Thursday, March 22, 2018

Snowed Over, Sand Bagged In, & Going Nowhere: Yes, It's a Sad Sort of Life I Lead ... (UPDATED)

Updated 6:33PM 3/22/2018: See below.

Snowy morning view from my 5th floor apartment onto the 2000 block New Hampshire Ave, Washington, D.C., 10:50AM March 21, 2018.

I took this image and the two below (not captioned) during the heaviest of the snowfall yesterday.


I'm not having a good day. Or week. Or life.

The current proximate cause of my existential woe is that I lost my book bag containing my work laptop last night, and while there is a chance it is at Trade (where bartender Lucien texted me back that, yes, a book bag was found), there is also a chance it is not mine. If that's the case, then that creates a slew of problems for me including posting blog entries.

I have to go there as soon as the place opens to check. Yes, I was imbibed while there last night. I had walked there after work from L'Enfant Plaza. I went into the office around 2PM and was there until 8PM -- and I was the only one there (here) the entire time.

As you can see, it was a pretty (wet) snowfall in the way it coated everything including these trees.


As for the snow, it came and went -- and the European model basically busted in terms of a historic snowfall. Amounts were in the 3 to 6 inch range but surface air temps were so marginal -- at or even a tad above freezing -- that by the time the snow tapered off, it was already rapidly melting. For a while, the Sun even appeared diffusely through the clouds and snowy mist.

KDCA officially picked up 4.1 inches (all of it yesterday since just a "trace" fell on Tuesday), which brings its seasonal total to 7.8 inches or about half the normal-to-date of 15.3 inches. It wasn't even a daily record since that was 5.3 inches back in 1924 in the pre-National Airport record.

KBWI received 4.7 inches over two days, bringing its seasonal total to 15.2 inches or 4.7 inches below normal-to-date. Of the 4.5 inches that fell yesterday, it was no where near the daily record of 9.7 inches set in 1964. For KIAD, the numbers were 5.3 inches over two days including a daily record of 4.8 inches yesterday, thus bringing its seasonal total of 11.9 inches or 9.3 inches below the normal-to-date.

The good news is we got decent precipitation (rain and snow) the past two days -- over an inch -- that we really needed.

Today, in a brilliantly sunny, chilly, breezy late March day with lovely blue sky fleeced with a few cirrus streamers.

That's all for now. Depending on whether I retrieve my computer or not will determine whether I'm even able to post a blog entry later tonight. It is a gym night.

Sunset as seen from the 1400 block of K Street NW, Washington, D.C., 7:09PM March 18, 2018


Yes, it's a sad sort of life I lead. And going nowhere except to an end somewhere in the next ten to fifty-ish years.

Updated 6:33PM 3/22/2018

I have successfully retrieved my computer no worse for its unplanned overnight stay at Trade -- not to mention my book bag with gloves and a hat in it. Thus, I am whole, except for the matter of the cash I also lost yesterday, but that falls under the category of "lost causes" and I'll just quit while I'm ahead. 

I'm heading to the gym now. My intention is to post an entry later tonight (after midnight).

End of Update and of Entry


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