Saturday, April 28, 2018

Jukebox Saturday Night for April 28th, 2018: The Seven or Eleven (My Dixie Pair O'Dice), Seminole Wind, & Wagon Wheel Edition with Jess Glynne Encore (UPDATED)

**Updated 12:40AM 5/2/2018 with new photo; See below.**

"Seven or Eleven (My Dixie Pair O'Dice)" as performed by the great Sophie Tucker and ft. the Rega Orchestra (1923)

The lyrics are kind of hilarious but slightly jarring to present-day ears in that weird way of American minstrels what with the "mammy" and "Alabamy" and all that.

This was featured in Bryan Wright's Shellac Stack No. 120 podcast.


Next up, a pair of songs to commemorate, as it were, my recent Florida trip ...

"Seminole Wind" by John Anderson from his album of same name (1992)

The lyrics to this are quite poignant:

Ever since the days of old
Men would search for wealth untold
They'd dig for silver and for gold
And leave the empty holes
And way down south in the Everglades
Where the black water rolls and the saw grass waves
The eagles fly and the otters play
In the land of the Seminole

So blow, blow Seminole wind
Blow like you're never gonna blow again
I'm callin' to you like a long-lost friend
But I know who you are
And blow, blow from the Okeechobee
All the way up to Micanopy
Blow across the home of the Seminole
The alligators and the gar

Progress came and took its toll / And in the name of flood control / They made their plans and they drained the land / Now the Glades are goin' dry / And the last time I walked in the swamp / I stood up on a cyprus stump/ I listened close and I heard the ghost / Of Osceola cry...


Next up, this interesting song -- a song co-written (25 years apart) by Bob Dylan (chorus) and later Ketch Secor (lyrics), and covered by various artists over the years ...

"Wagon Wheel" by Old Crow Medicine Show from the group's self-titled debut album (also called O.C.M.S.) (2004)

Here is the group performing the same song at the 2013 Americana Music Festival as shown on Austin City Limits:

I featured this song as my dad performed a karaoke version at Johnny D's in Flagler Beach, Fla., while I was there with last week.

My dad -- known locally as "Good Time Bobby" -- singing "Wagon Wheel" at Johnny D's in Flagler Beach, Fla., 6:53PM April 19, 2018.

I was there with my mom and dad ...

UPDATED 12:40AM 5/2/2018

Here is a much better picture of my dad singing karaoke with yours truly watching at Johnny D's in Flagler Beach, Fla., at 6:52PM April 19, 2018.

I'm not (that) fat -- I just look fat because I'm so goddamn short that I look disproportionately wide.

End of Update.


Finally, let's end with a really great song and video ...

"Hold My Hand" by Jess Glynne from her debut album I Cry When I Laugh (2015)

I featured this song back in this June 2016 Jukebox Saturday Night entry but I just really love it. And Jess Glynne reminds me of my friend Wendy.

OK, that's all for now. Please see my previous entry for update.


Saturday Evening Post for April 28th, 2018: Spring Topical Assortment Interspersed with Recent Pics from U,V, and W Street NW

**This entry was posted April 28th, 2018.**

Sunlit alley off 1300 block, U Street NW, Washington, D.C., 1:06PM April 26, 2018.

There is a trio of alleys back there between U Street Wallach Place (a side street between U and T Streets) that have names to include Treto Way, Nap Turner Way (since it is next to Twins Jazz nightclub), and a third one beginning with a "P" except I can't remember it.


Saturday night.

I'm back from the gym and in for the night watching the MeTV Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night lineup.

The Wonder Woman episode tonight was the pilot episode of the 1970s series -- "Wonder Woman Meets Baroness Von Gunther" -- and marks the start of the season set during World War II rather than the 1970s as were seasons 2 and 3.

The episode on Star Trek: The Original Series later is "Spock's Brain" while Battlestar Galactica's is "Fire in Space." Thereafter, and as part of the Sunday Red-Eye Sci-Fi line up, Kolchak: The Night Stalker is showing the episode "Legacy of Terror."

I'll stay up for that and the Lost in Space episode "Wish Upon a Star" but I doubt I'll make it to Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Land of the Giants.

As it is, I would like to get up by, say, 11AM and have my Sunday free day. Based upon the forecasted weather, it is a very suitable day for a walk.

