Friday, March 15, 2019

Friday Ides of This March -OR- Whether to Leave My Heart Or Myself in San Francisco Next Week

Friday night (and the Ides of March, to boot).

God, I'm tired of keeping up this goddamn blog and posting new entries that never frickin' end …

That aside, I would like to note that I was SUCCESSFULLY able to get both a flight to and from SFO and a hotel for an extra three nights in the downtown San Francisco area (by the Embarcadero) next week ahead of scheduled Tuesday event at SLAC (i.e., next Saturday - Monday).

It is on Frontier Airline2 and worked out well -- even if they basically FORCE you to do a $230 "upgrade" for the r/t flight -- which they purportedly mark off at 50% each way so that it looks like you've "saved" that amount in big, bold numbers (dumbass country) …

… all in order to check luggage, choose seats (WINDOWS! Not over the wing. Correct way outbound and inbound from DCA if you do the upriver takeoff and downriver landing), and any flight changes (that part is my understanding, but who really knows) …

… but I'm happy with what I got.

What's more, there's only one flight change -- and it takes off / arrives / takes off / arrives between DCA (not BWI or IAD) and SFO in the time manner (with only a modest layover in Denver) in which I want.

So, all in all, I'm quite happy and thank you, Frontier, I know you could have make it a lot worse.

Thank you -- I appreciate what I got -- especially given it's only a week away and I was dealing with the corporate credit card.

Full stop.

And I was able to arrange on the front end two full days in San Fran in the manner to which I have become accustomed that I was hoping for on a short trip like this.

As for where I'm staying, while it could be better, it also could be a helluva lot worse. And it's borderline cheap -- but not scary ghetto, at least I don't think, judging by the website and reviews. To be clear, I'm staying there for a three nights and then going to Menlo Park (via Caltrain …) for the day-long conference and then heading back late that day.

Washington, D.C., G and 12th St NW, Washington, D.C., 5:32 p.m. March 15, 2019


As an update, earlier today, my coworker friend, I left work earlier and went with my coworker friend Matt to Harry's pub (Matt to Harry ... Mata Hari … haha) and then to the Corner Bar at Old Ebbitt before walking home (although I caught a conveniently timed S4).

The early evening sky as seen from G and 13th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 5:35 p.m. March 15, 2019

The forecast of a rainy day gradually faded away to nothing.


I'll skip the evening balmy dusk part walking home …

… past the White House and the latest and most annoying yet extension of the endlessly expanding fence, a.k.a., Security Theatre 3000: The Perimeter, around Trump's syphilitic infection (exactly when will the expansions reach the North and South Poles, respectively?) …

… and a smiley-faced, bug-eyed Jehovah's Witness guy (plus two women) standing there like I don't even know what but looking like they'd jump off any bridge if told that's "What God Wants" …

… or that goddamn anti-nuclear-themed plastic tent -- formally, the White House Peace Vigil, informally, a sort of outdoor homeless shelter -- that has been there, semi-permanent, since 1981 (except when the Secret Service sweeps it the hell out).

Anyway, I'm home now and watching the MeTV lineup.

The White House at dusk, Washington, D.C., 7:39 p.m. March 15, 2019

The Syphilitic One probably wasn't there since he never is between Friday and Monday but instead is at that obscene Mar-a-Lago.


As a weather update … 

A strong but mostly dry cold frontal system is plowing across the region tonight with gusty SW winds turning to gusting NW winds and colder temps. (That front was the remnant of what had been that giant "Winter Storm Ulmer" earlier this week.)

NWS high-resolution surface weather map for a portion of the eastern U.S. and adjoining regions, 0Z 16 March 2019


Today was an excessively warm mid-March day -- highs reaching 78F at both KDCA and KWBI (and KDMH) and 77F at KIAD (none of which were near the daily record highs).

The pattern appears to have shifted, at least for now, from excessively wet to very dry.

NWS/WPC/NDFD Short Range Forecast surface weather maps showing weather features, isobars, and type and intensity of precipitation looped at 6Z, 12Z, and 18Z 16 March, 0Z and 12Z 17 March, and 0Z 18 March 2019

Note there is a minor weather disturbance for Sunday. 


OK, that's all for now.

I'm going to refrain on any political commentary or, alternatively, news updates including about what happened in New Zealand -- although, no surprise, fucking social media played its usual incredibly virulent and destructive role in the matter.

Naturally, Wall-P -- the small stooge-bot tool of oligarchical reactionary intrigue that it is -- clicks in binary fashion:

"Eh. Eh. EHEHEHEHEH. It's obvious that the more avenues of technology for untrammeled speech added to as much money as possible, the better. EHEHEH."

Its spousal unit, Staff, does the usual horizontal jumping jacks in bed …

… ensuring that the little Toshiba vacuum cleaner stays balled up in its wee bed corner, awaiting its binary yes/no instructions for the day.


Wall-P is almost as amoral grotesque as Mitch McConnell, although it lacks Iowa-sized pouch-like jowls.

Speaking of which, look at McConnell …

Let me just say that I agree with Jennifer Rubin's take that McConnell might not run for reelection next year.

Beyond not being popular back in his beloved Kentucky (yeah, right), more importantly, as she noted, he's gotten what he really wanted --namely, remaking the federal judiciary into a Federalist Society wet dream for the next 30 years.

The man, as depraved as he is, is smart enough to leave on a high note, whether or not Trump "wins" reelection (since either way would not be worth his while).

OK, that's all for now. I'm signing off. I'm watching Perry Mason as I write this. I just watched -- also on MeTV -- Carol Burnett & Friends.

My next planned posting(s) will be tomorrow night.


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