Thursday, May 31, 2018

Life in TrumpWorld at Month 16: "What Fresh Hell Can This Be?" and Performative Cruelty As Governing Ethos Plus Jonathan Chait on a Roll

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian met Trump in the Oval Office for some stupid reason and the picture above was released. Trump tweeted out the picture because he's, well, Donald Trump and in only concerned about his reality TV show and -- to quote a term others have coined -- "performative cruelty" against he perceives as his enemy and with the benefit of riling up his vulgar, atavistic base.

However, when it was tweeted out, Twitter user "realfarmacist" tweeted the following (see below):

"What fresh hell are we living in?!??"

"What fresh hell is this?" -- or rather, "What fresh hell can this be?" -- is widely attributed to the American writer, poet, satirist, and cultural critic Dorothy Parker.


The New York Post -- a Murdoch empire-owned, ultra-rightwing tabloid -- decided to do this with the picture for its May 31, 2018 print edition cover:

Speaking of Trump's performative cruelty, the link above is to a Josh Marshall retweet, a screenshot of which is reposted here (and sums it up perfectly):

Click on image for larger version.


Charlie Pierce has been off this week but Jonathan Chait has been on a tear. Consider that just since Tuesday he has posted the following:

Trump continued to demand that Jeff Sessions take over the Russia probe and investigate Trump's enemies.


The Senate Republicans broke all the judicial rules, and have been richly rewarded. Now George Will repeats an outright lie about it.


Stop me before I collude again.


Another line you tend not to hear from people who haven't been involved in criminal activity.


How conservatives routinely defend the indefensible.


More evidence that the president is not clear on the concept of "conflict of interest."


OK, I'm going to end this entry now. My intention had been to post one more entry tonight (and after midnight in the new month), but I'll just wait until tomorrow (Friday) evening.


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