Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Even in TrumpWorld, Happy, Heated 4th of July -OR- Just 8 Years Until the Semiquincentennial

July 4th. Independence Day 2018. 

Apologies for lack of postings since Saturday night.

It is a strange sort of work week with the 4th of July holiday smack dab in the middle of it -- today -- with the result that the entire five day period is sort of a quasi-extended weekend.

To that end, I went out last night with my neighbor friend Fred -- to Old Ebbitt Grill Corner Bar (I've been going there more than the Old Bar lately) and then to Off the Record in the Hay Adams -- and wildly overspent on money. I also went with my coworker friend Matt to Amendment 21 near where we work and, later, to No. 9 and Trade.

As for today, well, I slept in until a short time ago. Wonderful.

This is a cartoon by former Pittsburgh-Post Gazette cartoonist Rob Rogers, who was fired last month by the rightwing dick, Trump-loving billionaire publisher -- John Block -- through his vicious, Trump butt-munching editorial page editor and asshole, Keith Burris because his cartoons weren't constantly Trump friendly in that cult-of-personality way that defines today's Trump GOP.


I'm flat broke -- except for a credit card I really don't want to use -- until Friday, although I need to get something to eat today. Honestly, I don't know what to do today. It's sort of like a Sunday. I know what I won't do: Go down to the National Mall (or anywhere near it) to see the fireworks in a massive throng of overheated people.

As for the much of the rest of D.C., by dusk it turns into something mimicking a Third World active civil war zone as jury-rigged, rickety contraptions dangerously overloaded with wildly exploding fireworks are set off on every street corner in Columbia Heights, Petworth, Anacostia, and other similar non-Georgetown areas and the air is dense with choking sulfurous clouds.

Trust me: You NEVER get these sorts of views (directly above and below).

Photo credit Anthony Quintano


The weather remains hot, humid, and horrible with highs in the 92F to 97F range for the past several days and dew points in the 72F to 78F.Of note, Sterling actually started issuing excessive heat warnings for Baltimore City (on Monday) and the immediate Baltimore/Washington corridor including the District of Columbia (on Tuesday) in lieu of the usual heat advisories.

Sterling (LWX) weather advisories updated 2:44 p.m. EDT July 3, 2018.


I should note there that I had had an email exchange with the LWX MIC about this very topic. It is a bit of a sore subject for two reasons:

First, I think the threshold criteria in the Sterling CWA (110F heat index for two days) is too high.

Secondly, when it is issued based upon an anticipated heat index (as it typically is), where is that being measured -- in a rural forest or horrible downtown Baltimore? Those are very different weather situations but the rarely-issued excessive heat warning product has not (at least until this week) issued in a sufficiently granular way.

Sterling (LWX) weather advisories updated 2:44 p.m. EDT July 3, 2018.


We had a brief downpour yesterday in downtown D.C. -- although nothing measurable "officially" fell at KDCA proper -- that in the end only made it more humid.

Today is hot -- around 93F -- but a tad less humid -- dew point a bit under 70F and there are no hot weather products up for the immediate area. However, it is cloud-free so just sunny and still atrocious. Of note, it seems to be hot everywhere across this planet these days. More winning in TrumpWorld, I guess.

Sterling (LWX) NWS radar in standard base mode reflectivity looped 3:12 - 3:45 p.m. EDT July 4, 2018.


There are t-storms out in the western Maryland, West Virginia, and parts of central Pennsylvania, but they aren't really moving anywhere, just bubbling up and dissipating (see looped radar image directly above). 

My plan is to post the entry I started on Monday night later tonight. For tomorrow, I have a 2 p.m. doctor's appt. I won't make it into the office, although nobody will actually be there since everyone is off. Tomorrow night is a gym night.

OK, that's all for now. Happy 242nd birthday, America. Just 8 years to go until the semiquincentennial


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