Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Deep Bad Mood Blog Venting -OR- The Case of the Waylaid (Till the Weekend?) Post (Part 2) and a Trio of Lovely Pics from Faraway Mauritius

Le Morne Brabant, Mauritius


OK, I'm sorry but I'm once again not in any goddamn mood to post a blog posting. I may not update this blog until Saturday.

As it is, I just want to bitch about the polar vortex frigid but (around here) snowless weather (which will abruptly switch to warm and showery rainy by early next week) …

… Not to mention anything that shit-kicks the political fortunes of our syphilitically deranged President Trump … Mitch "The Bitch" McConnell and his 0.1% overclass oligarchy (buttressed by all those downwardly immobile, racially panicked whites) … Or any calls for "bipartisan" horseshit coming from the aptly described "egotistical billionaire asshole" Howard Schultz and his Davos set or the pussy Ron Fourniers and Fred "Washington Consensus" Hiatts of the world.

And also bitch about Betsy DeVos -- and her blood-soaked fundie mercenary brother Erik Prince -- and both cram the 100,000 appropriately nasty comments into one of her mega-yacht's johns. Oh, and sky-trillion dollar tax giveaways to giant corporations that are as "successful" as any other bullshit that comes from the mind of Stephen Moore and the "Club for Horseshit."

Another view of le Morne Brabant and adjacent beach, Mauritius


But I don't feel well and I'm tired and just want to watch my late night MeTV lineup. I'm watching as I write this a Perry Mason episode ("The Case of the Angry Dead Man"). Oh, and I turned on the radiator in my apartment -- something I almost never do.

A third and aerial view of the Morne Brabant peninsula of Mauritius with its "eponymous" basaltic monolith towering 1,824 feet above sea level.

I'd like to visit Mauritius and see this place.


Tomorrow, I need to have a productive day at work, and tomorrow night is a gym night. As I said, I may not update this blog until Saturday night.


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