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Product 20+19: Recapping My New Years Eve and New Years Day Plus 2018 Rainfall Totals

I had an idea that Kellogg's could reintroduced its discontinued Product 19 cereal just for this new year, 2019, but call it Product 2019 -- but designed as Product 20+19 or something like that. I even emailed Kellogg's, but I just got back from a company rep a polite no and a coupon for other Kellogg's products.

Oh, well. I still think it's a good idea.


Happy New Year 2019

I'm home tonight watching the usual MeTV lineup of old, wonderful reruns. I'm still trying to recover from last night's New Years Eve excesses.

Pedestrian walkway over Rockville Pike, Rockville, Md., 1:09 p.m. Dec 31, 2018

This pedestrian walkway seems to figure in a lot of my New Years Eves in recent years.


That being the case, I'll briefly recap the past day and a half.

I headed over to the Dupont Metro in the raw, rainy afternoon (air temp around 48F) and rode the Red Line up to Rockville, where I walked to Gordon Biersch. I had arranged a lunch with my current and former coworkers and friends -- Matt, David, and Laura. After lunch, Matt, David, and I went to a nearby bar called Finnigan's Wake.

James Hoban, Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C., 7:07 p.m. Dec 31, 2018


Thereafter, I rode the Metro back to Dupont by about 5:30 p.m. and stopped in James Hoban. I was there at 7 p.m. -- in time for the ringing in of the New Year in London. One of the bartenders turned the TV monitor to BBC and I watched the tremendous fireworks display in London along the Thames at the London Eye.

Fireworks display at the London Eye on the River Thames, New Years Eve 2019


Oh, yes, apparently, the fireworks display intentionally had a pro-EU flavor to it, specifically, some of the (blue and yellow) colors -- upsetting the Brexiters.

Fireworks over central London with the London Eye and House of Parliament nearby, New Years Eve 2019


Fuck the Brexiters.

That whole Brexit referendum should be done over since the original was a bogus, highly-tainted one that should have never been based on a simple majority. What's more, the Putin thugocracy was as heavily involved in that shit-show as it was in screwing with the 2016 election in this country.

Fireworks over central London, New Years Eve 2019


By the way, when did London get a skyline with skyscrapers to rival a major American city (though not one of those cities in the Far East).

The recently refurbished and rechristened Doyle Bar at the Hotel Dupont, Washington, D.C., 7:40 p.m. Dec 31, 2018


Thereafter, I stopped at the Hotel Dupont bar where I had a drink before heading over to a place on 17th Street where I spent several hours including the midnight hour -- and watching the countdown on one of the monitors tuned to CNN's New Year's Eve Live countdowns co-hosted by Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen in a very rainy Times Square.

Let me just say that I DO NOT like Andy Cohen. He's a bad-tempered gay douche bag. As for Anderson Cooper, the way he threw Kathy Griffin under the bus in that whole stupid Trump severed head parody episode really spoke to his own character -- and I say that even though I think that his nightly CNN show is doing a reasonably good job in this Trump era.

Apparently, the duo got wasted on tequila shots last night while on air. Honestly, I didn't even notice (it was nosy and crowded where I was watching the TV on mute).

Anyway, I got home around 2 a.m. or so. By that point, it was foggy and damp but the earlier rain had ended. Temps were around 50F but rising as a warm front has pushed through -- and continued to rise to a high this morning (at KDCA) of 64F before a cold front cleared through, drying things out. In all, KDCA picked up 0.48", KIAD 0.53", and KBWI 0.72" of rainfall for the entire event.

As for today, I slept most of the day, not getting up finally until about 4 p.m. (!), no worse (than usual) for yesterday's excessive drinking. What's more, after showering / shaving / getting ready, I went to Circa DC at Foggy Bottom for some dinner and a couple drinks.

Let me say that the Circa DC menu -- food and drink -- is quite good. I've almost always had good experiences there. Tonight, I had a salad and salmon that was delicious.

There was one near Dupont Circle but it closed at the end of 2017.

OK, I'm going to wrap up this entry, but first … 

I need to post an entry discussing the regional record precipitation (rainfall) totals for 2018 at the three main airports stations (KDCA, KBWI, and KIAD). However, I may wait a few days to see if Sterling LWX or the Capital Weather Gang posts anything that will save me the trouble of having to put together the content.

Suffice it to say, here were the yearly totals and departures (with 1981 - 2010 base period normal values in parentheses):

KDCA: 66.28" +26.54" (39.74")

KBWI: 71.82" +29.94" (41.88") [just missed a +30" departure and 72" annual total]

KIAD: 66.74" +25.20" (41.54")

KDMH: 68.77" +27.88" (40.89")

Note 1: The airport totals surpassed the previous wettest years as follows: 4.95" (KDCA), 9.16" (KBWI), and 1.07" (KIAD).

Note 2: KDMH (Maryland Science Center) does not have a full 30-year normal base period yet; the departure and normal is based on a partial average (1998 - 2018).

Numerous other places in the eastern United States had record or near-record precipitation totals in 2018 including the Northeastern megalopolis.

For the upcoming week, there are multiple chances of rain, although the 7-day QPF for our region is not overly impressive:

NWS/NCEP/WPC 7-day (168 hour) quantitative precipitation forecast (QPF) for the Lower 48 U.S. valid 0Z 02 Jan 2019 - 0Z 09 Jan 2019


Note, though, the forecasted rainfall / precipitation totals for the Western Seaboard including Southern California.

As for real winter weather, there doesn't appear to be any Arctic outbreaks in the offing for the next 10 days to two weeks and the chances of any snowfall in this area are minimal (i.e., operationally, "near zero").

Front fa├žade of St. Augustine Catholic Church, Washington. D.C., 4:38 p.m. Dec 30, 2018


OK, that's all for now. Tomorrow night is a planned gym night. Oh, yes, I have a follow-up appointment with my oral surgeon following my (painful) wisdom tooth extraction last Wednesday to see if everything is alright.


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