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North Carolina's Hurricane Florence Flooded Hog Pond Libertarian Paradise and Mitch "The Bitch" McConnell's GOP Machine Hits a Snag; Plus, Pictures from the Storm's Impact Zone

An injured, wet pelican struggles on a sidewalk in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, Carolina Beach, N.C., September 15, 2018

The real-world, storm-impact pictures in this entry are taken from this MSN photo-montage article. With a few noteworthy exceptions, I'm not going to caption them. Either scroll through or download them to get the information (the latter from the file name).


GOES East daytime true color image of now-Tropical Depression Florence over the Carolinas, Sept 16, 2018 (time unspecified)


So, Hurricane Florence is now just a remnant tropical depression -- that is in the process of getting swept up / incorporated as an extratropical low into a shortwave ("cold frontal system") approaching the eastern United States.

While there is a chance of some rainfall here in the D.C. area, all the trends are not promising is there will be nothing. To that point, here is an almost-current national composite radar mosaic for the northeastern quadrant of the United States:

NECONUS composite radar mosaic looped 0158 - 0308 UTC Sept 17, 2018


Here was the southeastern quadrant image from Saturday:

SECONUS composite radar mosaic looped 2008 - 2118 UTC Sept 15, 2018


The only good thing is that there is SUPPOSED to be a pattern change this coming week that FINALLY brings an end to this relentless high humidity and summery warmth and in its place, omething APPROXIMATING fall weather, even if briefly, and in time for the arrival of astronomical (seasonal) fall.

As for Hurricane Florence, the current human death toll from the storm stands at 17. Meanwhile, he number of "pig lagoons" (or "hog ponds") in set to or in the process of overflowing their fecal free-market heaven into the flood waters inundating parts of this GOP one-party authoritarian state is put on the order 3,300. (Source here.)

It's not just all this pig shit and piss but also the chicken factory farm feces and urine, other assorted agricultural death wash (nitrogen and phosphorous compounds), and all that "nonhazardous" coal ash that Duke Energy and the rest of the Free Market Corporate Oligarchs GUARANTEE you is SO SAFE that you are ENCOURAGED to put it in your baby's drinking water.

Of course, you can sell that bullshit to ass-hat, Fox News-addled Trump voters there and anywhere in these United States of America ALL DAY LONG. Just tell them it's "anti-Hillary-fortified" or some gibberish and they'll go RUNNING to buy it.

As for the amount of rainfall that occurred in yet-another-one of these stalled hurricanes in the context of a juiced-up, globally warmed atmosphere, it was on the order of 1 to 3 feet. Below is an excerpt and some totals from a CWG entry earlier today (link embedded): Florence forecast: Dangerous flooding expands into western North Carolina and southwest Virginia.

Through Sunday midday, numerous locations in southeast North Carolina had endured more than 20 inches of rain, with Onslow and Carteret counties being hit particularly hard. At least three locations in these counties appear to have broken the state record for tropical storm or hurricane rainfall, exceeding the 24.09 inches that fell near Wilmington during Hurricane Floyd in 1999:

Swansboro: 33.89 inches

Hoffman Forest: 29.48 inches

Sunny Point: 27.44 inches

Nature Conservancy: 27.12 inches

Newport: 25.20 inches

Some other notable rainfall totals in South Carolina and North Carolina include:

Wilmington: 23.59 inches
Lumberton: 21.51 inches
New Bern: 16.65 inches
Fayetteville: 12.33 inches
North Myrtle Beach: 10.22 inches
Florence: 6.82 inches 
Raleigh: 5.07 inches
Charlotte: ~ 7 inches
Columbia: 2.54 inches

Note: The final totals are likely to change a bit.

Lastly, the above-linked CWG entry notes this:

The rain from Florence in Wilmington pushed its 2018 rainfall total to 86.79 inches. "This smashes the previous yearly rainfall record of 83.65 inches set in 1877...with over 3 months to go," the Weather Service tweeted.

NWS radar-estimated rainfall storm totals through Sunday morning, Sept 16, 2018

Totals are in inches with the legend on the side. The top three colors are white (28 to 32 inches), light cadet blue (32 to 36 inches), and a sort of very light sky blue (36+ inches).  


I trust these flood waters on and along the Neuse and Tar Rivers are mixing nicely with the other agricultural pesticide runoff and coal ash to coat everything and soak into the ground to pollute it for another couple hundred years, which is to say, helping to create and maintain that GOP small government, free-market demi-paradise that is the American South.