Of yes, the Svengoolie-hosted monster movie was weird and slightly gross one (especially for such an old film) and that I didn't really like: Mr. Sardonicus.

The actor who plays Sir Robert Cargrave is Ronald Lewis. Of note, Lewis reminds me of the actor Matt Dallas, who at this point is probably best known for his popular weekly web video postings with his husband Blue Hamilton that center around raising their adopted, now-three-year old son Crow. Here is a side-by-side image (not the same size):

Ronald Lewis (left) and Matt Dallas (right)


About the weather ...

Tonight is quite nice: Partly / variably cloudy with air temp around 65F, a northeasterly breeze, and dew points around 45F. There were some showers and thunderstorms around the "DMV" (District of Columbia, the Maryland D.C. suburbs, and Northern Virginia) this evening in association with a cold front crossing the mid-Atlantic.

NWS high-resolution surface weather map for a portion of the eastern U.S., 21Z (5PM EDT) April 28, 2018.


This front is associated with a fairly broad and deep trough with chilly-to-cold temperatures into tomorrow morning with widespread frost and freeze warnings in effect for parts of the Ohio River valley and parts of the central Appalachians.

NWS weather advisories for the United States updated 0013UTC April 29, 2018 (8:13PM EDT April 28, 2018)

Those are frost and freeze warnings in parts of Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Out west, those are all red flag warnings.


Tomorrow is forecasted to be a rather cool, blustery day around the Baltimore/Washington region with highs in the 55F to 60F with a gusty northwesterly breeze. However, as the surface high moves across the eastern U.S., and then offshore, the return flow will usher in warmer air with high temps forecasted to climb to 85F or so for the D.C. area by Thursday with sunny, dry conditions all week. The next chance of showers isn't forecasted until Friday into next weekend.

NWS/WPC/NDFD U.S. surface weather map forecast for 6Z (2AM EDT) April 29, 2018


I should note that something is malfunctioning with the NWS past weather and three-day history sites. The past weather site (meta-index page: is not working and the three-day history page (meta-index page: is giving a "THIS SITE IS NOT SECURE" certificate warning regardless of whether I use Chrome or Edge browser.

For that reason, I cannot provide information on how much precipitation fell late Thursday and early Friday but it was around 3/4-inch, which should put at least National Airport above normal for the month.

I should note that as I write this (10:41PM), a cluster of showers and thunderstorms is pushing across the D.C. area.

Sterling (LWX) NWS composite mode radar looped 9:48PM - 10:34PM EDT April 28, 2018.


Changing topics, I had wanted to call attention to this Jonathan Chait piece from April 2018 (link embedded): Fanatic, Fraud, Factotum: The Rise and Fall of Paul Ryan.

The piece followed House Speaker Paul Ryan's hardly-a-secret-or-surprising announcement that he is retiring at the end of the current Congress rather than face whatever is going to happen -- "blue wave" or not -- this November.

Dockless and seatless bike along the 14th Street (near P Street) NW, Washington, D.C., 2:35AM April 28, 2018

The dockless bikes being parked -- dropped -- dumped -- literally anywhere is the downside of the wonder of dockless technology. In this case, the bike is also missing a seat.


Chait notes what a fanatical libertarian true-believer is Ryan, a man whose entire political life has been dedicated to proposition that shoveling wealth upwards to the "makers" from whom all virtue flows supposedly flows is the highest form of good and that this philosophy, such as it is, has existed in an uneasy alliance with Trumpism in all its obscene, smash-and-grab kleptocratic, narcissistic, and would-be (but for its incompetence) fascistic, historical ignominy.

A sort of "mackerel" evening sky seen from 1400 block of V Street NW, Washington, D.C., 6:50PM April 26, 2018.


Excerpt (without the few embedded links in the text):

"What finally killed off the myth of Paul Ryan was Donald Trump. Here was a figure who absolutely revolted the same elites Ryan had cultivated. In the face of something as large and obvious and grotesque as Trump, Ryan could no longer straddle the gap between his base and the national media. He tried, for a while, by publicly standing behind his party’s nominee while signaling his discomfort sub rosa."

Another view of the "mackerel" evening sky as seen from the 1400 block of V Street NW, Washington, D.C., 6:50PM April 26, 2018.


