Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Flooded River Runs Through It -OR- Potomac Watery Yards ...

**This entry was posted June 7th, 2018.**

Flooded tidal basin with the Jefferson Memorial in the background; Washington, D.C., June 5 (or 6), 2018; 
Photo by Loic Pritchett.

This pic as a sort of Logan's Run movie quality to it. It as well as the third and sixth real-world pictures below (I'm ignoring the Initiative 77 image) are featured in this CWG entry. The second, fourth, and fifth real-world pics below are from this CWG entry.


God, I hate this blog -- and anybody who reads or is otherwise involved in it (to include myself).Yes, this means you (except Chester, Chris, Wendy, and Mike G). Everybody else can go to hell. (Not my mom, but she carefully avoids this blog.)

Flooded Potomac River as seen in Oronoco Park, Old Town Alexandria, Va., June 5, 2018; 
Photo by Jane Connors.


I'm still DEEPLY pissed off about last night's blog disaster -- and the God that doesn't exist but is still TITILLATED by ANYTHING that goes wrong EVER.

Flooded Captain White Seafood City Market,
SW Washington, D.C., June 5 (or 6), 2018;
Photo by Loic Pritchett.

What a mess.

This is located within 1,000 feet of where I work. Of note, all the Loic Pritchett pictures in this entry were EITHER taken on June 5th or 6th. Not even the weather conditions are definitive evidence.


I had written so many good things, but then that fuckup occurred -- and my BETROTHED, BIG Y'EYEMAH, was SO HAPPY that there was TOTAL FAILURE and MORBID OBESITY. As a result, I had to sign off

Wall-P, you vulgar, amoral, clueless, money-mongering stooge-bot.

Flooded Potomac River, S. Union and King Streets, Alexandria, Va., June 5, 2018; 
Photo by Liz Malm.


Anyway, I'm home now but going to sleep. I went to the gym on Monday night and Tuesday late afternoon (long story) and had very good workouts. As for today, I had a good day at work. Tonight, I went out, had an OK night, and now I'm home watching Perry Mason ("The Case of the Scandalous Sculptor" -- an episode with June Lost In Space Lockhart). (She's still alive at the spry age of 92.)

The Twilight Zone episode was an awesome one: "Back There."

Potomac River flooding Washington Harbour, Georgetown, Washington, D.C., June 5, 2019; 
Photo by Andrew Pasko-Reader.


Tomorrow (Thursday) night is a gym night. I'll try to post an entry, but that will likely end in failure. As for Friday night, I'm supposed to meet Fred after his 64-week trip with his hubby to the UK that ended on Sunday.

OK, I'm signing off.

Oh, yes, I think I'm going to vote "YES" on Initiative 77 -- not because I think (or really even want*) it to pass (I doubt it will), but instead, I'll do simply in order to counteract the one vote of frickin' M. WADE Tipamillyun, a physical entity whose entire D.C.-based existential reason for being is THE TIP. Cancelling his single vote on such a topic will make me very happy, indeed.

Plus I hate the arrogant shittiness of bartenders, esp. gay male ones.

A man fly fishing along the flooded Tidal Basin, Washington, D.C., June 5 (or 6), 2018
Photo by Loic Pritchett.


*It would make sense if we were starting the world from scratch, but given the reality we have, it would be far too disruptive and costly. It would take a generation to change. (Ditto gun control in the United States.)

OK, that's all for now. Tomorrow (Thursday) night is a gym night. I'll try to post an entry thereafter.


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