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Climatological Summer 2018 Rainfall Totals for KDCA, KBWI, KIAD, and KDMH - An Overview **UPDATED / CORRECTED**

** UPDATED / CORRECTED 4:38 p.m. September 4, 2018: Please see below. **

OK, this is just a quick entry to note how much rain fell during climatological summer 2018 -- that is June 1, 2018 through August 31, 2018 -- rather than astronomical (i.e., "seasonal") summer.

CORRECTED: It turns out it was THE wettest ever for Washington, D.C. (KDCA) stretching for the airport period period stretching back to 1942 with 20.13" of rainfall recorded and for Washington Dulles International Airport (KIAD) stretching back to April 1960 (and continuous records since Jan 1964) with 22.61" of rainfall.

CORRECTED: It was the second wettest ever for Baltimore, Md. (KBWI) stretching back to 1950 when record-keeping began at the airport. KBWI narrowly missed the wettest summer ever -- by a miniscule 0.04" at 25.34" behind the tremendously wet summer of 1955 at 25.38", a total that ranked well ahead of anything else in the airport period.


The information in this entry came from this CWG entry. Unfortunately, I did not read it with sufficient care. I've updated the entry with corrected information taken from this CWG entry.

The "wettest summer" and "second wettest summer" for KDCA and KBWI were ONLY for the airport period -- i.e., the period in question stretched back only to 1942 and 1950, respectively.

If the pre-airport period is included, it was only the 6th wettest on record for Washington, D.C.

For Baltimore, I'm unsure where the 25.34" total ranks for the full record stretching back to 1871.

In the case of Dulles Airport (KIAD), since its record-keeping period stretches back only to 1960, I'm assuming that it was the wettest on record. 

End of Update / Correction. 


August 2018: 5.19" +2.26" (2.93")

Climatological Summer 2018: 20.13" +9.69" (10.44")

Year-to-Date: 40.10" +13.70" (26.40")

This summer's total narrowly surpasses the 19.88" total for the summer of 1969 -- and easily surpasses the 18+ totals for the summers of 2003, 2006, and 2015.

CORRECTED: Top 18 wettest climatological summers for KDCA 1942 - 2018.

This is ONLY for the National Airport period stretching back to 1942. Record-keeping began at National Airport began in August 1941, although I've also seen dates as late as August 1945.



August 2018: 3.84" +0.55" (3.29")
Climatological Summer 2018: 25.34" +14.52" (10.82")
Year-to-Date: 45.26" +17.41" (27.85")

CORRECTED: Top 20 wettest climatological summers for KBWI 1950 - 2018.

Official record-keeping began at BWI Airport (then Friendship Airport) in June 1950.



August 2018: 7.23" +3.70" (3.53")
Climatological Summer 2018: 22.61" +11.43" (11.18")
Year-to-Date: 43.26" +15.26" (28.00")

Of note, the 1.92" that fell on August 31st pushed KIAD into 1st place at 22.61" for wettest summer ever for climatological summer 2018.

Top 18 wettest climatological summers for KIAD 1960 - 2018.

Official record-keeping began at Dulles Airport in April 1960 -- but was not continuously kept until January 1964.



August 2018: 6.45" +3.06 (3.39")

Climatological Summer 2018: 19.85" +8.57" (11.28")

Year-to-Date: 42.24" +14.87" (27.37")

In the case of KDMH -- that is, the Maryland Science Center at the Inner Harbor of Baltimore -- it only has records back to April 30, 1998, so a full 30-year "average" or normal data set is not yet available. The departures shown here are based on a partial record.


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I had intended a longer entry, but I'm really tired and want to go to sleep. It's Sunday late night (nearly midnight). Tomorrow, of note, is Labor Day and I'm off for the federal holiday.

I'll try to post an entry tomorrow night.


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