Saturday, May 12, 2018

Saturday Evening Post for May 12th, 2018: Springtime for Drought (the Ongoing Series) (UPDATED)

**This entry was posted originally May 12th, 2018; entry updated 10:29PM May 14, 2018.**

A thunderstorm with shelf cloud looms over Shenandoah National Park, May 10, 2018; photo by Eva Payne and featured in this CWG entry.

This storm was part of a Thursday round of storms that missed the Metro D.C. area. Ditto the storms tonight.

NOTE 10:29PM 5/14/2018: I had to correct this lead image caption and file name -- this is a shelf cloud, not a roll cloud. I should have known the difference.


Saturday night.

I have to get this entry posted before midnight in order to make it a "Saturday Evening Post" -- and to post my already-prepared "Jukebox Saturday Night" edition.

NWS high-resolution surface weather map for a portion of the eastern U.S. valid 0Z May 13, 2018.


It was hot and shitty today with highs around 90F area-wide and moderate levels of humidity -- dew points around 65F. A frontal system sagged into the region late in the afternoon and severe weather was forecasted / anticipated -- with the NWS issuing a severe thunderstorm watch for the D.C. area and a tornado watch for the immediate Baltimore area.

Sterling (LWX) county warning area (CWA) weather advisories updated 7:34PM EDT May 12, 2018.

It's odd seeing the immediate Baltimore/Washington corridor split between tornado and severe thunderstorm watches.


In the end, a cluster of moderate thunderstorms formed but mostly bypassed the D.C. area -- and instead, points south and east got badly needed rain. National Airport (KDCA) itself picked up 0.15 inches of rainfall -- not much but a lot more than the one-minute gusty, pollen-filled downpour around this part of D.C.

NECONUS sector composite radar mosaic looped 0108 - 0218UTC May 13, 2018.

As you can see, pretty much everything missed the D.C. area. Big shock. The amounts were as follows:

KDCA: 0.15"
KBWI: 0.06"
KIAD: Trace

By contrast, KDMH -- the Maryland Science Center -- picked up 0.96" of rain.


Sky and trees as seen from New Hampshire Ave and V Street NW, Washington, D.C., 11:56AM May 11, 2018.


So, another crap out, and the spring drought goes on ... Although the 0.15" at KDCA officially ends what had been tied for the driest first 11 days of May on record (see this CWG entry for an explanation).

Spring day, 2000 block New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 1:18PM May 10, 2018.

Despite the drought, it was a very pretty weather week last week -- and I got a number of such photos outside my apartment.


UPDATED 10:29PM 5/14/2018: There was another cluster of heavy showers and t-storms that pushed across the D.C. area in the wee hours (between 4 and 6AM) dropping 0.36" at KDCA and 0.52" at KIAD.

Sterling (LWX) radar in standard composite mode looped 3:51AM - 4:24AM May 13, 2018.

End of Update.


The frontal boundary is forecasted to be just south of the D.C. area with an east-west elongation, resulting in a maritime flow and much cooler weather for tomorrow with highs only around 65F, maybe even a bit lower, with a northeasterly breeze and some scattered sprinkles.

Spring day, New Hampshire Ave and V Street NW, Washington, D.C., 1:18PM May 10, 2018.


There is talk of multiple chances of rain next week but it's probably just bullshit. "When in drought, leave it out ..." And much like the Trump kakistocracy and GOP insanity of the present era, you can't change it, so just observe it in a detached way.

Speaking of things Trump, watch this Bill Maher "New Rules" segment on the most recent edition of his Real Time show:

He lays out clearly what a mob / organized crime racket is the Trump White House.

Oh, and this piece by George Will has gotten much attention (link embedded): Trump is no longer the worst person in government.

The Northumberland co-op building, New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 1:18PM May 10, 2018.


OK, I really have to make this a short entry.

I have to copyedit a 34-page proposal by noon tomorrow. My job affords me much flexibility and I enjoy it, but occasionally, things like this arise. I also have to finish the notes I took at the peer review earlier this month.

Earlier today, I made it to the gym. This followed getting up at damn near 4PM -- that is, I slept all day. Last night, I left work late and had dinner at Post Pub before going to Trade and No. 9.

I'm watching my usual Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night lineup on MeTV including -- as I right this -- the Star Trek: TOS episode "The Paradise Syndrome." The Battlestar Galactica episode later is part 2 of "War of the Gods" -- the episode that is probably the most Mormon theological of any "BG" episode.

I'll stay up through Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Lost in Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and Land of the Giants while editing aforementioned document. Oh, yes, the Svengoolie-hosted monster movie earlier tonight was that 1958 movie The Blob.

OK, that's all for now. My hope is to have my afternoon free tomorrow.

Above: A screenshot from the "Dogumentary" episode (on YouTube) explaining the Old English bulldogs versus the English bulldog breed -- and why the former is healthier and more robust.


Jukebox Saturday Night entry to follow shortly.


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