Cont'd excerpt:

"Once Trump assumed the presidency, the contradiction became impossible to ignore or manage. Ryan submitted himself fully to the president. As House Speaker, Ryan has played an indispensable role in insulating Trump from public and legal accountability. Ryan has buried votes that would compel the release of Trump’s tax returns, and unleashed Devin Nunes to run a counter-investigation designed to discredit the Department of Justice and ultimately clear the way for Trump to halt the probe of Russian interference on his behalf."

View looking west down 1500 block of V Street NW, Washington, D.C., 3:56PM April 28, 2018.


Cont'd excerpt:

"This has not gone the exact way Ryan would have liked. In his perfect world, Republicans would run on tax cuts, carry out deep cuts to social insurance programs, and everyone in America would be devouring editorials from The Wall Street Journal. But political reality demands compromises. And those constraints have forced Ryan to choose what really matters to him: the protection of the makers from the predations of the takers."

View of the southwest corner of Meridian Hill Park, Washington, D.C., 3:57PM April 28, 2018.


"The critics who flay Ryan as a coward have never understood that his actions are a form of idealism. To Ryan, the greatest danger to liberty lies not in a president who defies the rule of law but in high tax rates and a functioning social safety net. When Ryan speaks with pride about the policy accomplishments he helped carry out with Trump, he is not spinning. In Ryan's worldview, he has struck a powerful blow for liberty against the socialist hordes. Ryan leaves his endangered majority convinced he has done his job well. It is a triumph of his own propaganda that so few people believe he is actually sincere about this."

Row houses on a spring day, 1400 block W Street NW, Washington, D.C., 3:58PM April 28, 2018.


This raises the point that the reason the GOP does nothing to stop such a crude, embarrassing vulgarian as Trump: The party leadership knows that Trump is the vehicle by which it is getting the billionaire donor class "agenda" through so they do nothing to stop him.

So you have in the GOP the weird libertarianism of Ryan which has zero political constituency, the oligarchical agenda of the donor overclass, and the ethno-racial panic of the downwardly mobile white working class that all meshed into one perfect shit-storm -- and Ryan is probably making a strategically correct decision to bail.

Another view of the row houses in the 1400 block W Street NW, Washington, D.C., 3:58PM April 28, 2018.


I'd like to add, though, I'm doubtful that Trump's popularity will never fall much lower than it is right now (40%) no matter what he does, and it wouldn't shock me if we wins reelection, especially given the way GOP power is disbursed throughout the U.S. and that late 18th Century abomination of the Electoral College. Rather, Trump is far more likely simply to not run (or even resign / be removed from office) than to be defeated in a fair-and-square election.

The weird thing is that it is the FBI, Justice Department, and other traditionally conservative, Republican-tilted institutions that are likely to check / stop the worst of Trumpism.

Kwanzan cherry tree blossoms, 1400 block W Street NW, Washington, D.C., 3:59PM April 28, 2018.

I think this variety of Japanese flowering cherry tree is a lot prettier than the Yoshino, but no one ever really notes these.


Before I sign off, I'd like to note this segment on Bill Maher's Real Time program on Friday night. Rather than a "New Rules" segment, it was an "open letter," of sorts, to his "dear friend" Roseanne Barr.

Roseanne, of course, has made headlines with the reboot of her self-titled show Roseanne set in the present-day Trump era and Roseanne herself has also made news by being a vocal supporter Trump, a fact that belies her entire history of being basically a Socialist.

Evening, 1400 block of W Street NW, Washington, D.C., 7:16PM April 28, 2018.


Maher begins by noting how much he likes Roseanne thanks to their past collaborations to include when she appeared on his show Politically Incorrect on Comedy Central and, even earlier, when Maher appeared on an episode of Roseanne. He also notes how she was openly with him when he mocked Oprah for celebrating the "religion of materialism."

Here is the full segment that Maher entitled "Rosie: The Pivoter"

Focusing on the fundamental fraud and world-class con artist that is Donald Trump, some of the lines in the segment are hilarious such as: "He's not a champion of the common man. He's a Koch Brother in Rip Taylor's wig."

The ending is worth quoting:

"So here's the deal. I get that you were mad as hell and wanted to throw a monkey wrench into the entire works, and I won't judge that. BUT if in the next six months, you don't see Trump's magic starting to work for you, if you're still trading pills and driving an Uber, wouldn't the more realistic plot line for Season 2 be your disillusionment with Donald Trump?"

