Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sunday Early Afternoon Backdoor Frontal Views

Potomac River view on the D.C. side looking toward the Arlington Memorial Bridge and Rosslyn, April 4, 2018; photo by George Jiang and reposted in this CWG entry.


Well, I had intended to post another entry last night, but truthfully, when it came time to write something, I just couldn't.

It's too difficult to maintain this blog on such a frequent schedule, given all the composing of text, finding and uploading (and captioning) pictures, formatting and coloring what I've written, etc.

Besides, I had just done a lot of stuff from the gym to multiple loads of laundry to making dinner, and I just wanted to watch TV.

Specifically, I watched the MeTV Saturday night and Sunday wee hours sci-fi lineup from Wonder Woman through Lost in Space.

This included the Svengoolie-hosted campy movie ("Abbott and Costello Go to Mars" -- in fact, they never make it to Mars, only Venus); Star Trek: TOS ("Bread and Circuses"); Battlestar Galactica ("The Living Legend: Part 1"); and Kolchak: The Night Stalker ("Chopper").

I couldn't make it all the way to Land of the Giants. Of note, I'm interested in seeing the new Netflix Lost in Space reboot.


Turning to the weather ...

A decent and badly needed rainfall is still in the forecast for later tonight / tonight as a strong frontal system pushes through that is associated with a large storm system spiraling across the central and eastern United States.

NWS U.S. composite radar mosaic looped 1428 - 1538 UTC April 15, 2018.


The storm is bringing severe thunderstorms to the Gulf Coast states, rain in the Ohio River Valley, and a spring blizzard to parts of the northern Great Lakes region including (last night) the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

NWS high-resolution surface weather map for a portion of the eastern U.S., 12Z April 15, 2018/


Of note, a backdoor front that is associated with the overall weather system managed to make it through the immediate Metro D.C. area. The influx of chilly oceanic (maritime polar) air has resulted in some impressive temperature drops -- in the range of 30F to almost 40F -- between the summery highs yesterday and presently.

At the noon hour, under overcast skies with areas of drizzle and mist, the temps are as follows and compared to yesterday's highs:

KDCA: 53F / 85F

KBWI: 47F / 86F

KIAD: 55F / 84F

KDMH: 48F / 87F


Again, rainfall is forecasted for later today as the main frontal system pushes in from the west. We'll see how much actually verifies. We really need some decent rainfall (3 to 4 inches would be ideal, but even 1 inch good; something like 0.04" would be very bad).

NWS/NCEP/WPC 3-day quantitative precipitation forecast (QPF) for the U.S., valid 12Z April 15 - 12Z April 18, 2018.

Again. these QPF total maps tend to be wildly overdone in terms of spatial coverage of heavy precipitation amounts.


Anyway, I'm going to head out shortly as I don't want to be in my apartment all day. I already wasted too much time commenting in this CWG entry.

Viewing leaving the gym yesterday evening, 1300 block W Street NW, Washington, D.C., 7:01PM April 14, 2018.


I may go up to Silver Spring and walk over to Friendship Heights and then into Georgetown. I may meet up with Andrea today. This will be the last opportunity I have before she leaves at the end of the week to Morocco for the start of up to a two year stint there. (Yes, I would like to try to visit her while she is there.)

Oh, yes, here is a headline from today's online Washington Post:

The article is here. The comment section is a lot of laughs.

Noteworthy is the unusual and effective "homegrown" nature of these widespread public school teacher strikes and protests in multiple heavily Red States. However, despite the lunacy of what Gov. Bevin said, because he has -- to quote Bill Maher -- "the Magic 'R'" after his name, he can basically say or do ANYTHING and still be guaranteed about 50 percent of the vote in any reelection.

Throw in the low information voters, massive gerrymandering (yes, I know he's a governor and not a local or state rep), and the vast infrastructure of rightwing media propaganda (usually focused on Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, phantom "caravans" of illegal immigrants-as-violet criminals on welfare), and it's no problem for the Rethug to win reelection.

I haven't yet deciphered the decisive Trump Effect -- we'll know that after the midterms.

OK, that's all for now. My next planned entry will be late Monday or early Tuesday.


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