Saturday, October 13, 2018

Saturday Evening Post for October 13th, 2018: Additional Thoughts on the Trump FUBAR'd, Electorally-and-Judicially-Rigged GOP Dystopia

**This entry was posted October 13th, 2018**

Dazzling setting sunlight reflection off the building at 14th and W Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 5:55 pm Oct 13, 2018


Saturday Night.

So, I didn't expect to compose a Saturday Evening Post and/or Jukebox Saturday Night entry, but today didn't go entirely as I expected. For starters, I didn't actually get out of bed until nearly 4 p.m. today. Yes, that's totally ridiculous.

A frog fountain on a side street in Alexandria, Va., 2:53 pm Oct 8, 2018

This is one of three pictures I took last Sunday in Alexandria that I am including in this entry even though they aren't specifically topically related to anything else in this entry.


I'm home and watching the MeTV Super Sci-Fi Saturday night and Sunday Red-Eye Sci-Fi line up. My plan is get up at a reasonably early hour tomorrow (11 a.m. or so) and take a walk, get lunch, and enjoy the suddenly lovely, cool fall weather after all those months of relentless heat, wet, and 70F dew point high humidity.

Woodrow Wilson Bridge as seen from Jones Point, Alexandria, Va., 3:18 pm Oct 8, 2018


Last night, I walked to Washington Harbour to meet Mike and Galina, but as they were going to a Russian play at the Kennedy Center, it made more sense to meet at the Top of the Gate bar rooftop bar at the Watergate Hotel. The view is nice but the drinks are just too expensive.

Potomac River view through the trees at Jones Point, Alexandria, Va., 3:16 pm Oct 8, 2018


Thereafter, I stopped at the (new) Hotel Hive rooftop bar and then headed back home. On the way, I found a drivers license, credit card, and other ID of a guy who lives at 725 24th St NW (an apartment building of some sort) and brought it back to the desk there. I also gave $20 to a sad-looking homeless guy at M and New Hampshire.

Dusk view from Top of the Gate bar, Watergate Hotel, Washington, D.C., 7:10 pm Oct 12, 2018


I also detoured over to 17th St where I stopped at Skank & Hound, I mean, Fox & Hound, as I saw Kristof and Gary inside and, well, though they aren't my friends anymore (especially Gary)I felt like talking to them (especially Kristof). A third, very dark one was there but, thankfully, he immediately left.

Blurry nighttime image of one of the sculpted figures on the Dupont Circle fountain, Washington, D.C., 10:57 pm Oct 12, 2018


All in all, it was an unexpectedly nice night -- and I enjoyed catching up with Kristof, although I didn't realize that his mom back in Gdansk had passed away in March. But, no, I don't really expect to reestablish any friendships, especially with Gary. I don't want that.

Yours truly by the Dupont Circle fountain (empty and off last night), Washington, D.C., 11:03 pm Oct 12, 2018


The only thing I did today was to walk over to nearby Kapnos where I had some dinner and drinks at the bar. Of note, two of the bartenders there are these 21-year old Serbian studs. What is there -- some sort of factor that bangs out these models?

Evening view looking east, 1500 block V Street NW, Washington, D.C., 5:51 pm Oct 13, 2018


As a bit of political commentary (which you know you want) …

Here is a worthwhile New York Times article about how Trump supporters' personally identifiable information is being sold as part of a vast corporate racket (link embedded): Now for Rent: Email Addresses and Phone Numbers for Millions of Trump Supporters.

The article includes this as an image taken at a Trump "Hillbilly Nuremberg" rally in Eric, Pa., this past Wednesday:

Look at them. Nothing but a bunch of American fascist-wannabes except, as Americans, they're so mind-numbingly ignorant, corn-fed bovine, and ready-to-be-fleeced stupid that they aren't about to do anything except fail. What's more, anyone of the men in that crowd could come home and find Trump in bed with their wives -- and they'd immediately blame Hillary and Nancy Pelosi while turning over their life savings to him. Fucking goobers.

Meanwhile, in nearby West Virginia, here is a nice cautionary tale of what you get when the G-Sick-O-P runs fucking riot (in this case, at the state level and attacking the judicial branch): West Virginia’s Absurd, Dangerous Supreme Court Impeachment Crisis.

What a batch of vicious but ultimately loser ass-wipes. But isn't it funny how that goes: You start out with Leo Leonard and Mitch "The Amoral Bitch" McConnell and end up with this freak show.

St. Augustine Catholic Church, Washington, D.C., 5:52 pm Oct 12, 2018


On that topic, the vicious G-SICK-O-P got 15 more rightwing judges confirmed -- as if these Leonard Leo Federalist Society bots are going to have any power to remake civilization in their diseased neo-Confederate fundamentalist and/or Opus Dei kook-ass crazy Catholic image.

For starters, who the fuck elected Leo "Catholic Dick-Bot" Leonard head of anything? And we're supposed to quiver in fear while this doughy D.C. GOP fuck-wad operative masquerading as a lawyer -- the judicial equivalent of fat fuck Grover "Rover All Over" Norquist -- thinks he's going to remake society, no, civilization itself, in his fucked up image.

Look at him. He looks like something out of a Dr. Who episode. What a dingleberry.

In the end, it's all just American hillbilly white racism dressed up in a D.C. veneer. That being the case, at the end of the day, it's just the G-FUCKO-P exercising "power" in some on-the-surface ruthless but ultimately ineffectual way. That is, while they THINK they can change the world, they simply cannot.

It's an eternal losing proposition -- no matter how many elections the fucking worthless Democrats blow and/or lose. And this, Dear Reader, is the central failure of Mitch "The Amoral Bitch" McConnell and his ilk, and one they can't grasp: They win every battle but steadily lose the war.

Having said all that, I still totally expect the Dems to fucking blow / lose the midterms in some catastrophic way, and not SOLELY because the entire goddamn late 18th Century American political system is rigged to help rural, white racists who, for their part, are busy living off the dole from the Blue States.

Googly eyes on the Nathanael Greene monument in Johnson Square, Savannah, Ga., Oct 11, 2018

I'm sorry, but I just think this is fucking harmlessly hilarious. No need to blow a gasket over it.


Dusk as seen at V Street and New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 7:00 pm Oct 13, 2018


OK, that's all for now. I'm going to try to post a Jukebox Saturday Night entry. Thereafter, my next entry won't be until late Monday or Tuesday.


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