"There's no shame in it. You saw a miracle product on TV and you ordered it. You impulse purchased a Trump. It promised to drain swamps, build walls, and make things great again. But you got it home and it flooded your basement, maxed out your credit cards, and dropped your phone in the toilet!"

I also caught the discussion segment "Evangelicals, Facebook, and Cultural Suicide" on the same Real Time episode -- involving Maher and his guest panel consisting of Ronan Farrow, Ross Douthat, Ian Bremmer, Ana Marie Cox and John Podhoretz -- is worth watching. The YouTube version of it is directly above. (FYI: I don't particularly like Ronan Farrow. Look at him in the freeze-frame image above.)

OK, that's all for now.

Yours truly in my apartment, Washington, D.C., 11:36PM April 25, 2018.


My upcoming week will be a busy one as I have to attend for work a four-day "peer review" conference in Crystal City that will require me to keep a morning schedule with Thursday the earliest day by far (830AM). That being the case, my blogging will be limited during the week, though I'll try to post a couple brief ones.

My jukebox Saturday night entry to follow shortly.


Friday, April 27, 2018

BIG Y'EYEMAH's Friday Night Creature Feature for April 27th, 2018: The Hysterical Gee Shriek Files -OR- ROCK ON! ROCK ON! ROCK ON!

For this Friday Night Creature Feature Edition, I'd like to focus not on BIG Y'EYEMAH McNEBBISH (née YEASTULS) -- wife of LOSETURD Q. McNEBBISH -- but instead a dear family friend, HYSTERICAL GEE (a.k.a., "The Hysterical One" or the Spaz-Manian Devil):

You could catch "H.G." screaming, shrieking, and yowling manic-depressive-wise on any night at the local karaoke bar. His theme song was set to Bill Haley and the Comets' "Rock Around the Clock" but remastered as "Shriek Around the Bar": (an excerpt of the lyrics to which include)

One, two, three o'clock, four o'clock SHRIEK!

Five, six, seven o'clock, eight o'clock SHRIEK!

Nine, ten, eleven o'clock, twelve o'clock SHRIEK!

He's gonna shriek around the bar tonight...

He's gonna shriek, shriek, shriek 'til last call flight!

When the clock strikes two, three and four

As the vodka ebbs, he'll shriek POUR MORE!

As I noted some time ago, he'd also randomly shriek pop cultural gibberish during embarrassing dinner parties:


He'd also spout that infinitely annoying passive-aggressive gibberish when you were feeling down: "I'LL BE DROPPIN' YA NAME IN A YEEEEEAHH!!"

I fucking hated that. It was all part of the extreme mania. 

There were also the many, many weird, embarrassing, and even bizarre episodes.

But, alas, one day, H.G. was shrieking on a car drive across the desert and he drove right off a cliff in mid-manic-shriek. The GPS said to go straight when, obviously, the road was out but GOD DAMMIT, H.G. was going to do it HIS WAY and technology COULD NOT fail.


Not to worry, though, because the main part of H.G. -- the shrieking part -- survived and on occasion, H.G.'s head will unexpectedly come and go, shrieking, yowling, and howling in a manic frenzy.

So keep your eyes and ears tuned, kiddies, 'cuz you never know when old H.G. will come shrieking your way.



Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Wednesday Wheelhouse: IATA and ICAO Airport Codes; A Freakishly Circular Florida Natural Lake As Seen from Above; and Recent Rainfall by the Numbers for KDCA, KBWI, KIAD, & KATL

View from Delta flight 2439 from Daytona Beach Int'l Airport (DAB) to Hartsfield-Jackson Int'l Airport (ATL) looking to the west during initial descent (probably around 25,000 feet) somewhere over southwestern or western Georgia, 7:01PM EDT, April 23, 2018.


We had followed a more westerly route than usual to avoid thunderstorms passing through the Atlanta area and went on a route that took us just north of Tallahassee. I was seated on the left side of the jet and saw it below, including the main airport (TLH!) and a stadium I ascertained later was FSU's Doak Campbell Stadium.

Ascending from DAB above the Daytona Beach coastline, Delta flight 2439, 6:14PM April 23, 2018.


About 10 minutes earlier, the jet also passed almost directly over the weirdly nearly perfectly circular Kingsley Lake located in Clay County, Florida. (I figured out last night via Google aerial view that this is what I had seen.)