As for me, I don't know why I haven't yet picked up and moved to some tract house development on the outskirts of Raleigh-Durham, preferably a gated one accessible only by highways in my Toyota Tundra. Maybe after these flood waters recede but before the next stalled hurricane-induced mega-flood in 2019.

Let's not even going mention The Weather Channel and its long-time on-air meteorologist-celebrity Mike Seidel getting caught pretending to be blown away by a wet gust of wind in Wilmington -- while two dudes just stroll past across the street.

Here is the screenshot image (although you get a better sense of the fraudulency of Seidel's actions when you watch the actual video of it):

The only "lesson" the frickin' Weather Entertainment Channel will "learn" from this is to make sure that in the next hurricane, the "shot" can't be screwed up in this fashion.

Anyway, time to get your Blue State checkbook out to help these good folks. No, I don't oppose that. I do oppose, though, using the money just to reestablish ecologically lethal and economically ruinous systems all over again. (The North Carolina state legislature has some of the most viciously malevolent and willfully ignorant GOP pols in existence today.)

What's more, when it's California burning or New York outer boroughs destroyed or Puerto Rico turned into a Hurricane Maria / Trump basket case, then these Southerners can't get enough of any pol with that "magic R" after his or her name -- and are only too happy to go along with whatever socially, ecologically, and economically destructive garbage that pol and his dark money puppeteers support.  

Not to worry, though, because Mitch "The Bitch" McConnell's massively-inflated jowls are in the process of ensuring that a massive disaster aid and reconstruction bill is sent at WARP FACTOR 10 through the Senate (and, of course, Paul "Eddie Munster" Ryan, libertarian godsend and outgoing WORST SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES EVER will follow suit) -- well before the fucking midterms.

As for South Carolina, well, Lindsey "Gay" Graham (R - Totally Gay) will be there to ensure his stupid state can feed at the trough, too. God, he's such closet case. And now he's just morphed into another GOP leader complicit in facilitating this whole Trump Twilight Zone epoch.

About Mitch "The Bitch" McConnell, the unexpected resurrection of a college sexual predation mess with Brett Kavanaugh, key, proud member of Ken Starr's 1990s Clinton Sexual Puritan Inquisition, is certainly causing him some old man constipation.

Any interruptions to the process of stocking up the federal judiciary with Federalist Society baby trout and tadpoles to last for the next 50 years is one thing...

… But to have that FIFTH SUPREME COURT VOTE possibly pinched at the post and RIGHT BEFORE a quite possibly unpleasant election outcome is just too much for the old, amoral fuck.

It cannot be overstated enough that this fifth GUARANTEED Federalist Society vote on ALL MATTERS for the next half century is something that the morally diseased GOP has been orgasmically awaiting for 40 years as the "Final Solution" not just to Roe v. Wade but to the entire framework of the Great Society and New deal -- and thus to bring about, at least in theory, that "libertarian" 19th Century oligarchical death state.

Hopefully, Mr. Elaine Chao is getting his Depend undergarments changed by his husband, Mrs. Elaine Chao, a.k.a., Brave Moon Orchid.

A Lumberton firefighter holds on to two nursing home patients as a member of the Cajun Navy drives his truck during the evacuation of a nursing home due to rising flood waters on Sept. 15 in Lumberton, North Carolina.


About that, this Josh Marshall piece sums it up nicely why it is highly unlikely that anything will derail this GOP SCOTUS train. Their entire degenerate existence is driven by this. They will not give up. They've far too much invested in this Kavanaugh Federalist Society hothouse orchid -- and the whole fucking 40 year enterprise to give up now with TOTAL VICTORY in sight.

The prospect of an actual return to the 19th Century with Jim Crow politics plus permanent gerrymandering to ensure eternal GOP counter-majoritarian rule, Lochner era labor laws, die-in-the-gutter health laws for those without means, and total ecocide of the planet's biosphere are just too enticing, too nearby, to give up.

As for me, I'm really fed up having to be in the same country anymore as people whose lives are devoted to creating a neo-Confederate, quasi-theocratic, race-and-class-based oligarchy, not to mention those who either directly enable or support (for whatever political or strategic reasons) a dangerous, antisocial personality disordered sociopath as the current Oval Office occupant.

The story here is that a woman and her baby were killed when this tree fell on her house in Wilmington, N.C., September 14, 2018.


Anyway, returning to ecological "legacy" of North Carolina's agricultural sector, I am of the view that we should boycott all this toxic, poisonous, steroidal and chemical-laden factory farm food that state -- or from anywhere else for that matter.

OK, I'm going to end this entry now because I'm in a fucking lousy mood.


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