Monday, January 28, 2019

A Quick Late Night Entry -OR- The Case of the Waylaid Post

Dubrovnik on the rocky Adriatic coastline of Croatia.


Home on this Monday night.

I'm back from the gym -- where I had a moderately good multi-part workout -- and watching a late night MeTV airing of Perry Mason ("The Case of the Waylaid Wolf").

However, I really do not feel like posting an entry tonight. Instead, I would like to work on a work-related task for a couple of hours. That being the case, this is just an entry to say I'm not posting an entry.

I'll try to post an entry tomorrow evening (a non-gym night).

It'll probably on the topic of the Arctic front set to blast through the region with rain / mixed precipitation changing to snow with a minimal accumulation (maybe an inch here in the D.C. area), although that is contingent on the extent to which a weak area of low pressure develops along the front.

OK, signing off now.


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