Saturday, February 23, 2019

Jukebox Saturday Night for February 23rd, 2019: Late Winter Musical Medley Edition -OR- Saints Somewhere, Smooth Jazz Sounds, Smokey Songs

For this Jukebox Saturday Night edition -- the last for this February and on the cusp of spring -- I would like to feature a medley of songs (more than the usual three) -- some of which I have previously posted and some of which I am posting for the first time.

OK, first up is a song that I featured in what might have been my very first musical-themed entries -- specifically, perhaps the very first in my Friday Night Musical Interludes series that was the antecedent to this Jukebox Saturday Night ("JbSN") series …

"Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" by Looking Glass from the band's self-titled debut album (1972)

The Keeper of All Knowledge gives us two interesting tidbits:

One, Barry Manilow's 1974 hit song Mandy was a cover of a song originally titled Brandy, which was released in Febr 1972 by Scott English. Manilow changed to it to Mandy following the success of the Looking Glass single, to avoid public confusion of the two unrelated songs.

Two, Looking Glass was considered part of what became known as the Jersey Shore sound. I didn't realize there was a "sound" related to the Jersey Shore, a place I spent many of my 1970s childhood and 1980s teenage summers.


Next up, a nice song by an accomplished jazz legend…

"Les Fleur" by Ramsey Lewis from his Maiden Voyage album (1968)

Ramsey Lewis released over 80 albums between 1956 and 2011 in what has been a long and prolific career. Now 83, his website is here.


Next up, a piece I quite like and featured back in this JbSN entry back in Oct 2015 …

"Rhythm of Life" by Paul Hardcastle from The Jazzmasters VII (2014)

As the album name indicates, The Jazzmasters VII, is the seventh and -- as of now, most recent -- release in his series The Jazzmasters.

The first in The Jazzmasters series was released in 1993.

In this YouTube version of Rhythm of Life, there is an agreeable still image of a lady in some tropical seaside resort -- quite possibly the South Pacific -- enjoying what appears to be a wooden hot tub of some sort. There isn't a slutty and seductress look to it but instead just that she is having a very relaxing time.


Next up, this is one of my favorite instrumental pieces by another highly accomplished and prolific composer and producer of musical scores. This one was written for a legendary 1980s television show …

"Theme from St. Elsewhere" by Dave Grusin from his Night-Lines album (1984)

In this case, Grusin wrote the theme for the show, St. Elsewhere, which debuted in 1982, and then subsequently released it on this album.

A picture of the Franklin Square House Apartments exterior in Boston's South End. This building was used for the fictional St. Eligius Hospital, a.k.a., St. Elsewhere. Actually, the building looks sorta nice now, having been renovated and everything

I've featured this Theme from St. Elsewhere piece on one other occasion -- in this Fright Night Musical Interlude entry back in Feb 2013 -- but I used the opening sequence of season 3 of St. Elsewhere for the YouTube video.

Interestingly, that entry also included a Paul Hardcastle song, specifically, Time to Reflect from his 2005 release Hardcastle 4. (Paul Hardcastle also has a Hardcastle series running from Hardcastle in 1994 to Hardcastle VIII in 2018.)

However, I just had to replace the YouTube video version of it.

As for Dave Grusin, I featured another song of his in this JbSN edition almost three years ago.


Speaking of theme songs, I would like to repost this one that I featured not too long ago …

"The Wild Wild West" television show theme song by Richard Markowitz (1965)

I featured this song and a little bit about the composition in this JbSN entry from last August.

Love this theme.


Finally, let's end with another great song by another great artist …

"Just to See Her" by Smokey Robinson from his album One Heartbeat (1987)

OK, this concludes my Jukebox Saturday Night edition for this week. For an update including when I intend to have another entry, please see my previous entry.


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