Saturday, August 25, 2018

Another Note on the Trade Situation

Just as a follow-up, I received a strange email from Trade -- co-signed by the three co-owners, John Guggenmos, Ed Bailey, and Jim Boyle -- threatening me with a sort of combination civil and criminal action if I don't remove the previous blog entries on the topic (here and here).

For starters, unless my attorney tells me to remove those two entries and this one, I am not doing so. Period.

Secondly, and more importantly, while their threat of a civil case (defamation) makes conceptual sense to me -- although, I would point out, that the truth is in fact a defense against libel (Aaron Riggins dislocated my shoulder), and I'd like to know what damages have been done to Trade -- the criminal case threat is deeply problematic.

You are either a victim of a crime or you are not. You are not permitted to leverage criminal law in that manner to get a particular civil outcome that you seek.

That's all I'm saying about this, except I'm continuing to proceed on my own path.

What's more, I've no hesitation to have this proceed as a civil case, a criminal case, or both. I'm not going to have my shoulder dislocated by some overheated bartender based upon a misperception and then incur thousands-to-tens-of-thousands of dollars in medical bills and disruption to my life because he jumped to the wrong conclusion about what was happening and simply drop the matter.

And you wouldn't either.

On a personal note, I'm fed up with these gay guys running their liquor-centered cash cow operations with zero accountability for anything that happens.


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