The naturally nearly perfectly circular Kingsley Lake, Florida; source image here; apparently, the lake is the result of a (very large) sinkhole.

The picture of the lake directly above was taken from several feet up, whereas I saw it from about 30,000 feet almost directly overhead. There was no mistaking Kingsley Lake's incredibly circular shape, nor the network of roads around it.

Wikipedia (black and white) high-altitude image of Kingsley Lake from directly overhead.


IATA versus ICAO Airport Codes

Oh, yes, in the unlikely event you were wondering ...

The three-letter airport abbreviations are International Air Transport Association (IATA) codes while the four letter ones are International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) codes with the ICAO also used for weather/climate stations including those in the Automated Surface Observing Systems (ASOS) network run jointly by the NWS, FAA, and DoD. For many larger U.S. airports, the two are the same except for the ICAO's "K" addition.

Thus, ATL = Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport while KATL (as I am using it) is the ASOS station at ATL. Ditto DCA/KDCA; BWI/KBWI; and IAD/KIAD, not to mention DAB/KDAB.


OK, now that we've gotten that out of the way ...

This is not my planned entry recapping my combo Flagler Beach and Daytona Beach visit to see my dad and vacation with my mom. That's going to take a bit of time for me to compose -- although I promise it isn't going to take 8 months in the manner of my South Carolina eclipse trip entry.

Sterling (LWX) NWS radar in standard base mode reflectivity looped 12:02 - 12:39AM EDT April 25, 2018.


Rather, this entry is just to catch up on a few weather-related items -- specifically, regional rainfall / precipitation amounts. It includes some radar and weather advisory product images from early last week that I had intended to post in a previous entry but never got around to doing.

Sterling (LWX) NWS radar in standard base mode reflectivity looped 1:16 - 1:55AM EDT April 16, 2018.


It is an overcast, misty, mild day with scattered light rain showers. Air temps are in the 62F to 65F range and the dew point in the 55F to 60F range at the 2PM hour in D.C. and immediate environs.

NECONUS composite radar mosaic looped 0318 - 0428UTC April 16, 2018.


Rainfall yesterday into this afternoon (through 3PM) were decent (even if National Airport brought up / is the rear) and included the following amounts:

KDMH: 1.91 inches
KIAD: 1.04 inches
KBWI: 1.01 inches
KDCA: 0.78 inches

Screw National Airport.

This rainfall was in addition to a decent amount on April 15th - 16th that included the following amounts:

KDMH: 2.24 inches
KDCA: 2.01 inches
KBWI: 1.54 inches
KIAD: 1.47 inches

There is another chance of light-to-moderate rainfall on Friday, and if that pans out, we should end up about normal for the entire month. Year-to-date (YTD) through yesterday includes the following (with normal YTD in parentheses):

KDCA: 10.20 inches or minus 1.15 inches (11.35 inches)

KBWI: 10.67 inches or minus 1.74 inches (12.41 inches)

KIAD: 10.24 inches or minus 1.33 inches (11.57 inches)

KDMH: 11.62 inches or minus 0.37 inches (11.99 inches) [KDMH average and departures are based upon only a partial climate period.]

This follows months of drier-than-normal weather with the full calendar years of 2016 and 2017 running below normal. In fact, in that time, KDCA was 67.30 inches or 12.18 inches / 15.32 percent below the two-year normal of 79.48 inches.

Baltimore / Washington NWS Forecast Office ("Sterling" or "LWX") county warning area (CWA) radar-estimated rainfall totals for the period 8PM EDT April 14 through 8AM EDT April 16, 2018.


KBWI wasn't down by nearly as much: 78.80 inches versus the two-year normal of 83.76 inches or 4.96 inches / 5.92 percent. (This also follows a wet 2015 with 51.16 inches.) KIAD was below normal for three consecutive calendar years 2015 - 2017: 115.37 inches versus the normal of 124.62 inches or 9.25 inches / 7.42 percent.

Data source linked from here ("monthly precipitation" links).

LWX CWA weather advisory products as of 10:59AM EDT April 16, 2018.


I'd also like to note how impressive was the rainfall in Atlanta on Monday as my mom and I were traveling through Hartsfield-Jackson, and by impressive, I mean, monsoon-like.

