TRY to post a second entry now -- but I just wanted to get this all posted in case I don't.


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