Thursday, September 20, 2018

A Thursday Noon Hour Posting with Topically-Unrelated But Totally Wonderful Seaside Images

The Howrah Natural Bridge, Neil Island, 
Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India

(Neil Island is sometimes spelled Neill Island, but the former seems to be how the tourism board spell it.)

As for this entry, I'm just posting some uncaptioned ocean / seaside images that I've previously posted (but that are certainly worth reposting). Click on / download them for information (from the file names). (In two instances, the 8th and 9th images, I don't know the location. They came from a YouTube video accompanying Paul Hardcastle's "Bird Island" piece.)


Again, apologies for lack of an entry last night.

After work, I went to the gym, where I had certainly my best workout since my shoulder dislocation saga of a month ago including treadmill, weightlifting, and swimming. About weightlifting, I'm slowly getting back to normal, although bench pressing and heavier weights remains out. I am able to swim almost normally.

Anyway, I got home and just wanted to watch late night MeTV old shows including Carol Burnett & Friends and Perry Mason.

As it is, the topic I wanted to right about -- political on the matter of the GOP ethics in the unchecked and untrammeled, wholly deranged Trump era; the Kavanaugh nomination; and a certain set septuagenarian and octogenarian amoral Republican Senators -- was so vituperative (and kinda pointless) that I opted to refrain.

Oh, and I was going to talk about the toxic and filthy floodwaters down in North Carolina in the wake of Hurricane Florence, and Trump's ridiculous visit there yesterday. But that too would have been off-the-charts vituperative, including about some of the Trump-loving flood victims, which wouldn't have very nice.

Instead, I had a decent dinner with a good mix of food one and a half Victory Golden Monkey beers, and, as mentioned, watched TV in my tiny, dimply lamp lit, air conditioned apartment. I was happy.

I've been meaning to give a weather update, specifically, the regional rain totals from the remnants of Florence (1 to 3 inches) with KBWI now over 50 inches of precipitation for the year. KDCA is nearing 50 inches. (I'll post precise numbers in an upcoming entry.)

There were also some tornadoes in the Richmond area as a result of the left over spin from Florence a couple days ago with one death reported (in Chesterfield County, I think), bringing the Florence-related death toll to 32 (mostly in North Carolina).

The tropical cyclone name "Florence" in the Atlantic basin will almost certainly be retired.

The weather continues to be too warm and too humid with no real sign of autumnal conditions despite the fact that we are three weeks into climatological fall and actual astronomical ("seasonal") fall begins this Saturday. 

It reached 87F yesterday for a high yesterday and today is forecast to reach 82F at KDCA (so add three or four degrees onto that).

As a final topic to this entry, I just want to mention just how active and strange my dreams have been the past few weeks. Last night / this morning's set including more College Park dreams.

Paranoiac Visage, Dail, 1935

These included finding a small, upscale bar at night that does not exist in real-life and getting back to my old Princeton Ave house room residence at dawn ... being on a combo jet and cruise ship with many levels an all these fancy eating areas and bar (and trying to find my mother to show her one of the places, but ending up on a narrow road in a high-speed drive back to the jet … being in a jet rapidly taxiing along a road under a dense canopy of trees whose crowns were cropped at the bottom just above the aircraft, something about Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy.

And so on.

OK, I'm going to sign off for now. I have a fair amount of editing work to do on two policy documents. Also, I start my shoulder physical therapy this evening (there is a Pivot place at L'Enfant Plaza in the building in which I work). However, I've already been going to the gym. I'm not sure whether to reveal that fact or not. (Also, it's a non-gym night tonight.)

I may not post anything until tomorrow (Friday) evening. Fred is away this weekend, so I'm not meeting him as is our usual Friday night custom. I may just go to the Round Robin in the Willard and then to Old Ebbitt before heading home.

Since the topic is hanging in the air of this entry, so to speak, it's such a goddamn relief to have Trade and No. 9 out of my life for good. Truly. Ditto the whole shitty, horrible D.C. "gayborhood" or whatever it's supposed to be. And I can't begin to relate how satisfying it is to have that entire shitty cavalcade of assorted horrible relations out of my life and forever in the category of ex-friends or ex-whatever.

OK, signing off for now.


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