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Saturday Evening Post for December 29th, 2018: The Green Lady Visits Again and Ringing the Tyrell Corporation, er, Institute; Yearly Areawide Record Precipitation Totals; and Brief Update

**This entry was posted December 29th, 2018.**

Trees silhouetted at dusk, New Hampshire Ave and R St NW, Washington, D.C., 4:51 p.m. Dec 25, 2018


Home this Saturday night watching MeTV.

The MeTV joint Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night and Sunday Red-Eye Sci-Fi lineup includes the Svengoolie-hosted movie: Mysterious Island of Beautiful Woman.

What a weird movie. I had a bit of trouble following it in parts, and in the end had a distinctly sad happy ending. However, Svengoolie makes it very funny with some of those interjections and parody skits including joke commercials.

Thereafter, the Lost in Space is the episode is "The Girl From The Green Dimension." This episode features the same actress -- Vitina Marcus who appeared as "The Green Lady" named Lorelei (pictured above) in the episode "Wild Adventure" -- except here her name is Athena and here she has the hots for Dr. Smith.

I talked about her in this entry just over 5 years ago. Ms. Marcus is alive at 81 and she even has a website. It is this page of her website discusses a bit about the role and her life today.

As for the rest of the lineup …

The Buck Rogers in the 25th Century episode is "Ardala Returns" while Battlestar Galactica features the first part of the pilot episode ("Saga Of A Star World (aka Battlestar Galactica): Part 1 ").

The Kolchak: The Night Stalker episode is Mr. R.I.N.G. (where R.I.N.G. means  "Robomatic Internalized Nerve Ganglia"). It centers on a military-constructed android-like robot that has human characteristics including protecting itself from those seeking to harm (destroy) it.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea ("Graveyard of Fear"), Land of the Giants ("Ghost Town"); and two episodes of Swamp Thing ("Tremors of the Hearts" and "The Prometheus Parabola").

The pilot episode of Land of the Giants series was on last week, so this is the second one -- first aired way back in Sept 1968 or 14 months before I was born.

Speaking of the Mr. R.I.N.G. episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker the robot in question was developed at a facility called the Tyrell Institute (see image directly above). It originally aired in January 1975.

I've not been able to ascertain if that was the source, however indirectly, for the name Tyrell Corporation in the 1982 film Blade Runner. At least one other person has wondered this as well.

I'm unsure that I'll make it to Swamp Thing, but last week, I actually watched the two episodes and read up about it including on the actor / stuntman, Dick Durock, who played the Swamp Thing.

I'm referring here to the 1990 - 1993 series that was on the USA Network.

OK, enough of that.


Areawide record rainfall update …

Yesterday's rainfall dropped 1 to 1.5 inches across the region. That being the case, I would like to update the monthly (MTD), seasonal (STD), and annual precipitation (YTD) totals for the three regional airport stations -- Reagan Washington National Airport (KDCA), Marshall Baltimore / Washington Int'l Airport (KBWI), and Washington Dulles Int'l Airport (KIAD), plus the Maryland Science Center (KDMH).

Let me just note that the rainfall yesterday put KIAD over its previous wettest year ever, specifically, the 65.67-inch annual total from 2003, and now all three airports are into annual territory.

Here are the precipitation totals, departures, and normal values (shown in parentheses) through this calendar day.

Normal values are based on the 1981 - 2010 averages, except for KDMH, which has only a partial dataset going back to April 30, 1998.

Seasonal totals are for climatological winter, which began Dec 1st. Because it is still December, monthly and seasonal values are identical

MTD: 5.34" +2.45" (2.89")
STD: 5.34" +2.45" (2.89")
YTD: 65.80" +26.22" (39.58")

Current yearly records:
1st: 2018 - 65.80 inches
2nd: 1889 - 61.33 inches
3rd: 2003 - 60.83 inches

MTD: 5.85" +2.66" (3.19")
STD: 5.85" +2.66" (3.19")
YTD: 71.13" +29.43" (41.70")

Current yearly records:
1st: 2018 - 71.13 inches
2nd: 2003 - 62.66 inches
3rd: 1889 - 62.35 inches

MTD: 5.23" +2.42" (2.81")
STD: 5.23" +2.42" (2.81")
YTD: 66.21" +24.82" (41.39")

Current yearly records:
1st: 2018 - 66.21 inches
2nd: 2003 - 65.67 inches
3rd: 1972 - 59.05 inches

MTD: 5.48" +2.24" (3.24")
STD: 5.48" +2.24" (3.24")
YTD: 68.14" +27.42" (40.72")

Sterling (LWX) does not yet have a list of records for KDMH available.

Additional rain is forecasted for New Years Eve, so these totals should rise maybe a half inch or so. I'll have the final numbers as soon as we are into the new year.


As a brief update … For tomorrow, I think I'm going to do a second consecutive day gym visit in lieu of anything else, if only because Monday and Tuesday -- New Years Eve and New Years Day -- represent a double weekend (just like last week's Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) with the attendant disruption to regular schedule. Needless to say, I've way overspent this pay period.

Overcast, showery nigh as seen at New Hampshire Ave and 16 St NW, Washington, D.C., 9:25 p.m. Dec 27, 2018


I should note that my difficult wisdom tooth extraction further upended my schedule. About that, I think I'm almost back to normal (with no remaining swelling), although there is some residual discomfort and I'm finishing up the remainder of the amoxicillin (and the painkillers, as needed, and, no, I'm not becoming addicted).

Trees silhouetted at dusk, 2000 block New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 4:43 p.m. Dec 29, 2018


Anyway, the point is that I'd like to get in a second gym visit tomorrow. For tonight, I still need to make some dinner and do laundry. For Monday (New Years Eve), I'm going to work from home in the morning and then go to Rockville for a lunch with some current and former co-workers including DD. Beyond that, I have no particular NYE plans. 

Tree branches and the sky, 2000 block New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 4:43 p.m. Dec 29, 2018


OK, that's all for now. A jukebox Saturday Night entry to follow by about 1 a.m., although I'm going to cheat a bit and "schedule" it for Saturday just before midnight.


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