Monday, December 17, 2018

On Blessed Lack of Fame, a Needed Scrubbing of This Bit of Social Media, & Perfumed Shit Is Still Shit -OR- It's Never a Wonderful Trump

Ariana Grande Is Sorry, Kanye West Is Off His Meds, and Pete Davidson Deleted His Instagram. Here's Why.

OK, I've read this (link embedded) article closely -- TWICE -- to include the tweets by Kanye West -- or "Ye" or whatever nutty name he's presently calling himself -- and I still can't decipher what happened.

I do like this part, though:

Personal lives are messy, mental illness is a beast, and navigating either one is difficult enough for people who aren’t in the social media spotlight 24 hours a day.

It's humanity's lot to spend some portion of our time -- most of it, even -- blundering around in a wilderness of pain, and it's a blessing for most of us that our personal struggles don't get boiled down to stories about the celebs being at it again for the supposed benefit of the general public. Count your blessing, then, because the celebs are indeed at it again.

As I've morphed into middle age, I've come, indeed, to count my blessings that I am not famous. It would be a disaster. (BTW, the above image is a portion of this Renaissance painting.)

On the topic of mental illness, I've decided that 2019 is a good year to scrub -- fumigate -- this blog of any and all references to M. WADE Tipamillyun to include all its previous Regulus blog nom de blog incarnations.

Still, part of me always wants to recap the high (low) lights of the low-rent, pretend gay royalty, self-absorbed, dumbass things it wrote on social media over the years.

But I'm sure as hell not going to do that now. Suffice it to say, Gentle Reader, the lesson here is this:

Perfumed shit is still shit. (Think of that sweet-yet-gross smelling fertilizer that gets strewn about in the springtime in the city.) And I'd like to remove any such references to the topic on this blog.

To be clear, I don't intend to remove those the entries since I don't want to screw up the INTEGRITY -- or whatever it is -- of what with this posting is 2,613 entries.

Rather, I will remove as much of the content as necessary, and if that means a skeletal outline of an entry with no content, so be it.

Ditto references to its beloved Crow Creature (a creature that even now is busy making lists of all the people it has already banned from its current operation called, fittingly, BITCHES).

They really are perfect for each other: Pennsylvania exurban outgassing landfill to Virginia exurban outgassing landfill.

In addition, I want to remove all those entries featuring FUGLY pictures of me and those taken with sundry shit flip-open cellphone cameras I've had over the years. That being the case, the BIG Y'EYEMAH may want to start some HEAVY DUTY downloading.

From the Paul Gilligan's "Pooch CafĂ©" from Oct 25, 2018; click on image for larger version. 


Pete Davidson -- associated with the initial topic of this entry -- is a cast member of Saturday Night Live. Speaking of SNL and shitty things, this cold opening from Dec 15th about featuring a parody of It's a Wonderful Life in which Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump experiences the world if he had never become president is frickin' hilarious …

Yes, that's Robert De Niro as Robert Mueller and Ben Stiller as Michael Cohen while Matt Damon reprises his Brett Kavanaugh.

Apparently, based on some toilet tweets, this skit upset Trump. Good. (Yes, this is how he actually spends his time as president.)

OK, that's all for now. I will try to post an entry Monday night (i.e., later today), but I have a wisdom tooth extraction scheduled, and I'm unsure how I'll feel thereafter, so it might not be until Tuesday night.


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