It caused a nearly 90-minute delay and a rainy takeoff into a dark and stormy Georgia night. As seen on ascent, the storms produced stunningly awesome (and a tad scary) lightning illuminations through vast vertical expanses of opaque clouds.

Above the storms, in a starry eternity, a waxing just-past-first quarter Moon washed down a ghostly white light upon this boiling, spreading, twisting army of ethereal giants.

Just enough light from the human world below made it through one or two areas of this cloudy cavalry to create brighter patches in an otherwise sea of ashen gray opacity.

Atlanta / Peachtree City NWS Forecast Office ("FFC") infographic for heavy rainfall for the 48-hour period ending early April 24, 2018.


Truthfully, I was a bit surprised that jets take off in such weather but I suppose the limiting factors are wind shear and intense cloud-to-ground lightning. "CTG" lightning apparently comes into play more if a jet is refueling (something about a five-mile area).

Officially, KATL picked up 4.16 inches on April 23rd, a daily record that easily broke a very old, pre-airport record of 2.40 inches set in 1883. It also vaulted KATL from a small YTD deficit on the 21st (minus 0.31 inches) to a surplus on the 23rd of 4.19 inches. (Of note, bout 2.3 inches of this fell while I was waiting at the airport.)

I tried to find at list of the top-10 wettest days at KATL but could not. Instead, I found this tweet from local WSB-TV weatherman Brad Nitz who related that the 4.16 inches was the 9th wettest single day total (and well behind Atlanta's official all-time wettest single calendar day amount of 7.36 inches set in the pre-airport period on March 29, 1886).

Here is a screenshot of the tweet:

WSB-TV meteorologist Brad Nitz tweet on Atlanta (KATL) rainfall for April 23, 2018.


The two-day (April 22nd-23rd) total for KATL was 4.73 inches (with another 0.02 inches yesterday) and widespread across central and northern Georgia were amounts in the 2 to 6 inch range.

Speaking of the KATL weather station, I believe this is an image of it located off one of the east-west runways on the south side of this ginormous airport:

The Hartsfield-Jackson Int'l Airport ASOS station (?) as seen from one of the network of runways and taxiways, 7:27PM April 23, 2018.

It is a very blurry picture with my crap flip-open cellphone camera but I think this is the ASOS. (Of note, snow boards for measuring snowfall are often kept elsewhere for airport-based ASOS stations. KATL gets enough snow that there is almost certainly a regular snowboard.)


OK, I'm going to wrap up this entry. Tonight is a non-gym night so I'll probably stop at one of my usual pair of spots. I'll also try to post another entry late tonight, but no guarantee on that. As I will explain in a subsequent entry, blogging will be light next week.

Now there's a real love and an honest love for a real, honest man and truly great leader.

Sorry, I just threw up a little bit in the back of my throat. Excuse me, I need a Seltzer water. Preferably with some vodka mixed in.


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Back from Flagler & Daytona Beaches Visit and Parental Vacation -- Very Interim Update

View from Hilton Hotel outdoor deck Daytona Beach, Fla., 12:56PM April 23, 2018.


I'm back from my trip to Florida with my mom to see my dad.

Both the Flagler Beach and Daytona Beach parts came off well, although there were a few surprises and it wasn't without hitches. One of those hitches was the weather -- it was quite inclement at times, not to mention windy (off the ocean).

My parents at the Topaz Inn, Flagler Beach, Fla., 6:34PM April 19, 2018.

April 19th (Thursday) -- the day we arrived -- was the only "typical" Florida day weather-wise.


What's more, the flight back yesterday via Atlanta was quite extended in part due to thunderstorms in both Daytona and Hartsfield, and we didn't get back until 2AM into the apartment here in Glen Burnie. (I was in horrible mood at Hartsfield-Jackson waiting for our flight to BWI Airport. Sorry, Chris about those texts ...)

But we got back safe and sound, and it was overall a good vacation and I got to see dad (who was quite fun to be around) and with my mom) in an unlikely meeting of all three of us.

My dad on the Daytona Beach pier, Daytona Beach, Fla., 6:32PM April 21, 2018.


Right now, I have to catch a MARC train back to D.C. Tonight is a gym night. I'll try to post at least a short entry later tonight (after midnight). I have scores of pictures (65+) that I could post, although I won't post all of them and will do so in a few batches.