Friday, December 7, 2018

Black Santa, Spindrift the Stallion, Angels in Camp Paradise, & Southern Ghost Storms -OR- Making Do in TrumpWorld, Friday Night Edition

Black Santa watches over the CVS at 14th and W St NW, Washington, D.C., 6:55 p.m. Dec 1, 2018

I like Black Santa. He looks like a good Santa.


Oooh, it's such a dreaded chore to have to update this blog -- one that no one reads. As it is, I was going to post an entry last night -- even started one -- but just felt wiped out after work, the gym, and having a late, moderately healthy dinner except for that beer brand I like.

Instead, I watched late night MeTV reruns including a wonderful Perry Mason episode: "The Case of the Startled Stallion."

The horse's name was Spindrift, not to be confused with the name of the spacecraft in Land of the Giants, Spindrift the sparkling water, or spindrift the noun (referring to the spray that blows off cresting / crashing waves).

Left: Spindrift and the actor Richard Rust. 

The night before -- after having been home all day as a result of the "national day of mourning" for Geo. H.W. Bush and inability to do any client work, not to mention the fact I've been sick -- I left my apt around 630 p.m. and walked first to the Dupont Circle CVS to buy some more cold and cough meds and thence to Daily Grill on Connecticut Ave where I had a nice dinner.

Above: Historical Mistake of a President Trump with the remaining living former presidents and their wives at the funeral for former Pres Geo H.W. Bush with eulogy given by his son, former Pres Geo W. Bush, Washington National Cathedral on Dec 5, 2018.

Look at him. Everything he touches turns to obscene carnival sideshow shit. He can't even help it. The syphilis is probably finally eating away at the cognitive functions of his brain.


I then went to Old Ebbitt Grill for a couple of drinks and trekked back up 16th St home, detouring to 17th St for a couple of stops.

As a result of my schedule, I was able to watch on MeTV -- despite the shitty reception of my digital antenna -- the first and second parts of what might be the ultimate Charlie's Angels episode: "Angels in Paradise.

I had planned an entire entry revolving around that unintentional mid-1970s camp, but it isn't meant to be.

As alluded to above, I'm still recovering from this unpleasant head cold with persistent dry cough -- with the worst fits occurring at night as I try to sleep. I hate that. I've done a lot of Nyquil and Robitussin CVS-knockoff brand shooters.

I went to the dentist yesterday, but what I thought was an issue appears not to be. Instead, I got a cleaning and talked into extracting one of my wisdom teeth later this month (one of two long-delayed dental procedures).

2000 block New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 4:57 p.m. Dec 6, 2018


It's a cold, still December evening here in this truncated skyscraper that forms part of the Elephant, I mean, L'Enfant complex in SW Washington, D.C.

It was a mostly sunny and seasonably chilly day with highs of 43F at KDCA, 42F at KBWI, and 40F at KIAD.

Tonight will be mostly clear and cold with lows in the 25F to 30F range (even KDCA itself should drop to freezing)

I'm alone in this little office -- lamp on, overhead fluorescents off, little desk fan whirling, and tuned into AccuRadio, specifically, a smooth jazz channel. Alas, my man Bryan Wright hasn't updated his podcast lately.

Earlier this week, the models had been suggesting the possibility of a big weekend snowstorm, but that crapped out as the system will be suppressed well to the south over the southern Appalachians into the Southeastern U.S. There might be heavy snowfall in parts of the north Georgia mountains (not Atlanta proper) and western North Carolina and southwestern Virginia.

NWS weather advisories updated 2359 UTC Dec 7, 2018


There are winter storm warnings in those areas and flood and flash flood watches across Georgia including Metro Atlanta (see above image of NWS advisories minus legend).

Suppressed Southern stream systems greatly annoy me. On that topic, we could have had a nice 6 inch snowfall on President Obama's first Inauguration Day and instead we got nothing thanks to a suppressed Southern stream (not quite the same as the subtropical jet but the southern portion of the polar jet … at least that's what I once read … I actually don't know).

As for me, I was cluelessly dumb in not realizing all the virulent latent racism and panicked fear Obama's election would unleash.

In part as a result, we've got the ongoing tragifarce of the Trump kakistocracy and the deranged and cultic GOP that enables him through the vehicle of Mitch "The Bitch" McConnell's vast jowl system. At least Paul Frickin' Ryan is gone -- and Nancy "Dragonfire" Pelosi is back in the Speaker's Chair where she belongs.

Returning to the proximate issue, the weather …

… the upshot here in D.C. is that we are just 0.05" from tying the second wettest year (60.83" in 2003) and 0.55" all-time wettest year (61.33" in the pre-airport period year of 1889) at KDCA with 24 days of December to go.

KBWI is already at its wettest and has been since Nov 15th (presently at 65.67" versus previous all-time record of 62.66" set in 2003), as have multiple stations across the eastern United States.

KIAD is at its second wettest (61.30"), but with 4.39" to go to tie the wettest, that seems a stretch.

(Of note, I had to correct two previous entries on the greatest KIAD annual precipitation total: It is 65.69", not 65.67" (the latter being KBWI's current total).

The next meaningful chance of rainfall appears next Friday -- a week hence -- with a major storm in the eastern U.S., but it should trek up the Appalachians and keep plenty of sufficiently warm air in place to avoid any giant snow dumping -- not just on the coastal plain but even in the Blue Ridge and Alleghenies.

This is still a week out, but the operational GFS has had a lot of run-to-run consistency on that storm.

(Of note, there is a 60 PoP for next Friday in the actual NWS forecast. There is a 20 PoP for snow flurries on Sunday, but that's bullshit.)

Well, I want to avoid this entry turning into a totally political one, since those sprawl seemingly endlessly -- not to mention require a vast amount of time to complete.

Notre Dame Cathedra at dusk, Nov 2018; Tim took this pic last month while in Paris and I've been meaning to post it.


I'm going to wrap up this entry. For tonight, I'm mot meeting my neighbor-friend Fred at Annie's, as is my custom, as he isn't available. Instead, I'll probably just stop at the Willard Round Robin and another place or two before walking home.

Gnome Santa, City Dental DC, Washington, D.C., 2:51 p.m. Dec 6, 2018


Tomorrow, my plan is to go the gym late afternoon / early evening and then have an at-home Saturday night -- to include posting my usual pair of entries. Sunday is my free day, though this weekend, I may go up to Bethesda on the Metro since I haven't actually been there in a while.

OK, that's all for now.


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