Saturday, October 20, 2018

Saturday Evening Post for October 20th, 2018: A Wind in the Door Edition*

*With apologies to the late, great Madeleine L'Engle

The Northumberland, 2000 block New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 4:08 p.m. Oct 20, 2018


Just a brief posting …

Home this Saturday night watching the MeTV Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night lineup.

The Svengoolie-hosted movie earlier was Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Such a silly movie.

The Lost in Space is the episode was "The Android Machine" and it features the actress Dee Hartford. According to IMDb, nearly all of her acting work was in the 1960s, and (as of May 2018) she was still alive (at 90) and living in Palm Springs, Calif.

Following Buck Rogers in the 25th Century ("The Plot to Kill a City - Part 2") at 11 p.m., the episode of the great Battlestar Galactica at midnight is "War of the Gods - Part 1").

The Red-Eye Sci-Fi lineup is then Kolchak the Night Stalker ("The Zombie"), Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea ("Leviathan"), and Land of the Giants ("Pay the Piper"), by which time I'll go to sleep.

As I write this, there are occasional gusty winds blowing outside with the tree branches sh-shing and sighing. I turned off the a/c and opened the window (even with all the goddamn sirens).

NWS high-resolution surface weather map for a portion of the eastern United States valid 0Z Oct 21, 2018


A powerful (secondary) cold front associated with a vigorous shortwave is crossing the region tonight with a few scattered rain showers and ushering in much colder conditions for at least a couple days.

Sterling (LWX) radar in standard composite mode looped 9:23 pm - 10:04 pm Oct 20,2018


A bout of genuine fall chill is forecasted for much of the eastern United States for early next week. As this is the first widespread freeze, there are multiple freeze warnings in effect -- and once verified, will end this year's growing season.

NWS weather advisories for the U.S., updated 0218UTC Oct 21, 2018


Highs here in the D.C. area tomorrow are forecasted to be in the 47F to 52F range, which is actually for once below normal. In addition, it is forecasted to be gusty and blustery -- so a nice autumnal autumn day. What's more, maybe we'll actually get some fall colors in the trees -- that continues to be mostly absent -- before the seasonal "de-leafing" occurs.

Sterling (LWX) NWSFO county warning area (CWA) weather advisories updated 10:12 pm EDT Oct 20, 2018


There is a wind advisory tonight across the Alleghenies, Blue Ridge, and Shenandoah but not here in the Baltimore / Washington corridor.

Louisville (LMK) NWSFO CWA weather advisories updated 0:19 pm EDT Oct 20, 2018


Regarding the above map, yes,, this is Mitch "The Dirty Amoral Bitch" McConnell's territory. Also known as Mr. Elaine Chao, the Dirty Amoral Bitch and its vast, cavernous jowls are immune to cold weather because -- unlike the Vulgar Talking Yam sideshow that is Donald Trump -- the McConnell creature is Satan itself.

Alright, I'm not turning this into a political-themed entry.

Row houses, 1400 block W Street NW, Washington, D.C., 4:11 pm Oct 20, 2018


I went to the gym earlier today. For tomorrow, I'm supposed to meet Aydin and we're going to lunch at Martin's Tavern in Georgetown.

OK, that's all for now. I'm not going to be able to post a Jukebox Saturday Night entry posted before midnight, so I am going to skip it (again) this week.


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