Monday, February 25, 2019

Bottom Lines, Lucky Bars, Travelling Treasures, and Digitalis Distempers ... Huh??

I stayed late at work tonight, went to the Bottom Line (not to be confused with Off the Record), where I had a bit of dinner and a few drinks, and then walked home, but stopped at Lucky Bar.

As for Lucky Bar, the place was nearly empty, which was fine. And the jukebox wasn't drive-you-from-the-place loud, as it was in recent years.

Now, going out on a Monday night is a bit different and usual for me (I went to the gym last night).

I'm home right now watching a Perry Mason episode -- the Case of the Travelling Treasure, which is one I've not previously seen. Something about a "fatal dose of Digitalis" … (WTF is Digitalis??)

What's weird is that in the many, many years I've lived in D.C., I never previously actually was in Lucky Bar.

Anyway, I got home -- walked, that is, since I live walkably close and don't even own a goddamn vehicle -- and watched Carol Burnet & Friends and now, as mentioned, Perry Mason.

OK, goodnight. Off to dreamland (oooh, what a weird place) …


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